Brent Green and Thom Kubli installations opening soon at EMPAC

There’s two installations opening on Monday, August 20th that have been developed on-site at EMPAC by artists Brent Green and Thom Kubli. Green’s installation premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and Kubli’s installation is not yet finished, so guests will be able to see the artist work on his pieces during the installation.

I definitely haven’t gotten out to EMPAC as often as I should in the past, but I’ going to be changing that soon and checking out these two exhibitions is the perfect place to start. Hopefully they top the Four Tet and Jon Hopkins show that they had last fall as EMPAC is sonically the best venue I’ve ever been in.

Also still showing until October 13th, is Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s exhibit Index. This exhibit features software based video presentation in conjunction with sculptures.

Here’s a video from a previous exhibition from Brent Green so you can get familiar with the artist before checking out his newest work.

Image courtesy of Brent Green.

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