Carmen’s Cuban restaurant in Troy to extend hours and menu

Great news sent over from Duncan Crary:

Carmen’s will now be open five days instead of three. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday additions include soups, salads, sandwiches and light dinners, with local delivery available with a $15 minimum order. Friday night is still Tapas Night, and the full weekend menu is still offered. New hours will be: Wednesday and Thursday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Friday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Before this they were open for lunch during the week and dinner on Fridays. Hope I actually get a chance to finally check this place out as many of my friends have had only great things to say about Carmen’s. Stay up to date with them via their facebook page.

Moon Magick and Fountainsun at the UAG: Video

This past Friday, the UAG played host to an awesome show with Moon Magick and Fountainsun. Moon Magick is made up of two friends of mine, Phil and Laura. They played twenty-three minutes (the correct amount of time for any band to play) worth of etherial, electronic music with a smattering of effect-laden guitar. Let the video above give you a better idea of what they sound like.

Fountainsun, the newest project from Dan Higgs of Lungfish fame, was an awesome experience to say the least. It started slowly and softly and eventually included lyrics, mostly in the form of spoken-word poetry. Dive straight into the last bit of the performance below.

A first look at Superior Merchandise Co.: Photos

superior-merchandise-company-troy-0002 thumbnail
superior-merchandise-company-troy-0003 thumbnail
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superior-merchandise-company-troy-0021 thumbnail
superior-merchandise-company-troy-0022 thumbnail

As all classic novels begin, I recently got a follow on Instagram from an account of interest. Said account is a not-yet-in-existence business based in Troy. The tagline read “Design Boutique and Bookstore + Beer, Wine and Coffee Bar”, so clearly, I was interested.

About ten seconds of digging led me through their photos and I could see that this project is no small undertaking. The building at 147 Fourth Street in Troy was abandoned for a long time, filled with garbage, and was stated to be demolished. That was until Felicity and Mike swooped in and purchased the building from the city. Jeff Buell, who is no stranger to fixing things up in Troy (simply google him) has his team on this project in full force. A load-bearing wall which was in disrepair has already been braced. An illegal addition to the building is to be demolished soon. The list goes on. And on.

The actual business, Superior Merchandise Co., will be a design boutique and bookstore with beer, wine and coffee. They’ll have a mix of old and new items such as posters, prints, clothing, jewelry, magazines and more. The owners will be living on the third floor of the building, with apartments also going into the second floor. This space sounds like a pretty ideal place to spend time and maybe even pick up things for your apartment, or for a unique gift for someone. The space is expected to open in early 2015.

These stories of to be bulldozed buildings getting bought and fixed really gives me hope for what’s to come. There’s no reason to build some new zero-personality cookie cutter home for people when there’s tons already standing ready to be rehabbed.

Click the photo above to check the gallery! And don’t forget to like Superior Merchandise Co. on facebook.

Quality events for this weekend vol. 119

Friday January 31

Troy Night Out: Art, drinking, dancing, shops, etc. Duh.

4th St. Funnies Comedy Show at Kokopellis: Laugh and drink all while dodging police batons!

Fountainsun and Moon Magick at UAG: Daniel Higgs from Lungfish on Lark Street. Yo. And Moon Magick is dope too.

Saint Rose Jazz Faculty Performance: The faculty doing their thing.

The So So Glos and the Slaughterhouse Chorus at the Hollow: Free show. Word up.

Coffee and Comedy Show #9 at the HRCH: First show of the new year and doing it properly.

Saturday February 1

Girls of Porn, Pick Your King, Fossils from the Sun, Bad Friends, Random Funny Man & More at Valentine’s: Last show from GoP for a long time.

Patrick Porter: Live in the Loft at the Foundry: Intimate show after the Caleb Cole opening.

Beat*Shot Spins for J Dilla at the Hollow: Just read this.

Eighties at Valentine’s: You know what it is.

Sunday February 2

The Seahawks win.