Heartstrings: An Art Show Featuring Local Women, Tonight

If I wanted to argue a case for a theory of mine that most things DIY begin in basements, I’d have a strong amount of evidence. Helping support that notion in a basement over at 395 Washington Ave. is a group of local women who decided to curate an art show featuring the art work of other local women.

Casey Canfield and Rachel Norah began discussions of hosting such an affair months back and called on for the help and support of their friends. Throughout the past couple of months, the ladies have collected work from over ten local females to be displayed on their clean, white basement walls, as well as have created work themselves in the same space.

As I dropped by yesterday, they were still collecting and hanging pieces and I was pleasantly surprised by both the quality and creativity in the works to be displayed. The ladies also created a sign of the name of the show, “Heartstrings,” by using string that they found, creating a title piece just as charming as the hosts themselves.

Among the local artists participating are Marissa Miglin, Sue Ellen, Elena Cruz-Allen, Lindsey Meyers, Laura Carrozza, Raechelle Gonzales, Christina Marie Kincaid, the hosts, Rachel Norah and Casey Canfield and more.

The Heartstrings art show will be held in the basement of 395 Washington Ave., beginning at 7pm and is free to attend. There also will be snacks, music and booze.

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Food Cycle: Bicycle powered food project in Troy

Another kickstarter! This one from Troy aims to bring an intimate network of compost collection and delivery to keep food scraps from being wasted, and instead, into local gardens.

Food Cycle, a project of Troy Bike Rescue and Collard City Growers, is a bicycle compost delivery project employing neighborhood youth, while diverting household and restaurant food and yard waste back into the ground on our urban farm all by way of the transportation of the future: The bicycle!

Food Cycle will create a hyper-local compost network that lays the groundwork for a self-sustaining, scalable enterprise. We need the help of financial backers (you!) for initial investment.

Give em a kick if you could benefit from this or if you’re just a super nice person.

J.Viewz’ stop motion video uses 2,000 images, 300 fans, and was shot in Upstate New York

J.Viewz’ shot his music video via standard means, then, to make things massively complicated and labor intensive, printed each frame and had fans take photos with each frame. Then, through a shit-load of work turned it into a stop motion film, complete with stop-motion-within-stop-motion parts.

That shit is crazy, and the song is really good too.

Freelancers to leave worlds longest invoice (literally) on steps of NY Senate

As a way to show the effect the Freelancer Payment Protection Act would have, the Freelancers Union is planning on leaving the world’s longest invoice, made up of $16M in unpaid charges, on the steps of the NY Senate. Freelancers are annually stiffed out of an average of almost $5,000 as they’re not protected by the Department of Labor.

Quality events for this weekend vol. 45

Friday, 5/18

Electric City Couture Fashion Show: The third annual fashion show which showcases regional designers such as Katie Pray and Jessyka Neitzel. 7pm at Proctors in Schenectady.

Lucky Jukebox Brigade CD Release Ball: The Lucky Jukebox Brigade is releasing their album tonight and you’re invited to go celebrate with them! 8pm at Valentines.

OUTPOST1: Jillionaire and Dre Skull: Jillionaire is part of Major Lazer and will be bringing major tropical sounds with him, alongside Dre Skull who is responsible for many Jamacian dancehall productions of his own. 10pm w/RSVP, 11pm at Jillian’s.

Saturday, 5/19

Troy Bike Rescue Fundraiser: A meet and greet, dinner and some films will make for a great time to help TBR stay well-oiled. 1pm at The Sanctuary for Independent Media.

Lil Kim: I don’t think this even needs any introduction. 7:30 at Northern Lights.

Old School Hip Hop Night with Trumastr and Nate Da Great: The official old school hip hop night of the Capital Region. 10pm at Quintessence.

Comedy with Frank Vignola: This show has sold out all 4 times they’ve had it before, so that should make for a great night of comedy. 8pm at the Pearl Street Pub.

Sunday, 5/20

Service Industry Night: Trumastr, 2-for-1 drinks, McGeary’s. That is all. 10pm at McGeary’s.

Review: The Lucky Jukebox Brigade — Pretty Well Damned

The Lucky Jukebox Brigade were lovely enough to send me an advanced copy of their new album! I am unfortunately unfamiliar with their old stuff but I was definitely delighted when I popped the CD into my stereo. I had no idea what to expect but was enveloped with a grand multi-layered sound, which given the amount of people in the band, makes sense.

Without the long per-track review that would probably be longer than anyones attention span, I’ll just say the feeling throughout the album goes from indie-ish rock to show tune to big band to orchestral to southern blues with ease. There’s plenty of sing-alongs and harmonized vocals which I’d imagine would be amazing live. You can listen for yourself over at their band page.

Also don’t forget their album release ball is at Valentine’s tomorrow (Friday 5/18)! For more details: check the facebook event.

The Dirt Daubers and Tragedy: Recap and Photos

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This past Monday at Valentines was an amazing opportunity to see many great bands both upstairs and down. Downstairs hosted The Slaughterhouse Chorus and The Dirt Daubers, and upstairs had Born Low and Tragedy.

The Slaughterhouse Chorus opened up the show downstairs, and they are one of the best bands that I had never previously heard of. Similar to the sounds of Against Me! with a bit more of a country twist rather than just folk-punk, they did their own thing, and they did it awesomely.

The Dirt Daubers, from Kentucky, were absolutely incredible. The frontman, J.D. Wilkes is fucking incredible at the banjo as well as the harmonica. He also ended up playing the kazoo and the washboard, which was all amazing.

After the show downstairs ended, Tragedy was just finishing up their soundcheck and I was able to feel the anticipation in the room building as they got things ready to go. They are just as heavy, loud and angry as ever. And a bit more sludgy than I remember, too. It seemed most people I talked to had seen them before and were more exited than ever to see them again. It was my first time and I’m quite glad I was able to catch them.

You can also read Sean’s way more in-depth Tragedy Recap from LPR.

Hit the jump for the full gallery and videos.

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