What exactly is TweetzzaPizza?

[tweetmeme] Maybe you’ve heard. Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you don’t care. But there’s been a lot of rumors on the internets about Albany’s illicit, via-twitter, pizza service. Albany is already laden with places to get your pizza fix, but this one, is different for a few reasons. It wasn’t until our all-giving God bestowed the best innovation of the past 2,000 years upon us, twitter, that this anonymous, sketchy and somehow amazingly well received ‘business’ would be able to exist. Seemingly modeled after New York Cities Bread.Butter.Cheese, Albany seems perfect for their own tangentially similar service.

Using better ingredients, including local and organic Champlain Valley flour for the dough, from scratch sauce from local tomatoes sourced from either a recent farmers market or the Honest Weight Food Co-op, you’re getting more than a gimmick. The food is actually better.

It basically goes the same way you acquire any other illicit item. You get the phone number from your friend, shoot off a text, they tell you what they’ve got. If that’s satisfactory, ask how long and give them an address. After an unknown passage of time, you exchange money for goods. Except here, maybe you’ll tip.

Sound up your alley? Follow them on Twitter to get one step closer.

Expect an in-depth behind the scenes look at Tweetzza soon.

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