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OTS x OP1 x WCDB Interview: Jillionaire

The next round of monthly parties on the sly and OUTPOST1 (with support from WCDB) are nearing closer – current countdown reads at 10 and 11 days respectively – and the following interview was just too good to keep starred in my priority inbox any longer. This month’s headliner, Jillionaire, is hilarious (and of course, talented) and I can’t wait for us to host him in Albany on May 18th at Jillian’s, alongside Mix Pak’s Dre Skull and residents Party With Tina, Knomad and Looney.

Additionally, be sure to hit us with an e-mail at so we can add your name to the list for the RSVP-only Happy Hour to get the early advantage on our inexpensive-but-not-cheap drink specials. Happy Hour runs an hour prior to when we open the doors to the public too, so come hang out early.

Jillionaire has over fifteen years of experience and has created a unique sound which mashes indie dance and big room house with the caribbean rhythms of soca and dancehall. He has built up quite the resume that stretches an arms length including joining Major Lazer across the globe on a sold-out tour, curating the first Mad Decent showcase at Camp Bisco X, releasing his fair share of remixes and original tracks and plotting World Domination alongside the likes of Diplo.

To help you get acquainted with the man himself, we took some time to conduct this interview, which is a nice balance of funny and factual. Check it out beneath the cut!

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State Champs: A Documentary

Independent filmmaker Jordan Lilly gives us an inside look into Albany, NY’s pop-punk band State Champs. This short film shows hard it is to be a touring band in todays age and despite this they’re heading out on their biggest tour yet. This area is really dense with great music and musicians and it’s interesting to be able to take a look behind the scenes.

Also, this Friday, you can catch State Champs with Caleb Lionheart, Daybreaker and The Stereo State at the Hudson River Coffee House. For more info, hit the facebook event.

Review: The Avengers

The Avengers was an impossible movie to not pay attention to. The Marvel world has been a brightly colored universe since Iron Man’s shockingly enjoyable and smart step out into blockbuster movie territory back in the summer of 2009. I still maintain that Iron Man’s extremely high critical reception was due to the fact that no one expected it to be as good as it was, but that’s an analysis to be saved for another day. With each release the Marvel movie universe expanded and the anticipation for The Avengers heightened. Every movie has been a slight gamble to see if they can pull it off, and except for The Hulk, they’ve all passed the test. Yes, even Thor. It’s goofy, but keep in mind that these are all franchises based on costumes, magical hammers and a man with a gigantic magnet in his chest. The level of hype for the Avengers has been so perfect, so mounting that the only thing it’s been missing is a prematurely dead actor poised for super-stardom. The final question, now that it’s been released is has it pulled it off?

The answer is a resounding HELL YES. The biggest gamble so far has had the biggest payoff. If you’re not sure of what I mean, think about it: the combination of four classic characters, five huge movies and four different directors with distinct visions and styles compressed into 2 hours and 40 minutes, and Joss Whedon’s incredibly distinct way of helming a project all mixed into one? From a pure business point, that is crazy talk. But it manages to do it, and do it well.

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Frankie Rose + DIIV: Photos and Recap

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The following is a guest post by By Jordan J. Michael.

Music can sound really huge. It can reach cosmic levels. Just close your eyes and let the intensity swell over you.

I once found myself in a debate about what “epic” music sounds like. Band names akin to Arcade Fire, Tool, My Bloody Valentine, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor were thrown around. What about Frankie Rose or DIIV?

Playing Valentine’s on Thursday night, these two Brooklyn bands reached epic heights. The downstairs of Valentine’s is small, but DIIV and Frankie Rose sounded enormous. It was even bigger when I closed my eyes.

Frankie Rose, known for her work with Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls, and Vivian Girls, ended the show with “Save Me.” The song was rather calm until it busted into the most mammoth sound of the night. Many “OMG” faces were seen in the crowd as the noise got louder and louder, and then the set was over.
Rose said that about 15 people came to Valentine’s to watch her play last time, but a much larger number was here on Thursday. “My goal is to make music that’s a wash,” she said. “I want separation and dynamics. The small parts are small, but when you go into a huge epic part of the song, it feels really huge. Space is equally as important as something being loud and large.”

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proper villians

New York State of Bass: 5 Q’s with Proper Villians

In advance of New York State of Bass taking place tomorrow night at the Armory, I had a quick chat with Proper Villians.

1. Introduce yourself! Who you are, what you do, where you’re from.

I’m Jon, I’m from NYC and I make/play eclectic bass music. Mainly dubstep, but also electro, moombahton, hip-hop, drum & bass or just about anything with a lot of bass or lazer noises in it.

2. How did you first get involved with DJing and remixing? Do you identify with being a DJ or a producer more? Do you separate them in your mind or for you, is it all apart of the same game?

I got my first pair of turntables back in 1998 shortly after attending my first rave. I started making beats on a PC maybe a year later, but didn’t get serious about my production until September 12th, 2001. DJing and producing are really intertwined for me. I don’t really consider a song “finished” until I play it out at a party & the remixing thing came about so I could work a wider range of songs into my DJ sets.

3. What have you been up to lately? What are some recent projects or things we can expect from you in the near future?

I just did a remix of Roger Seventytwo’s “Take Me Higher” which was released on Fools Gold/Ministry of Sound (you can also grab it for free on my SoundCloud). I also released a free bootleg of Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” on my Soundcloud this week. I’ve got a bunch of new bootlegs and a couple of originals in the works.

