This Weekend: Third Annual Beat*Shot Music Festival

Tomorrow marks the start of the 3rd Annual Beat*Shot Music Festival. This fest will showcase a diverse range of talent, both musically and visually, and the festival’s bill encompasses three full days of acts at Red Square in Downtown Albany. The three days are each quite different, and awesome. Thursday is a massive dance party with the areas best DJs (ahem, Deep Children and Party With Tina will be representing) along with about 30 other amazing DJs. Friday is for all the out of town acts to show us what the away team has to offer, and the finale, Saturday, is dedicated to showcasing local talent.

Check out the event’s facebook page for the massive list of performers and the schedule!

Interview: Brenmar

This past weekend, I hopped a bus down to NYC to reunite with Contakt (who, lest you dare forget, absolutely slayed it in the club during the June edition of OUTPOST1 with Cunei4m) to finally make it to a TURRBOTAX® affair at the Cove in Brooklyn. Between the crowd and the line-up alike, the venue, (aptly dubbed the rave cave), respectfully, was absolutely bursting with copious amounts of good people and pure, incomprehensible talent. While experiencing immaculate sets from UK badman DJs Ben UFO and Oneman, I ran into the good Doctor Jeep (playing next month’s Outpost!), the Orator from Mushpost (look up our new friends in VT!), DJ Far East and some other friends, I also happened to cross paths with Brenmar, who is headlining the next Heady Pro party this Saturday, alongside Brother Suarez, Far East, Just the Sauce, Mr. Kissner, and Deep Children’s Mycon on the rooftop of Pagliacci’s.

Brenmar is making a stop in our fair city between getting back from a tour in Europe and an upcoming trek to Tokyo, as well as running on boundless momentum from dropping his second EP, “Let Me Know (Tasting)” on the Grizzly imprint, making a music video for “Taking Out Down,” doing a nasty mix of his house, R&B, hip-hop and various club sounds for The FADER, as well as frequenting features on the web such as on xlr8r and FACT.

He’s up to some good things and has serious plans for the present-day and near future. Brenmar is a straight-up hustler in the best sense of the word and there’s no better time than now to catch him live. Until Saturday rolls through, scope the nice ‘n quick Q+A behind the jump!

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Interestingness in the local news vol 26

profit hungry landlords make parking in the lot near browns in troy $5/car, not doing anyone a favor [tu]

saratoga knows how to party, takes 31 cops to break up fight [tu]

almost kill and pour bleach on my wife then demand 100k ransom from her family guy pleads guilty [tu]

cohoes womans body found in florida, in her car 100ft from a store entrance [tr]

a dude was killed trying to walk across the thruway [cbs6]

still no toxicology report for alexander grant, the guy who was found dead in a creek in march [st]

The Marriage Equality Act

With the live stream of the New York Senate climbing rapidly up to and well past 20,000, I decided to go the mile away from my apartment into the Capitol and actually be there. This is without question one of the greatest achievements in government in my lifetime and I’m extremely happy to say I was there, in person as this happened.

The following is a few clips that I shot to give you an idea of what was happening inside the Capitol. (Sorry for the lack of continuity.)

Read the bill via Open Legislation: A8354-2011: Enacts the Marriage Equality Act relating to ability of individuals to marry