KC’s Music Monday: Airplane Mode Edition

I’m jetting off (literally) to Croatia later today, but I’ve got to take three planes and one bus to get to where I’m going. Which is rather gross and perhaps a bit crazy. Needless to say, I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time in headphones.

I’m heading out to attend Dimensions Festival. The fest is put on by the people behind Outlook, which is a four-day music festival that takes place in an abandoned fort in Pula, Croatia. Outlook has existed in its current form since 2008 and this year is the premiere of its sister festival, taking place at the same location a weekend following. You can check out details of the fest and the massive line-up here.

For your listening pleasure (and perhaps for my maintaining my sanity) I’ve compiled a collection of must-have mixes for time spent in transit.

Hit the jump! Maybe it’ll even come in handy for soundtracking any travels you do for the long weekend.

The following mix from Canblaster, titled “Skyscrapers are the mountains of the city,” was put out by Fool’s Gold Records about a year ago and has been on my phone ever since. I’ve perhaps over-listened, but either way, I’ve deemed it a personal staple.

The following mix from Dubbel Dutch is another oldie-but-goodie and it’s been travel-tested-and-approved during my trip to London earlier this summer. It’s exactly what it sounds like – slowed down Jersey Club. I can successfully fall asleep to it (in the good way, Marc!) and also vibe out to it if I’m just staring out the window or whatever.

TURRBOTAX® resident C-Sick did a zodiac series and I love (with bias) the mix he did for the month of Gemini. In his words, the mix is “Gemini’d up with lotsa vocal action and I guess both sidez cuz you get mad hip hops and then you get some upbeat electro/techno shit too. Ohhhh snap, evil twin action.” You can check out the mix and tracklist here, (as well as cop the free download).

Martyn‘s Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. Quite honestly, there’s loads of episodes for this series that are well worth checking out and its recommended you do so. Martyn’s mix is an example of another thats stuck with me since it aired back on March 17th. You can check out the mix and tracklist here.

I couldn’t get the BBC link to work properly for some reason but here’s a decent rip of it.

A more recent mix I’ve really taken to is Royal-T‘s XLR8R podcast from a couple weeks back, which you can listen to and download here via XLR8R.

I’ve also been listening to Visionist‘s mix for Square One’s mix series while I’ve been working out. Grime (and hip hop), I’ve realized, make for the best soundtracks for working out, period. Visionist is making his US debut in a couple weeks, on September 20th, down at LPR for our friends’ monthly on.the.sly. It’s probably the only thing keeping me from staying in Croatia longer, you know, aside from keeping my job and my actual responsibilities. Mix is available for download as well. RSVP to OTS here.

Lastly, before any journey I take, I visit RinseFM and load up on recent podcasts from Roska, Oneman, Bok Bok, Elijah & Skilliam, Plastician, and the Numbers show. I usually pick at random depending on my mood, to be honest. It’s all quality regardless of who you’re tuning into. You can’t always rely on the RinseFM app, though I recommend that you download it for when you do have access to steady WiFI or cell service.

And I also don’t travel without some Biggie. Because, well, duh.

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