Shen is the new UAlbany

Shenendehowa School District of Clifton Park, the alma-mater of many locals, is a mess lately. Here’s the situation:

  • A video “went viral” of a principal hardcore tackling a student away from a fight. (wnyt) It has since been removed from YouTube because it violated their terms of service, but not before causing embarrassment and an official response. (tu)
  • A 14 year old student stole a car and ran away with some gun-wielding bro. (tu)
  • One badass student was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. (wten) Apparently he may have been pepper-sprayed after punching a cop. (tumblr)
  • A nasty drug-resistant staph infection spread to a few students. (wnyt)
  • Kids in the same homeroom for the last two years don’t even know each others names. (twitter)
  • Nearly 100 faculty positions may be eliminated because of budget cuts. (wnyt)
  • Clifton Park homeowners might be paying 3.51 percent more in taxes for hosting wonderful Shen. (tu)

photo credit: junehymas

High school readers… what else is the hap in the hallways of Shen?

Unrelated: Outpost1 at Fuzebox is Friday and 18+. No teachers!

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