Quality events for this weekend vol. 27

Jesus there’s a LOT going on. As always, if I missed your event leave it as a comment!

Thursday, November 17th

A Night Dedicated To House Music, Thirteen in Saratoga, 9pm, FREE [fbook]

Thursday Night Ball, 10pm, Legends on Pearl, FREE [fbook]

Bottles and Beats, Hip-Hop DJs & Open-mic Freestyle Cypher, Bogies, 10pm [flyer]

On The Sly ft. Wheez-ie, Doctor Jeep, Archie Pelago, Obey City, & knomad, LPR, NYC [fbook]

Friday, November 18th

OUTPOST1: Wheez-ie, Doctor Jeep, Looney, Party With Tina, Knomad , Fuze Box, 10pm-4am, (free before 11 for 21+) [fbook]

OUTPOST1 Radio Takeover, 90.9 WCDBFM, 6-10pm.

Stuff your face with BASS, The Armory, 8pm [fbook]

B3nson Funsgiving, Valentines, 8pm [fbook]

Showing of Warren Miller’s “Like There’s No Tomorrow”, Palace, 8pm [link]

Saturday, November 19th

Une Soirée de Monte Carlo the Albany Center Gallery Gala, Taste, 6pm [fbook]

Cranksgiving V, A charity bicycle race, Washington PArk, 8:30pm [fbook]

AASRD vs. The Beasts of the East Roller Derby, The Armory, 6pm [fbook]

MaryLeigh & The Fauves CD Release, Saratoga Arts, 8pm [fbook]

I’m the King of Rock, Varied Rock Set by DJ Trumastr, Quintessence, 10pm [fbook]

Higher Organix, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Indoxbox at Red Square, 8pm [link]

Atlas Sound at Skidmore, $12 [link]

Sunday, November 20th

Shonen Knife with The Last Conspirators, Valentines, 7pm [fbook]

Phantogram in South Burlington, 8:30pm [fbook]

OUTPOST1 is Tonight!

Tonight is our monthly party at Fuze Box. We’ve got two amazing DJs from out of town coming to show you what’s up. Wheez-ie from Houston is a force in the juke/footwork scene and has his tracks in every juke mixtape I’ve seen in the recent past. Doctor Jeep from Boston played here this summer and he’s back for round two. He was recently featured in XLR8R, twice, and is an all around rad dude with impeccable taste.

Bonus: Check out KC & knomad’s q+a with Wheez-ie and Jeep

Leave Her Alone by Wheez-ie

level ii by doctor jeep

There’s no reason to be anywhere else tonight. If you’ve never made it to an OUTPOST1 yet, please do yourself a favor and come tonight, and if you’re over 21, it’s free until 11.

Interested? Read more on the details are on the facebook.

Play your cards right

This Saturday, November 19, 2011 from 6:00pm-10:00pm the Albany Center Gallery Hosts Annual Gala at Taste’s Penthouse on 30 South Pearl Street, entitled “Une Soirée de Monte Carlo” which roughly translates to “An Evening at Monte Carlo”.

This year, the annual black-tie affair will be soaked with a casino-inspired aesthetic and games to match, such as Black Jack and Texas Hold’em to name a few. With food and drinks provided by acclaimed Albany restaurants and proceeds to benefit the arts.

The evening also honors Dr. Martin L. Ryan with The Les Urbach Lifetime Achievement Award. With DJ OFI spinning, a visual arts installation involving light and film projections, local business auctions and a surprise emcee, the event is a great opportunity to take a chance and bet on Albany.

You can purchase tickets and find more information here.

Albany Cranksgiving V

This Saturday, Albany is host to a neat cycling race called Cranksgiving. Cyclists compete to different checkpoints (grocery stores) and have to buy certain foods at each store. All the food ends up getting donated to the Albany HAC. You feel good about riding your bike and donating to the homeless. Win/win.

View the full scoop on facebook.

Occupy Your Own Mind

Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Albany. Occupy The Internet. Occupy The Sidewalk. Occupy McDonalds. Occupy Campuses. Occupy Everywhere…. Occupy Your Own Mind.

The Occupy Movement is about to reach it’s two month milestone, and while nearly everyone has an opinion on the issue, few are actually educated on it. Whether you understand it, champion it, or disdain it; it affects you. This grassroots movement that started in the Financial District of Manhattan has reached a global status, and if you haven’t tried to educate yourself on it’s current events, than it’s high time you do. Especially considering the events within the last 24 hours all around our nation, starting at home base Zuccotti Park of downtown Manhattan.

Getting out of work last night around 1:30AM, my Twitter account was ablast with calls to action. Word had spread that the NYPD, under direct order from Mayor Bloomberg, was descending on Zuccotti Park in an effort to evict the OWS demonstrators. Admittedly I have been passive on this front up until now, but being 20-odd blocks away from breaking news, I had to see it with my own eyes.

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Must Shrug TV: Why It May Be Time to Let Community Go

NBC announced its midseason schedule yesterday; Community is not on it. I fear it’s not long for this world – something I hate to say that about my favorite current TV series, but I have to accept it. So much of the show works. It’s well-acted and well-written; the study group at the show’s core comprises a genuine ensemble of multi-faceted characters. Episodes teeter on a knife’s edge between absurd comedy and heartfelt drama without slipping into the excesses of either.

Community’s signature move is its theme episodes: full-length parodies of mafia movies, say, or of Westerns. One even spoofs the single-camera sitcom itself, in the form of a mock-mockumentary. Done poorly, these would be time-sucking detours, but writers and the cast have so thoroughly developed the characters’ relationships that even a show that overreaches or misses the mark enhances the series as a whole. There are bad episodes of Community, to be sure, but no unnecessary ones. It’s the first show in years where I make sure never to miss an episode.

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Frequency North Presents Megan Abbott

The second reading of the College of Saint Rose’s Visiting Writer series, “Frequency North”, now in its seventh season, presented contemporary writer Megan Abbott this past Thursday. Megan Abbott is the author of, most recently, The End of Everything, hot off her radio-appearance on WAMC’s “The Round Table”.

The event’s host, and occasionally bearded-due-to-sabbatical professor Daniel Nester, introduced Abbott first as a friend, (they attended graduate school at NYU together), then as a fellow writer by highlighting her most recent awards and her, now, five acclaimed novels. Most notably her 2007 novel Queenpin which received the Barry Award for best paperback novel and the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allen Poe Award.

Photo courtesy of Pattinase

Before reading the first chapter from her new novel, The End of Everything, Abbott took about thirty minutes to preface her work and to discuss her shift from boiler-plate, historically-supported noir to a more creative, childish perspective on mysteries and crime. She introduces her narrator Lizzie, a thirteen-year-old girl stuck witnessing and investigating a Michigan suburb in the 1980s. Abbott admits to knowing the setting intimately by reliving some childhood memories that, in hindsight, resemble the delicate details established by her wordy prose and her comfortable machine-gun reading style.

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