Quality events for this weekend vol. 125

Friday March 21

Mike Birbiglia at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall: With Chris Gethard.

Stand Your Ground and Snapmare at Bogie’s: With Adhara, Echoes, Like Lions, Breathless by Dawn.

Highly DEADicated Double Album Release Party at the Hollow: Read the post below this for details!

Hand Habits with Bearchild at The Half Moon: One of their last shows for a little while.

The Brother Ghost, Danny Whitecotton, Matthew Durfee and M.R. Poulopoulos at The Low Beat: Live recording session.

Saturday March 22

Guardian, HUSH, DEADENDS, Hellkeeper and Surrounded by Teeth in Kingston: Mosh and bowl.

Eastbound Jesus and The Mallet Brothers at the Hollow: American music for Americans.

Nine Votes Short, New Red Scare, Temptress, Rebuilder at The Low Beat: Punk it up.

The Last EIGHTIES at the Low Beat: Maybe the last one, maybe not. Only one way to be sure.

Sunday March 23

Albany All Stars vs. Crown City’s Royal Pains at the Armory: Roller Derby! Also the Pistolwhips will be playing at halftime.

Rosary Beard at One Caroline: Relaxing tunes and great music.

Hip-hop/Vogue Class at the Price Center: I hope they have the HA crash going.

All Weekend

The NYS Museum: Bunch of great exhibits and it’s right in your back yard.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Zombieland, Psycho, World War Z, Evil Dead at the Madison Theater: Only five bucks!

Day trip to MASS MoCA: Just go.

Review: “DEADication” – JB!! aka Dirty Moses

Tomorrow night at the Hollow on North Pearl, a handful of my favorite staples in the 518 hip hop community will join forces to celebrate the release of two new albums, “DEADicated” and “Highly Effective,” by JB!! aka Dirty Moses and Dudley aka Origin respectively. The dual record release show will feature performances from Dudley, JB!!, We Stole The Show, Emcee Graffiti, with support on the 1’s and 2’s from Great Mastr (DJ Trumastr and Nate Da Great) and DJ John Jamz. Doors will be at 8pm; RSVP and grab more information courtesy the Facebook event.

I’ve had the pleasure to listen to “DEADication” in advance of tomorrow’s release show, and am happy to report that it is quite the impressive collaboration between JB and local rappers and producers alike; with a different feature or producer on each track alongside JB.

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Screen Print Biennial Catalog on Kickstarter

I recently posted about an awesome event coming up in September in Troy. Since then, the idea of publishing an awesome, high quality exhibition catalog has gotten enough traction to get them to about exactly half of their funding goal. Check the artists list to get an idea of how rad this show will be.

About the event:

In September, 2014, the Arts Center of the Capitol Region in Troy, NY will be hosting the first ever East Coast National Screenprint Biennial. There is currently no screenprint biennial in the United States, and this exhibition will be an opportunity to begin a dialog that can expand the discipline of screenprinting and its place in the world of art. This exhibition will showcase a range of screenprint-based art applications, from framed, editioned prints, to installation, sculpture, video, ephemera, and posters.

Check out the Screen Print Biennial exhibition website and if you’re into it, back em on Kickstarter and get this book printed!

Stopping into Bread and Honey

bread-and-honey-albany-ny-0009 thumbnail
bread-and-honey-albany-ny-0008 thumbnail
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bread-and-honey-albany-ny-0006 thumbnail
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bread-and-honey-albany-ny-0004 thumbnail
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bread-and-honey-albany-ny-0002 thumbnail
bread-and-honey-albany-ny-0001 thumbnail

Earlier this week I heard some great things about a new bakery that opened up along Madison Ave between Quail and Ontario. And since I’m a sucker for an everything bagel and an even bigger sucker for Gimme! Coffee, I stopped into Bread and Honey.

The real draw for me was the fact they serve Gimme! Coffee. I always will grab a bag of their coffee whenever I’m near Ithaca, but for me to be able to grab a bag locally is huge. Their coffee selection shows that they are putting a very strong emphasis on quality. Any place that opens with Gimme! as their coffee option is likely to apply that same high-level of quality throughout the rest of their establishment.

I grabbed an everything bagel and pretzel, and both were incredible. The bagel had the right crispiness and chewiness to the outside and the inside was soft and pillowy. The size of the bagel was perfect as well. They offer a few excellent sounding cream cheese options, but for those of you like me who don’t do dairy, I’ve been assured that a non-dairy option is on the way.

I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to test out their other offerings, but they’ve since been adding sandwiches and other baked goods to the menu. Also of note, they sell their breads, pretzels and other items at Honest Weight. I spoke briefly with the owner Naomi Davies, and she told me they’re working on soups as well. I like how much it seems they are experimenting with the menu and can’t wait to stop by again soon.

I strongly recommend stopping in and grabbing a bite to eat along with a cup of coffee. They’re located at 809 Madison Avenue, right next to Duke’s Barbershop (which I would also recommend). The bagels come out of the oven around 7am and they’re open until they sell out, which has been around 2pm so far. Check ’em out and let me know what you think!

Ravens Head Brewery “called ‘dead’ by city officials”

Danielle Sanzone for The Record:

“I don’t think Ravens Head is going forward. Right now, I am considering that dead,” [community development director Ed Tremblay] said of the brewery that was planned to be run by Brennon Cleary and Brent Decker.

Not surprising whatsoever based on the lack of updates regarding this project. There was seemingly no actual plan from the inception and funding drying up is the final nail in the coffin. Sad to see this happen as this would have been a staple for Cohoes.