The City Beer Hall to start serving brunch

Starting June 30th, The City Beer Hall will launch their new Beer Brunch, which will take place on their pato every Saturday and Sunday from 11am-3pm. Awesome way to help with your hangover, or an awesome post-bike ride meal. Can’t wait to head over there on the 30th!

Honest Weight Food Co-op announces funding for new location

From the press release:

The Honest Weight Food Cooperative, Inc. (HWFC) announced today that it has sealed a deal with M&T Bank for the primary funding for its $5.4 million construction project. Subordinate lenders include Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region, the Cooperative Fund of New England, and the Al Tech Loan Fund, administered by the Albany County Business Development Corporation, for combined additional funding totaling $1.45 million.

Awesome news for my favorite place to procure vegetables. I’m excited to shop at the new store and can’t wait for the move to be finished. Hopefully the new facility will quell the parking lot anxiety of those apt to head over to the new Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods instead.

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Waka Flocka will be at FYE in Crossgates tomorrow

Straight from the dude himself:

Albany! New York! Come buy my new album Triple F Life and meet me. Tomorrow at 2pm: FYE 120 Washington Avenue Ext Albany, NY 12203

Hope to hear about some sightings tonight or tomorrow.

Matt Baumgartner to launch menswear line

Matt Baumgartner and his friend Craig Howes are launching a aptly titled menswear line, starting with Fall ’12. Really interesting to see Matt branch out into this arena, and I’m quite excited to see what direction they take this.

Via twitter, Matt said: “Howes & Baum is a modern take on traditional men’s workwear. Great fit, excellent construction.” and “FYI, the photo is of my grandfather, who was a logger. He is my inspiration for the line.”

You can check them out on twitter and facebook. Read more at Friday Puppy.

Second Look: NΒΊ 12 Second, Troy

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12-second-troy-keepalbanyboring-feat thumbnail

Yesterday I stopped over to check on what’s been happening over at 12 Second Street in Troy. And since my last visit, progress has not halted at all. The bathrooms basically done, certain walls are finished, there’s the early stages of a bar, seating, and the list goes on. Vic Christopher (and two others) have not slowed down for a second.

In Vic’s own words, this project “is complete overkill”. And it shows, in the best way possible. Theres many spaces all along river street that are ready to move into that he could have just put his business into, but it’s obvious that’s not what he’s doing. And all the work he’s putting in now will be completely worth it in the long run, without any question. From the Lucas stamp on the wood in the bathroom, the sink made out of Stanton Brewing Crates, to the Trojan Hotel booths, there’s a lot of Troy history going into this space.

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KC’s Music Monday: “Eric” by Giant Gorilla Dog Thing

Considering the fact that summer is officially just around the corner, I’m already late to the party for spring cleaning and have ran out of excuses for letting this assortment of tasty local music collect any more dust in my email inbox. Enjoy.

Forming in 2010 by a bunch of friends who have an interest and talent in the rap genre, Pig Food Records is a DIY collective that is doing their own thing and doing it properly. The Pig Food Recs roster is stocked with quite the crew, all locally-based and all busy with on-deck projects, upcoming shows, videos, podcasts, freshly-stocked merch.

The featured mixtape in question, Eric, comes from local duo, Giant Gorilla Dog Thing (comprised of Dez and Dood Computer) over at Pig Food Records. The dudes put together this teaser mixtape to satisfy the heads while they work on their forthcoming album. “H.O.R.S.E.”, which is due out later this summer. The album is almost entirely produced by Albany’s own Brendan “Absolute” Paulsen and the troublemakers are currently putting the finishing touches on it. The album will also feature artwork by Adam Hathorn and surprise guest spots. Dez described it as “100% delicious Albany dickhead rap.”

Sign me up. And in the meantime, you can check out Eric for free over on their website.

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SB Summer9

Interview and Summer Line Launch: Spring Break ’95

Back in January, our friend and sometimes KAB-contributor, Twomey, started up his own clothing line, Spring Break ’95. I was quick to get my hands on a tank once the Spring line dropped and before long, Justin Bieber was also sporting it.

In the months that followed the initial conception, Twomey began to get both the shirts and word out there, starting with the perfect demographic: his friends. It’s grown quite a ways since then and today marks a new landmark for the DIY start-up in the form of the Summer line launching in accordance with the company website going live.

These shirts and tanks were meant for the summer months after all, and as Twomey puts it, “This is our summer.” Get into it.

Hit the jump below to check out the look book video showcasing the new line and to hear more from the founder of Spring Break ’95.

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