Girl Blue “I Am Not A Star”

Girl Blue – real name Arielle O’Keefe – has been gaining ground around the Capital Region. Putting on performances that are at once sensitive and dynamic, she is poised to release her debut EP “I Am Not A Star” on October 5, 2016. The music video for her first single, Fire Under Water, premieres today, and she was able to answer some questions about the hard work and emotion behind her music.

Who is Girl Blue?

Good question. The answer changes for me all the time. It’s ever evolving. I think it’s like really emotional future rock-pop. I’ll get better at wording that someday. I had wanted to have some kind of separation from my ‘real’ name, which I had previously been putting music out under. Girl Blue was something I had been sitting with for awhile, I had been really influenced by Nina Simone and her record “Little Girl Blue” growing up, and there’s a Stevie Wonder song called “Girl Blue” that when I heard for the first time I went “well yup, yeah that’s me”. It just resonated with me. I had a friend tell me I was blue, my energy or whatever, around the same time. It felt like me, so I went with it.

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Lucas Confectionery team taking over Minissale’s

Steve Barnes writing for the TU:

The decor at Donna’s will remain largely the same as Minissale’s, LaVine said; improvements will be made to the kitchen, particularly the purchase of new equipment for Nick Ruscitto, the head chef at Peck’s Arcade, who will switch to running the kitchen at Donna’s. Matt Sciubba, currently sous chef at Peck’s, will step up to the top position at the downtown restaurant.

An opening in late October or early November is projected, pending closure of the deal and necessary permitting.