KAB Interview: Recon

When I got word of Recon getting back together (in all capital letters via text, mind you), I knew that it would be only a matter of time before it aligned that we would sit down for some conversation, especially considering the band is based out of Albany, and is comprised of guys that are not only from the area but have been in reputable bands – (both local and beyond, such as Emmure, Most Precious Blood, the Acacia Strain) – for quite some time now.

Over the weekend, we got together at guitarist Tony Diaz’s lair mid-afternoon and sat down on comfy couches with Seinfeld playing in the background. My kind of interview setting. As we waiting for all members (save for drummer Paul Dove) to arrive, we began talking about how excited we were to be there. In my experience, it’s very apparent when a band “goes through the motions”, especially in interviews, and has on their game face for whatever appearances. The guys in Recon aren’t like that at all and it’s reflected in their music and in what their band is all about. Simply put, Recon is a group of long-time friends who utilize a common passion for hardcore music (and snax) as what guitarist Mike Mulholland said, “as an excuse to get together and hang out. And play music.” Right on.

Their latest EP Hell came out this Tuesday, and I wanted to give the world a couple days to digest it before posting this. (And take my time transcribing through forty-five minutes of audio featuring candid side stories, laughter and that’s-what-she-said jokes). Their self-released EP is now available via the iTunes store.

Check out the interview beneath the jump!

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KONY 2012: A guide to armchair activism

So I’m sure you’ve seen today the internet exploded with this 30-minute-add-defying video made by a charity called Invisible Children to raise awareness about what’s happening to children in Uganda.

The video in question:

I’ve seen people just watch the video then instantly become an internet activist reposting the video everywhere, using hashtags and declaring how well versed they are in current worlds issues. Some even have donated money, which is where in lies the real problem.

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Recap: WCDB’s 34th Anniversary Music Fest

14 bands took to the stage to help ring in WCDB’s 34th anniversary as a station, providing party-goers and WCDB’ers with two packed days of live music.

It was great to see Valentine’s dressed up for the occasion with balloons and streamers everywhere and more importantly, bursting at its seams with attendees. Special shouts to those who wore birthday hats in celebration of the station’s 34th “WCDBirthday”.

Photo by Leon Ferri

The weekend’s line-up consisted of Barons in the Attic (with the festival being the official release of their new album Turn it Off and Take Out the Battery), Avi Buffalo, The Parlor, Hanslick Rebellion, Around the World and Back, Slaughterhouse Chorus, if Madrid, Secret Release, Ramblin’ Jug Stompers, Matthew Carefully, The Neighborhoods, Brian Dewan, Sgt Dunbar and Titus Andronicus. Wow.

In addition to being rewarded with experiencing excellent music, there was also what seemed like a raffle prize given away on the hour, if not more, and plenty walked home with vinyl and WCDB merch. Thanks to Nicole and WCDB for organizing chaos under one roof this past weekend.

Be sure to keep the merriment going all year long and check out the station; you might even become a regular listener afterall. You can view the schedule on their website and lock in via iTunes or radio dial 90.9FM.

More photos beneath the jump courtesy of WCDB’s Leon Ferri. Thanks Leon!

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KC’s Music Monday: Distal, Archie Pelago + More

Occasionally one of us will toss together a post collecting some of the music we’ve started our week off listening to. This is one of those times.

To start things off, here’s the latest release from Distal, “Booyant” with HxdB / “Amphibian”, out today on Tectonic, as well as a remix of the collaborative track from Archie Pelago. Available on Beatport, Amazon, etc. and vinyl here. Bonus: Check out past interviews from the KAB archive with Distal and Archie Pelago.

Also, today’s post is dedicated to:

You know who you are. Hit the jump for more!

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Crossgates to ban smoking anywhere on it’s property

Starting March 30th, 2012, which is “World No Tobacco Day”, Crossgates is officially making it’s property smoke free. Going to the mall is bad enough but having to walk through the plumes of disgusting cigarette smoke outside each entrance is one of the few things that can actually make the mall worse. Good move, Crossgates.

Here’s the letter they gave to the stores within the mall.

Thanks for the photo Katie!

Quality events for this weekend vol. 37

Friday March 2

1st Friday Albany – March [fbook]

Friday + Saturday WCDB 34th Anniversary Music Festival [fbook]

With The Punches, State Champs, Growing Pains, The Summer Switch at Jack’s Place (St. Rose) [fbook]

Trumastr Jones and the Temple of Boom with Kido, Party w/ Tina and DJ OFI at HRCH [fbook]

Saturday March 3

On Deck – Skateboard Art Show at Spring Street Gallery fbook]

Jean-François Peyret’s RE: Walden at EMPAC fbook]

A Little Bit of Everything with DJ Trumastr and Jonathon Vegus at Quintessence fbook]

Albany All Stars Roller Derby [fbook]

Sunday March 4

1st Open Mic Night at Lark Tavern, hosted by Carl Daniels fbook]

S.I.N. at McGeary’s with DJ Trumastr fbook]

Interestingness in the local news vol 51

it snowed.

troy record does the 5 questions thing with total (local) babe whos on americas next top model laura lafrate [tr]

highspeed chase to fatal hit and run to flee with a car full of friends on a suspended license bro pleads not guilty [tu]

crazy chick thats a ua student breaks into ex bfs house and goes ratchet [tu]

two locals win lotto [tr]

corning tower fire caused by space heater under desk [tr]