Frankie Rose and Better Pills: Photos and Recap


Last night was Frankie Rose’s second time in the recent past to play Valentine’s. This time around, she was joined by locals Better Pills, made up of Brent Gorton, Meg Duffy, Phil Pascuzzo, and Andrew Sullivan.

It was my first time catching Better Pills live, and I was amazed with how good they are. Not sure why their web presence is so limited with such a talented line-up though. Duffy is incredibly talented, and at the same time has a super unassuming stage presence. Their performance was super tight and Gorton is a really great vocalist. Do yourself a favor and catch these guys the next time you see their name on a flyer.

Once Frankie Rose came on to the stage, everyone was properly warmed up and the crowd started to dance immediately. I recognized many of her songs from her album Interstellar, but embraced with open arms the songs I wasn’t familiar with. This time around, she had a full(er) band with her which included keys, drums, second guitar and bass and it was worth the additions as her sound was much fuller than last time. She has a shockingly amazing voice and the whole room soaked it up. I hope she comes back to Albany for her next albums tour.

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