Interestingness in the local news vol 24

global foundries dumps ceo with capital region ties [tu]

we are never getting a trader joes (just shop at the co-op you lazy suburban fucks) [tu]

watervliet is one of the densely populated areas outside of nyc [tu]

some sick fuck tried to trade a pressure washer and $500 to an undercover cop in exchange for the stabbing of his pregnant gf [tu]

a 16yo cohoes resident is arrested for cyber-bullying [tu]

city leaves hazard, gets sued and is cleared of charges, big surprise [tu]

saratoga police are bored as fuck [tu]

a 67yo smashed up a cop car with his tractor [acab]

racing pigeon reunited [tr]

dude huffs shit and then dies [st]

kegs and eggs dude goes off to jail! [ynn]

kab bonus: guy attempts to do “the trolling” then genuinely recommends dp dough [lol]

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