You cannot ignore the moon

If you partied with KAB last night, you made a wise decision.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who came out last night, helping Fuze Box reach capacity (again) and for showing Brother Suarez, Party With Tina and Deep Children proper love.  Yes.

Of course, there is the unfortunate possibility you might’ve hung outside for 45+ minutes, potentially sneaking sips of old recipe Four Loko, waiting to get in.  Lesson learned for next time — get there earlier.

Inevitable reliving of last night via photo madness, check.  Getting weird into the morning hours under the nearly full moon, check.

Moon party T-shirts, not coming soon.

The full moon has been linked to everything, ranging from the bad to the good to the inexplicably weird.  The list spans out to include crime, suicide, DWI’s, natural disasters, emergency room visits, sleep walking, fertility, werewolves, anxiety, behavior shifts, etc.  Numerous studies have been conducted investigating the causal relationship of celestial patterns but the findings have been few and far between.  The studies conducted in 1996 by Ivan Kelly, James Rotton and Roger Culver narrowed it down to people believing in lunar myths, despite the inconclusive scientific musings, due to the media’s up play of urban legends, folklore, and communal reinforcement of full moon phenomena.

Tonight, take that alleged weirdness and multiply it.

The moon will be considered a “supermoon” or “perigee moon” tonight for the first time since March of 1993.  Due to the moon’s oval-shaped orbital path, the moon will be about 50,000 km closer to Earth than it is as an apogee moon.  NASA reported that the moon will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual.  Technically, the moon will be less than one hour away from perigee–a “near-perfect coincidence,” said Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory in Washington DC.

It’ll be hard to really tell the difference between tonight’s moon and what we normally see but it’ll be worth looking for.  Best time is when the moon is near the horizon to witness the full experience.

Make tonight good-weird.  Just not car-flipping weird.

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