Interestingness in the local news vol 13

free burritos today at bombers

two left a 15 and 19-month-old in their car while they went into a bar [tu]

saratoga kiddies are getting breathalyzer’d before prom [tu]

no reason to clean up spilled milk [tr]

people mad about the state marking certain summer camp games as dangerous [ynn]

north swan st park to become an actual park [tu]

another new spot opening on quail st, with liquor license? [tu]

albany craft beer festival happening may 14th [tu]

the owner of the lark tavern building is a dick, and the guy who snaked the space from tess is also a dick. how can the building be unusuable (to void tess’ lease) but then be good enough to put something else in, right away? [tu/tu]

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