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Record release: Mirk celebrates their #Grind

In my personal music-related experiences, I always find it refreshing to me to stumble across people with a genuine vision for their creativity. Mirk is a prime example of one of those people.

Mirk, frontman of the band of the same name, has led his band mates through some trying times this year following their name change (shortened from Mirk and the New Familiars to Mirk). Mirk has since been consumed by all things MIRK – from writing music to recording to producing and performing – the whole 9 yards and beyond. Mirk is more than what’s in the name and tonight the 7-piece collective will be thanking their fans for sticking with them at the Washington Avenue Armory with a fan-exclusive record release show.

Their latest album, Grind, is a home-grown effort created 100% local and in-house, from recording to production. The band has an amazing HQ – located in the Armory and combines an office with a recording studio – in what is literally every bands dream space. The album, on Mirk’s label, Foster House Records, encompasses what the band is all about – being on one’s Grind. Working through every day and constantly growing.

In discussing the new album, Mirk discussed how the record is “really big and grandeouse” in comparision to the debut album, Love. “It’s a wall of sound and really loud. I know the sounds that I’m going for, I’ve found it,” he says. “So it’s a lot more deliberate. The times are a little bit darker, so it’s a little bit darker.”

“As far as the name Grind, it’s what we’re on. It’s been such a nonstop effort, we’ve just kept it moving, just kept grinding,” he says. “The first album was all about love and relationships and a lot of the songs on the new records are all metaphors for work, music, success and the grind. For example, there’s a song ‘Favorite Girl’ which is all about New York, but it sounds like it’s about me talking to a girl. It’s about how New York will kick the shit out of you or make you a star.”

The record is officially due out next year in March, and tonight a limited pressing will be given to the first 500 in attendance tonight. Tickets are available at the Washington Avenue box office, and the show kicks off tonight at 7pm.

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