Told Slant, Hand Habits and Orphan Tash at the Fuze Box: Photo Gallery & Recap


So the Fuze Box is back to doing shows and it’s pretty criminal not to check a few of their offerings out, especially mid-week ones.

Told Slant, who I saw yesterday for the first time was a great surprise. Hand Habits, which is one of Meg Duffy’s ten million side projects was a real treat too. Effect heavy guitar tone but done very tastefully with some really skilled musicianship piled atop of great vocals. Really hard to ask for much more. Last up was Orphan Legs, which is Mike Tash. Always great to get to see him play.

Really great show with amazing musicians. Check them out live sometime and if you can’t you can always click their names on here and check ’em out on the internet. Also, props to the uptick in three-band shows, anything more and it gets way too long.

Hit the jump or click the photo above to see the full gallery.

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