APD’s brohunt begins

The “forthcoming pain” that a stern District Attorney David Soares spoke of yesterday began to be felt in the student population today when APD released and distributed a press release asking for help identifying a list of students involved in this weekend’s debauchery.

APD breaking up a Hudson Ave. block party in 2008.

This ain’t no “#1 Party School” list, but instead a showcase of stupidity that will surely be a buzzkill for many local students. UAlbany started suspending students today.

APD, the DA’s office, UAlbany and St. Rose are all working together to identify people seen in videos incriminating themselves in destructive behavior. “Brocial media”, as KAB coined on Sunday, proved to be a regrettable thing.

However some still don’t get it, and three days post-apocalypse people are still online bragging about the “best Kegs and Eggs ever” and saying “UA GO HARD OR GO HOME”. We recommend the latter.

Click here to download the full release.

A lot of new Facebook brofile picture possibilities here.

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