Review: Rick Ross – God Forgives I Don’t

Let me start off by saying I’ve been a huge Rick Ross fan since his Poe Boy days and it truly does bring me great pleasure to see him still be able evolve and put out great music.

With that being said this Rick Ross album is no different than any other Ross album; it contains all the usual subject matter such as boisterous proclaims of wealth – this includes “Ten Jesus Pieces,” and “Maybachs on top of Maybachs with Audemar Piguet’s on top of Audemar Piguet’s,” (Yes that is the correct spelling of Audermar Piguet not Audimar which is how you spell it if you’re still hooked on phonics).

The deluxe version of the album, which I’m reviewing, contains 17 tracks and 15 of them are all stand-out tracks which any other artists would be lucky to have.

My favorite/most hated track has to be “Sixteen.” It’s a great song that features André 3000, however, as usual, that weird-ass looking dude fucks up the entire vibe of the song with his weirdness.

That “3 Kings” shit is just aight. Dr. Dre should give up rapping and just slang those garbage-ass headphones to the black youth, but Ross delivers a quality verse with Jigga man just stealing the entire song with memorable lines such as “I spent that Watch the Throne money on drapes.”

“Ten Jesus Pieces” is just simply amazing. “Maybach Music IV” sonically is the most compelling rap song I’ve ever heard. True story, shit is super cray cray. To be honest I don’t even want to review more just buy that shit bruh bruh. It’s amazing, seriously.

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