Stream: Titanics – Cars


I’ve said it before, a couple times now, that this year is going to be a good year for music, because it already has been. My calendar for local shows is filling up rapidly this month and we’re also looking at several forthcoming album releases from Albany-based musicians throughout the spectrum of various genres.

Titanics is no exception to that and have already been off to a busy start this year, with several recent performances already under their belts and a new album in the works, which I’ve been told is in its exciting final stage prior to release.

The band has been recording and mastering tracks for their latest release, which is titled Soft Treasure and will be available online on Friday, February 15th over on their bandcamp. The band will also have physical copies for sale at their upcoming shows.

The three-piece, comprised of Mark Lombardo, Derek Rogers and John Daley, sent over the single “Cars” for an exclusive stream, which you can check out below.

I’m not going to apologize for posting this late in the night, because Titanics is exactly what I want to be listening to right now. Their new track is soothing and mellow, much like their other material and combines just the right amount of synthesizers with a subtle touch of electronic production and light vocals scattered throughout. I’m not quite sure what to compare it to, but I do find it to be quite multidimensional in its composition and overall pleasing. Music for the insomniacs and the dreamers alike.

Have a listen for yourself:

Ticket Giveaway: Ben Frost at EMPAC, Thursday 2/7

This Thursday, Iceland-based experimental musician Ben Frost will be making a rare performance at EMPAC. This performance will be previewing works for his next studio album.

From the copy:

Ben Frost’s music is not just heard; it’s felt. Influenced by classical minimalism as well as punk rock and metal, he creates monolithic sounds that command attention through their visceral intensity. Keenly aware of listeners’ thresholds, Frost exploits every extreme of pitch and volume as he pushes the sound of electric guitars, drums, and laptops out from a wall of speakers and amps.

EMPAC has been kind enough to give us a set of tickets to give away for this awesome performance. Hit the jump to enter, and if you’re not familiar or want to check out Ben’s music, hit play below!

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Ticket Giveaway: Big Gigantic at Upstate Concert Hall 2/12

Big Gigantic is one of my favorite hybrid acts, combining electronic music with an organic instrumentation. The duo is comprised of Dominic Lalli, who, besides being a total babe, is also very talented at producing beats and playing sax, with Jeremy Salken on drums. They’ve played in our area on a somewhat regular basis over the past several years and I’m excited to see they are returning on their winter tour this year.

Check out the footage from their NYE party at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, above.

Big Gigantic will play at the Upstate Concert Hall on Tuesday, February 12th and we’ve got a pair of tickets to giveaway, so hit the jump to enter!

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Raven’s Head Brewing officially gives up on St. Joes

Pam Allen for the Business Review:

Ravens Head Brewing has offered to buy the Cohoes Armory for its brewing operations.

Brennon Cleary, co-owner of Ravens Head, tells me the new craft brewery is talking with the city of Cohoes about logistics, including parking, before finalizing the deal.

Weird that blame continues to be on “some residents”. However an additional $750,000 to simply buy a parking lot for an already expensive building somehow has nothing to do with the concerns starting a brand new business.

The Cohoes Armory on the other hand includes parking, is already zoned to be used as a restaurant and will cost almost 70% less than just the parking lot. The cost of the St. Joes and the parking lot would be 1100% the cost of the Cohoes Armory.

Yup, fault of the residents. Definitely not a better fit.

Masai’s Music Monday: Top 5 MCs of the 518


My friend Masai, a local music enthusiast moonlighting as a rapper himself, compiled a list of his top five MC’s of the Capital Region and I couldn’t help but ask if I could repost it here.

I’m in total agreement with Masai in that every day I learn a little bit more about music in this area – whether in the form of a new show announcement, an artist I’ve never heard of before, new material, old material and so on, there’s so much out there. I haven’t heard of every MC on Masai’s list prior to reading it and that fact alone reinforces the importance of doing a little research on the music that’s being made in our own stomping grounds.

As you check out the artists on this list, you’ll start to see exactly why it’s an exciting thing to be a fan of hip hop/rap while residing in the Albany area. It’s going to be a good year for music in Albany, as it already has been.

Additionally, I recently previewed a couple of Masai’s tracks from his forthcoming album, “Almost Home,” which is available for pre-order. Also be sure to add February 28th to your calendar to celebrate the release officially, at the Bayou Cafe.

Thanks again to Masai for always speaking honestly, for humbly not putting himself on this list (no worries, you’re on mine!) and for doing his part in supporting the local music scene. Check out his feature after the jump!

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