4. Favorite track or producer that is particularly killing it right now?

There’s too much good music coming out right now to play favorites. I’m really feeling all this new moombahton stuff. Producers like Billy the Gent, Jay Fay, as well as the heavier “moombahcore” stuff like Nick Thayer & Milo & Otis.

5. What can we look forward to on Saturday?
Awesome M@#$@# music

You catch Proper Villians Saturday at the Armory alongside a generously large helping of local DJs spread out across three different rooms, as well as with a silent disco component. Set times and other event information available here. Bonus interview question beneath the jump!

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Alive at 5 Line-Up Announced

Adding to recent line-up announcements to annual Albany events such as Tulip Fest (not that good) and Art on Lark (actually good) is this year’s Alive at 5 schedule.

This free summer concert series hosts notoriously humorous and/or so-bad-its-good acts and didn’t disappoint this year. Obvious highlight this year is Smash Mouth.

via Nippertown:

June 7: Dave Mason. Rock and Roll Hall of Famer from Traffic and Fleetwood Mac. With the Emerald City Band.

June 14: Bootsy Collins. He’s held down the bottom-end funk with everyone from James Brown to Parliament/Funkadelic. With Garland Nelson & Soul Session.

June 21: Patty Smyth & Scandal. With Sirsy.

June 28: Dickey Betts & Great Southern. Former Allman Brothers Band guitarslinger. With Kirsten Thien.

July 5: Local Blues Night

July 12: The Bacon Brothers with the Stray Dogs.

July 19: Buckwheat Zydeco with Captain Squeeze & the Zydeco Moshers.

July 26: Smash Mouth with the Dylan Emmet Band.

August 2: Lee Brice with Wendy Owens & Renegade.

August 9: The Beach Bums. Beach Boys tribute band. With Grand Central Station.

The real question is: Will Smash Mouth eat eggs?


Quality events for this weekend vol. 43

Busy weekend ahead. Do something.

Friday, May the Fourth Be With You

Fuzz Records Presents: The Artwork of Andi Lake Boyhan If you haven’t checked out the new record store on Lark St. tonight would be a great time to stop by. In conjunction with First Friday, Fuzz Records will be showcasing the artwork of graduating St. Rose senior Andi Lake Boyhan.

Mohawk Hudson Regional Invitation 2012 at Albany Center Gallery. Featured work by Renee Iacone, Nancy Van Deren and Lynn Schwarzer as well as other locals who participated in past Mohawk-Hudson Regional exhibits. Opening tonight from 5-9pm.

NUDISCO Rana Ransom and Midnight Climax spinning during this month’s Secret Garden Show at the Upstate Artists Guild on Lark.

Riotous Babes Opening reception for art created by artistically empowered women at the Dead President’s Lounge, on display until June 4th.

First Friday May See the full listing for all of the great local art happenings this evening. Most places run from 5-9pm. Always free.

Show at the Furnace featuring Soul Control, After The Fall, Smartbomb, Foxfires and Weak Teeth.

Stray the Path at Bogies, alongside The Viking, Towers, Vessels, Johnny Booth, The Less We Know.

Rosary Beard CD Release taking place at the Steamer no. 10 Theatre in Albany alongside the Winterpills. Everyone who attends the show tonight will receive a free copy of Rosary Beard’s “Halfmoon Fever” on their way out the door.

Show at Hudson River Coffee House with Steer, Burning Buildings, Rayduohead and Haybaby as presented by WCDB and CPJ Presents.

Behemoth Music Festival at the Putnam Den featuring Rawhead, Babe City, Black Ships, Gold Tooth, Mr. Complex. Mr. Complex had a new record come out recently on local label Sub-Bombin and I’ve had the song “Flying High” stuck in my head ever since I got my hands on it.

BACE Hardware Party After party for First Friday at Quintessence featuring music by Static Groove, DJ OFI, Eric David and Trumastr.

Phil Selman at Comic Syndrome Comedy Club. As seen on MTV, Showtime, and Comedy Central. Dude is funny. Also featuring Kevin Marshall (of local internet fame). Hit the link for details on getting $5 off the ticket price.

Saturday, Cinco de Mayo

WCDB Presents Future Island alongside Ed Schrader’s Music Beat and Barons in the Attic at Valentine’s.

Barons in the Attic Free Show at the River Street Beat Shop at 2pm.

Tequila Tasting Party at the Point featuring DJ White Lotus. Good music. And Tequila.

New York State of Bass Proper Villians headlines alongside a ton of local DJs at the Armory. Split up into three rooms with a silent disco component as well.

El Cinco de “My Oh” Music An evening of music at Hudson River Coffee House featuring Amanda Rogers, Hawazin, M.r. Poulopoulos and Cristo Lewis.

Cinco De Mayo Metal Party at the Fuze Box featuring Guardian, Prostitution, HUSH and Headsnatcher. Followed by a classic 80s night at 10pm.

Sunday May 6

Show at Valentine’s with Nothing But Wolves, Dead Channels, The Pistol Whips and Black Masses. Make Sunday feel like another Saturday but maybe with less tequila. Maybe.

S.I.N. (Service Industry Night Have another round at S.I.N. with music provided by DJ Trumastr.