Tour of the Battenkill 2012 Recap and Photos


Today was the UCI 1.2 (that is pro as hell for you non bike racing people) Tour of the Battenkill bike race in Cambridge, NY. Professionals and elite amateurs from all over the world competed over 124 miles of crazy hills, including somewhere around 20 miles of dusty and dirty country roads.

The Tour of the Battenkill has grown from a small local race to two one day races that attract about 2,500 amateur racers on Saturday and 150 pros on Sunday.

The race is America’s toughest one day race taking racers over dirt roads that, depending on the weather, can be dusty or muddy or both. Racers bleed, sweat, and get covered in earth while climbing rough hills and riding over stones.

This year my buddy Dan Chabanov was competing in the pro race and we took the trip to see him struggle for 124 miles, and of course, I took a few photos. He finished in the first chase group and was in high spirits immediately preceding the race. Way to go dude.

Hit the jump for the gallery.

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