OUTPOST1 Interview: Knomad

OUTPOST1 is a mere two days away! Just because KAB is turning 1 doesn’t mean I’m going to slack on my interview duties! Beginning with Ghosts On Tape way back in April, I’ve been conducting interviews with our guest DJs and it’s been fun as hell. This month, joining residents Deep Children and Party With Tina, is knomad. We’ve been chatting about music for a couple months now and I’m excited to hear him play out on Friday. Be sure to cop this week’s Music Monday as well and help us celebrate. knomad will be joining us at WCDB during our slot 6-8 for your first taste of the beats of OUTPOST1.

In the game since: 2006

How did you first get starting DJing? Bought an MPC years ago and have dabbled in production but mostly for fun. Only now has the lifestyle started to present some time for more experimentation. Came into DJing due to an appreciation for the art form. It’s all about expression and being able to share the music that moves you and inspires you with a larger audience.

Peep the rest of the interview beneath the cut!

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The other side to #albchickens

Through a few of my friends on fbook, this article came my way and raises a few valid, and oppositional points to the chicken debate.

An expected quote from the article, which is on a vegan website:

The foodie media generally tends to glorify the practice of backyard chicken-keeping without paying particular attention to its downsides. At the very least, future chicken keepers should be cognizant of the less publicized challenges they face. As I see it, the drawbacks of eating backyard eggs far outweigh the benefits. And, be assured, this is not support for factory-farmed eggs, but rather yet another reminder that, when it comes to the ethics of raising and killing animals and animal-based products, the best answer is to just say no.

There is a lot of irrefutable facts in the article that bring to light many good points that strongly oppose the keeping of backyard hens.

Was Albany coming together over a cause a driving force as to why people were so adamant about getting chickens for their own back yards, or was it actually the chickens?

Do you think that many people actually care to get get this law passed with a limited number of licenses?

Thanks Sheila and Rachel for sharing the article.

Skeletons in the Cupboard: The Imminent Threat of Fracking in NYS

What is Hydrofracking? Simply put, hydrofracking, or hydraulic fracturing is extreme gas drilling. Gas drilling that requires millions of gallons of water, tons of toxic chemicals and sand, and is done under very high pressures at great depths, horizontally. Although natural gas is produced, a whole host of other problems could arise because of this extreme drilling including drinking water contamination, air pollution, groundwater pollution, and subsequent serious adverse health effects.

This week Hydrofracking made headlines in New York State because of the release of 1,500+ pages of fracking guidelines. These guidelines, formally called the “revised draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement” (dSGEIS), are the Department of Conservation’s (DEC) attempt to respond to the over 13,000 comments they received after the release of their original draft in 2009. Many of these comments were made by citizens, non-profits, and local government officials, who vocalized concerns over regulatory loopholes favoring the gas drilling industry and putting the environment and public health at risk. The public comment period for this new document has been extended from a mere 60 days to 90 days, but environmental groups continue to fight for more time, especially because the communities hit hardest by Tropical Storm Irene are the same communities where fracking is proposed. Will residents whose focus is to rebuild have enough time to read over the lengthy dSGEIS and make the necessary comments? Will farmers whose crops have been destroyed feel financial pressure to lease their land to gas drilling companies? Concerns over climate change and its impact on flood planes have also been raised. As the debate on hydrofracking wears on, the issues surrounding it become more complicated, contentious, and cumbersome.

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Music Monday: OUTPOST1: KAB 1-Year Edition

Keep Albany Boring is turning 1! In honor, this months OUTPOST1 is dedicated to us! We’ve got our buddy knomad joining the OUTPOST1 residents Deep Children and Party With Tina this Friday at Fuze Box. Starts at 10pm and is free until 12pm for the 21+ crowd (18+ is still normal, sorry babies). Also, it’s happy hour prices all night. Oh god.

clicking the image brings you to the fb event

And here’s some sounds to help you through your Monday and to get you ready for Friday. See you there!

Surprise August Slap Party!!!! by Looney


You should strongly consider copping his OUTPOST1 Warm-up Mix on Mediafire since Soundcloud won’t let us upload it. Or stream his other newest mix below.

pure moods vol. 6 ; rock the summer vibes by knomad

Party With Tina:
THERE+BACK Promo Mix — Party With Tina by ents

Quality events for this weekend vol. 19

Currently playing on WCDB, 90.9fm. Lock in and start your weekend.

Friday 9/9

Night at the Museum- Costume Dance Party Extravaganza, Benefit for the Living Walls Albany, $10 with a can of paint, 7pm fbook] Bonus: Catch up on KAB‘s most recent coverage of the LWA on Brooklyn Street Art

The Red Lions with Emily Sprague at Sand Lake Center for the Arts, 7pm [fbook]

Up Against the Wall at HRCH, 10pm [fbook]

Local Rock ‘N Relief fundraiser for Hurricane Irene victims, 8pm [fbook]

Saturday 9/10

A Recycled Fashion Show at Grand Street Community Arts, 6pm [fbook]

“from The World’s Largest Collection of Photos of Unknown Poets” at the Arts Center, 6pm [fbook]

Lucky Jukebox Brigade, Leather Jewels, Preemptive Blessings at HRCH, 8pm [fbook]

Rapfest with GCE, Young Malk, Adam Warlock, etc. hosted by LoFi LoBo at Bogies, 9pm [fbook]

Brostep to the beat

If I wasn’t a bit curious about the seemingly elusive DayGlow event, I simply would have trusted my gut and followed the trustworthy XLR8R guide to attending fad events, (such as Burning Man): don’t go.

However that slight curiosity got the best of me and Andrew and I chose to skip the massive line that began buzzing around 7 and showed up around 10 just in time to witness the beginning of what looked and felt like a shit-show-turned-into-a-rave-graveyard — cops everywhere, EMTs attending to those who went too hard, panicked girls with tears streaming down their faces, cops on horses, people pacing with their cell phones lit in their hands, people slipping on paint and breaking their fall with their heads and others escaping into taxies.

proof andrew is a good photographer

Once inside, it was a mass of UAlbany’s underclassmen donning white t-shirts, double-fisting $8 Bud Light Limes and scoping out the #redhothotties. I felt like I was at a massively overproduced movie that people paid for solely so that they could make out in public. However, it was actually more like that 3-5am period at an electronic music festival where nothing good happens and you write off your experiences the next day as simply lost in the Bermuda triangle of “festing”.

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