Review: Mingle

I’ve been hearing quite the buzz about this new establishment that’s replaced the late Wine-n-Diner, called Mingle, located at 544 Delaware Ave, in the newly coined “DelSo” neighborhood. There’s been vague rumblings of the word ‘vegan’ being associated with this place and that’s more than enough for me to go check it out.

They’ve got a separate vegan/vegetarian menu (gluten-free too), similarly to how New World does it. It’s available by request, but wasn’t offered in lieu of the regular menu during my visit and I found out this exited on my way out. Bummer, but no big deal, just ask for it next time. Also for some bizarre reason they consider seafood vegetarian, so you sort of have to keep your guard up even with the veg menu.

The regular menus got loads of items in all arenas, including vegan items alongside all the seafood, beef and pork you can handle. Chef Un-Hui has loads of Korean influenced and pure Korean dishes on the menu, including homemade kimchi and the Korean staple, pork belly.

I had the spicy vegan chili to start, along with the vegetable Chap Chae. The chili was really great, but definitely on the conservative side of ‘spicy’, but that’s much more favorable than the ‘you cant even enjoy the food’ level of spicy. The noodles in the Chap Chae were awesome and flavorful, cooked wonderfully and the vegetables worked really great with the noodles and the dish didn’t have competing flavors. Everything was well thought out, and it really showed.

I highly recommend checking this place out. There’s loads of dishes that I’m excited to try on my return visits, and their beer menu has a bunch of really great craft beers that I haven’t seen before. Do yourself a favor and make the trip.

Quality events for this weekend vol. 46

Friday, May 25th

Caleb Lionheart, Orphan Tash acoustic sets at Fuzz Records: Two great friends of mine playing great music at the best record shop in Albany. Get into it.

Design it Together New Store Opening: DIT is an awesome spot where you can get neat things made or just simply get some things which they’ve made already! They’ve got a bunch of rad local designs, too.

Critical Mass in Troy: Go ride your bike. It’s also TNO.

The Casualties at Bogies: Bogies has crowned itself as Albany’s new metal punk and hardcore venue and The Casualties are playing there tonight. (Really bummed I missed Vital Remains a few weeks back, don’t be me.)

Tasty Treat Dance Party at UAG: BYOB. Art. Music. Fun.

Fourth Friday & Everything Classic w/ White Lotus, Nate Da Great and DJ Trumastr: Get down to the areas best DJs that play amazing music that doesn’t sound like malfunctioning power tools.

Saturday, May 26th

RECON, Reign Supreme, Surrounded by Teeth and COCKPUNCH! at Bogies: All-star lineup right here. You’re a jerk if you somehow miss this.

Ladies 80s Night at the Fuze Box: Ladies free until 12.

Sunday, May 27th

The Kooks at Northern Lights: with Northern Faces (aka Around the World and Back). We are giving away tickets to this show.

Service Industry Night at McGearys w/DJ Trumastr: Drinks are 2-for-1. Music is good. Fun times all around.

Ticket Giveaway: The Kooks at Northern Lights, Sunday May 27th

This Sunday, The Kooks, Northern Faces and Royal Teeth are playing at Northern Lights, and they’re generous enough to give us a pair of tickets to giveaway! If you don’t know who they are do yourself a favor and educate yourself on their wiki page.

Winner will be picked at 3pm tomorrow! Contest entry form and additional tour dates are after the break! Good luck.

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DMX, Friday June 8th at Northern Lights

That is all.


Heartstrings: An Art Show Featuring Local Women, Tonight

If I wanted to argue a case for a theory of mine that most things DIY begin in basements, I’d have a strong amount of evidence. Helping support that notion in a basement over at 395 Washington Ave. is a group of local women who decided to curate an art show featuring the art work of other local women.

Casey Canfield and Rachel Norah began discussions of hosting such an affair months back and called on for the help and support of their friends. Throughout the past couple of months, the ladies have collected work from over ten local females to be displayed on their clean, white basement walls, as well as have created work themselves in the same space.

As I dropped by yesterday, they were still collecting and hanging pieces and I was pleasantly surprised by both the quality and creativity in the works to be displayed. The ladies also created a sign of the name of the show, “Heartstrings,” by using string that they found, creating a title piece just as charming as the hosts themselves.

Among the local artists participating are Marissa Miglin, Sue Ellen, Elena Cruz-Allen, Lindsey Meyers, Laura Carrozza, Raechelle Gonzales, Christina Marie Kincaid, the hosts, Rachel Norah and Casey Canfield and more.

The Heartstrings art show will be held in the basement of 395 Washington Ave., beginning at 7pm and is free to attend. There also will be snacks, music and booze.

Hit the jump to see a sneak preview!

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Food Cycle: Bicycle powered food project in Troy

Another kickstarter! This one from Troy aims to bring an intimate network of compost collection and delivery to keep food scraps from being wasted, and instead, into local gardens.

Food Cycle, a project of Troy Bike Rescue and Collard City Growers, is a bicycle compost delivery project employing neighborhood youth, while diverting household and restaurant food and yard waste back into the ground on our urban farm all by way of the transportation of the future: The bicycle!

Food Cycle will create a hyper-local compost network that lays the groundwork for a self-sustaining, scalable enterprise. We need the help of financial backers (you!) for initial investment.

Give em a kick if you could benefit from this or if you’re just a super nice person.

J.Viewz’ stop motion video uses 2,000 images, 300 fans, and was shot in Upstate New York

J.Viewz’ shot his music video via standard means, then, to make things massively complicated and labor intensive, printed each frame and had fans take photos with each frame. Then, through a shit-load of work turned it into a stop motion film, complete with stop-motion-within-stop-motion parts.

That shit is crazy, and the song is really good too.