BASS!MINT interview: Shigeto

This Friday, our friends down in New Paltz are bringing Shigeto of Ghostly International to Cabaloosa’s, alongside resident DJs Far East and Jack Inslee, as hosted by MC DRHU of Broken Teeth NYC. Shigeto will be playing a live set, complete with drums, synthesizer and sampler, as sequencing and looping on the fly. Much respect to the Ghostly label and I highly suggest peeking around their site, (you’ll even find once-upon-a-time local band Phantogram on there) and Shigeto is definitely one of the label’s standout artists in my book. Peep the event details here and check the full Q+A beneath the cut!

photo courtesy of ghostly

Given your background in classical jazz / drumming how was the transition process to working with electronic music? What was your introduction to electronic music, production, ghostly, etc? The transition was easy at first. It was all so new and exciting. When you have new things to work with, it’s easy to stay inspired.

I started listening to electronic music as a kid. Early Warp and Ghostly releases were my first inspiration, along with all the 90′s hip hop.

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For the love of jazz

Back in the day, I would percolate in some music culture to help drown out the noise from the day. Tuesday nights were jazz night at Justin’s. For me; jazz is best live or while soaking in a bath, as long as either scenario also involves a glass of red wine.

This weekly jazz rendezvous is where I met Yuko Kishimoto. Her hands would dance wildly over the keys while the rest of her body held carriage. She had a uninhibited sophisticated quality that I was drawn to. It was mesmerizing the way she played the piano like no other. As time went by; we would share our love of fine scotch, dry humor and trade stories.

photo © Rudy Lu

Yuko Kishimoto debuted her album Songbook at a CD release party on August 31, 2011. The official release is due sometime in the beginning of October. She is a gifted composer who started playing the piano at 3 years old. She had created original compositions and arrangements but had no CD of her own. Thanks to the Albany music and art community as well as money generated from Kickstarter, a CD was born.

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KC’s Music Monday: Jon Hopkins + Four Tet at EMPAC

This past Thursday, EMPAC hosted a dual billing of equally brilliant electronic producers and composers Jon Hopkins and Four Tet in what arguably was one of the best shows I’ve attended in 2011.

Andrew and I last covered Four Tet at Camp Bisco, and although that was one of our highlights of the entire festival weekend, I can’t stress enough that seeing Four Tet perform at EMPAC surpassed Bisco immensely. It was almost as if EMPAC was designed for Four Tet and Jon Hopkins specifically and was indubitably the venue of choice, adapting to the style and music of each performer respectably.

Check out Jon Hopkin’s remix of Four Tet’s “Vessel” and hit the jump for the rest of the review.

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LarkFest 2k11 recap

Another Fall in Albany, (cue the word merger — “FAlbany”) brings yet another Lark Fest to a close. This year, the 30th anniversary reflected more than anything Albany’s constant growth as a community. I started the day just like any other on Lark, with a coffee and a bagel, yet through a seamless transition, ended with a solid buzz and pockets full of merchandise.

photos © Taylor Merrihew

The two stages, one at Madison Ave. and the other at Washington Ave, bumped competing, yet not combative music all day, usually of different genres, so that if you weren’t feelin’ the tunes at one stage you could bounce to the other one and on your way pick up some overpriced, inflated corner-store beer, potentially laugh at the paradigm of the Silent Disco ravers going so subtly hard or even bop your head to the Dirty grooves being flung from the back of a packed Ben and Jerry’s.

At one point the cobblestones became a public listening party. A dude with a ghetto-blaster and an affinity for John Cusak in Say Anything was all smiles as he bumped hardly audible fist-pumping tunes to a crowd of his bros. And if you traveled back and forth numerous times like I did, you are first and most likely icing your calve’s and hamstrings today, and secondly wondering why Lark Street isn’t closed to automobile traffic more often.

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LarkFEST Highlights Video

If you want to get a little video feel for LarkFEST, look no further. And be sure to enjoy not having to deal with all of the traffic and people associated with actually going to LarkFEST. The video is done very well and makes me realize there may have been more going on than just me being frustrated that I can’t walk at a normal pace.

Video shot and edited by Julia Evanczuk.

Living Walls Albany Google Map

Here it is. You’ve got a few more hours of daylight left on this perfect day to go hop on the bike or take a walk and find these amazing pieces of art that have been popping up over the past week or so. If you want to check out some of the art before seeing it in person, check out our post from Friday to get a little preview, but don’t think for a second that this replaces seeing it in person!

View Living Walls: Albany in a larger map

Quality events for this weekend vol. 20

Friday September 16th

We’re officially a year old today and we’re throwing another banger tonight at the Fuze Box. New friend knomad along with OP1 residents PWT and DC. More details on the OP1 fbook event. Free before Midnight.

Here’s a video from last months party, with Joe Nice:

Living Walls Performs: First Annual Performance Art Festival, 99 Pine St, Albany 8pm $5 [fbook] Bonus: Follow KAB+BSA’s guide to LWA.

The Official Living Walls Albany Party, Quintessence 10pm [fbook]

Saturday September 17th

LarkFEST [via]

Sunday September 18th

Living Walls Albany Artists Meet & Greet, McGearys, 10pm free [fbook]