Albany Bicycle Coalition Announces Events for Bike Month

If you can’t believe it’s already April, just wait for May to start creeping towards us. The beginning of May through to June marks an extended month dedicated towards promoting cycling through a series of organized events in the Capital Region.

The Albany Bicycle Coalition announced the very first round of events for this year’s Bike Month, and the rest will soon be on their official calendar. In the past they have hosted viewings of rare cycling films, rides, giveaways and all sorts of really great bike related happenings.

And in case you didn’t know about this awesome organization, the Albany Bicycle Coalition is a group of individuals that work towards promoting bicycling in any form and they also are involved with the Albany Bike Rescue.

The ABC also will be hosting the 2nd Annual Bike EXPO, which will kick off National Bike Month. The event will take place on May 6th, from 10am to 4pm at the Washington Park Lakehouse. You can find more info on the EXPO on the ABC website.

You can also keep up with the ABC and their events over on their facebook page.

Hit the jump to see the schedule.

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Review: Magazine, No Thyself

Could Magazine have been the biggest band in the world? Not a chance. Next question: did they want to?

When lead singer and founder Howard Devoto quit the band in 1981, he cited low album sales as the reason for his departure. Devoto was twenty-nine then, by which age he should have either succeeded in music or surrendered to the workforce. (In his native Britain, where teenagers regularly started full-time careers, he probably should have given up five or six years earlier.) Magazine did not fail, exactly, but they defined the term “cult band”: beloved by a small clutch of critics, despised by just as many, small but devoted fanbase, ignored by the larger public.

Magazine presented themselves as a connoisseur’s band; also, as pricks. They knew full well that they were smart musicians, a fact they never failed to advertise. They positioned themselves at the avant-garde, relying upon futuristic keyboards and scathing lyrical introspection where pub rock and punk demanded back-to-basics anthems. Across five albums – four studio, one live – and a handful of singles, Magazine exuded the barely-suppressed fury of over-educated twenty-somethings bashing up against the realization that the world is not, in fact, a meritocracy. They longed for mass appreciation, yet reveled in a style that was, for most listeners, nearly impossible to appreciate.

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Horrible 2012 Tulip Festival Lineup Announced

In an obvious move to the most accessible artists possible, ‘Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun’, ‘Walk the Moon’, and ‘Fountains of Wayne’ have been announced as the big three for this years “get-day-drunk-on-Lark-Street-with-suburbanites-who-complain-how-dirty-Albany-is-whilst-littering” fest.

Full line-up after the jump.

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KC’s Music Monday: Obey City, Archie Pelago, Artek, Jackmaster + Ben UFO

First up is the Essential Mix from Rustie which features two tracks from April’s OUTPOST1 guest, Obey City. You can check out the mix here, for the next 4 days, then probably troll around to find it posted somewhere else. It’s an even 2 hours too, which is perfect to start off your work week.

Over the weekend, my personal Twitter feed blew up with support of our friends in Archie Pelago, who recorded a live set for the one and only Mary Anne Hobbes for XFM. It was a fun experience catching it live but in case you missed it, you can stream it here. It starts around 22 minutes in and will be posted up on mixcloud sometime in the near future. You can also check out this interview I did awhile ago in the KAB archive. Keep an eye on Archie’s upcoming gig dates; you never know when it’ll align that they trek up I-87 from Brooklyn to visit us in Albany. Their live performances are not to be missed, and they also hinted on Facebook they’ll post a video from the MAH performance sometime soon.

This next mix from Ben UFO and Jackmaster went live last week and I am responsible for at least a dozen plays at this point. It’s a really excellent office soundtrack, with its proper dedication and tribute to the art of the “warm-up set” with an emphasis on building, much like what should happen in the early stage of a night. (Bonus: check out this feature on Resident Advisor on the importance of the opening DJ’s set. Tall Ass Matt will be opening the next OUTPOST1 and has the art of opening down, which is why we asked him back for a second round.)

Lastly, out tomorrow on multiple digital distribution sites is the next release from one of my favorite labels, B YRSELF, from self-described “low key” UK producer Artek. I’ve been bumping the preview for awhile now and it makes for very good listening, with smooth and original production. It’s a bit calm at times (which I like) and has several layers to it. Listen through a couple times and you’ll see (hear) what I mean. The EP also features remixes from Umba, Keiska and Bombé.

Phantogram to be on the next Flaming Lips album

In an article from Pitchfork, Wayne Conye talks about the Flaming Lips’ next album, which includes a ton of collaborations, a few ultra-limited edition which will have actual blood samples from the collaborators, and what it’s like to be around Ke$ha while she’s on 10 hits of acid.

However, a little way into the article, this gem drops:

According to Coyne, one track that’s almost guaranteed to make it onto the new album features New York electro-pop outfit Phantogram. Coyne describes that one thusly: “It’s a real fuckin’ somber, strange song about lusting for success and the things that you want in your life.”

Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of that record.

First Look: Canstruction at the NYS Museum

040212_0002 thumbnail
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040212_0085 thumbnail
040212_0090 thumbnail
040212_0092 thumbnail

Opening tomorrow and running through April 26, at the NYS Museum, is an exhibit featuring over 40,000 donated canned goods. But it’s not just a stockpile of cans in some hasty attempt at a Warholian statement regarding repetition. This is much, much more than a pile of cans.

Over that past two days, 13 groups of 250 local architects, engineers, contractors and design students teamed up to carefully construct zoo animals using the donated cans as their medium. The result is unexpectedly mesmerizing.

This year marks the 2nd annual Capital Region Canstruction, whose cans are purchased by the teams with money from fundraising will benefit the Food Pantries for the Capital District. The idea is to help raise awareness towards helping feed those in need throughout the Capital Region in association with the American Institute of Architects’ Eastern New York chapter and the national program Canstruction, which is a nonprofit that holds annual design and building competitions.

Hit the jump to read more and see the full gallery.

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Tour of the Battenkill Announces Schedule of Events

America’s toughest one day bicycle race, The Tour of Battenkill, is almost here, and it’s local! Pros and amateurs both compete over a 62-mile course of rolling (massively hilly) terrain in the Battenkill Valley. The 2011 race had over 2500 amateur and pro riders competing from all over America and the world. There are sections of this race where you can offer drunk “motivational phrases” and watch riders regret signing up to race up 12% grade on dirt roads.

The schedule has been finalized and includes a ride for kids and families, as well as many vendors and even a non competitive ride with 3-time Tour de France champion Greg Lemond.

Hit the jump to see a few photos from past iterations of this event.

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