Interestingness in the local news vol 41

new yorkers oppose another dumb convention center [tr]

300 year old skull of a 50 year old woman was found in the foundation of a house near albany [tu]

albany starting a knock off, harder to understand version of nyc’s restaurant inspections [tu]

missing teen from east greenbush returns home after two weeks [tr]

someone was throwing things off the i890 overpass onto cars [ynn]

apd finds any reason to arrest that guy who was impersonating cops (and showing up before them to scenes) [ynn]

911 tapes and surveillance released from the golds gym rage-then-die incident [ynn]

shen terminates relationship with planned parenthood for sex ed [ynn]

Andrew’s Music Monday: MLK Edition

Here’s a few tunes to either get you through working on a national holiday, or for you to enjoy when eating brunch in your house after waking up at noon.

First we’ve got DJ Sliink’s new podcast for Folklore. Sliink is a DJ from Newark who is deeply entrenched in the Jersey Club scene and is extremely prolific. You’ll definitely hear a few tracks you know on this. It’s really, really good.

Up next we’ve got OUTPOST1 friend and previous performer, MikeQ in the mix (starting at the 46 minute mark) for The Boomcast. A great seamless mix.

Bonus rounds:
L Vis 1990 on BBC Radio 1
Rick Ross ‘Rich Forever’ Mixtape

Coming Soon: The Albany Distilling Company

After getting two bottles of local spirits; Core Vodka (distilled in Valatie) and Greylock Gin (distilled in Great Barrington, Massachusetts), it reminded me of the Albany Distellery that’s poised to open soon. Upon digging, this caught my eye:

The distillery will start by making unaged, or white, whiskey, with the first run available for retail sale sometime between late January and St. Patrick’s Day

While I’m sure that the “late January” date is a best-of type of scenario, St. Patrick’s day isn’t that far away. I’m really excited to see this place open, let alone “test” their product. Albany doesn’t have too many production facilities to call it’s own (even less with “Albany” in the name), so I’m very excited to be getting another, especially one that produces whiskey.

photo lifted from their facebook

Here’s the original post (with actual information) by Steve Barnes. Also, ‘like’ their fbook page:

Keep Albany Boring: Worst Of 2011 Reader Poll Results

Dear god, I’m going to get crucified for this even though it’s clearly a readers poll. Whatever, Subway being the ‘Best Sandwich’ in the Metroland three years in a row should say enough. Blah, blah we don’t agree with all of this since, again, it was a readers poll. Word.

With out further ado:

Worst News Paper:
1. Times Union
2. Metroland
3. Troy Record

The paper with the biggest audience gets the crown, what a surprise.

Worst Politician:
1. Jennings
2. Scavo
3. Cuomo

No surprises here.

Worst Road:
1. Central Ave
2. Wolf Road
3. Fuller


Worst Late Night Walk:
1. Lark Street
2. Pearl Street
3. Washington Park

Center Square gets 2 out of the 3!

Worst Local Blog:
1. On The Edge
2. Keep Albany Boring
3. Albany Citizen One

I’m honestly believe that On The Edge is a team of 20 round-the-clock bloggers that are spidering the internet and are queueing posts 24/7 to achieve the masterpiece that blog is. Or maybe it’s like the Family Guy idea balls. Either way it’s a complete (trolling, maybe) masterpiece.

Worst Bodega:
1. Madison News
2. Lark News
3. K2

A bodega is a bodega, eh?

Worst Bar:
1. Jillian’s
2. Legends
3. Palai’s

At Jillian’s and Legends (on Pearl) there’s always something going on and Jillian’s has an entire huge room of video games. I guess a shitty crowded bar that smells like puke and only a pool table is somehow better? Maybe you’ve only ever driven by?

Worst Hipster Bar:
1. Bomber’s
2. Suzie’s
3. Hollywood

Varying definitions of worst here but, this is about right.

Worst Weekly Columnist:
1. Kristi Gustafson
2. Matt Baumgartner
3. James V. Franco

I stand by Kristi and think she has “figured it out”.

Worst Bus Stop:
1. Lark/Washington

Unanimous so it’s not worth even listening 2 and 3.

Worst Road for Cycling:
1. Central
2. Madison
3. Delaware

Agreed, way up Central is miserable and I’ve been hit on Delaware.

Worst APD incident of 2011:
1. Kegs & Eggs
2. Occupy Albany Eviction
3. James Miller DWI


Worst Sushi:
1. Price Chopper
2. Hannaford
3. Shuns Kitchen

This just in: Grocery Stores bad at making highly specialized food.

Worst Coffee Spot:
1. Dunkin Donuts
2. Sunspot Cafe
3. Daily Grind

You guys finally pegged #1, but 2 & 3 almost cancel out this victory.

Worst Sandwich Spot:
1. Subway
2. Chicken Joes
3. Panera Bread

About right.

Worst local self-obsessed resident:
1. Kristi Gustafson
2. Albany Citizen One
3. Dave Lockney

The more times Kristi is #1 on this list makes me realize how good of a job she does. God damn.

Worst Restaurant:
1. Olive Garden
2. 677 Prime
3. Applebees

Assuming none of you have ever been to 677 Prime.

Worst local concert series:
1. Alive at 5
3. Empire State Plaza

Worst Parking:
1. Center Square
2. Lark Street
3. Washington Park

Center Square sweeps!

Worst Local Radio Station:
1. FLY 92.3
2. TALK 1300

Worst Movie Theater:
1. Crossgates
2. Colonie Center
3. Latham Circle

Worst Diner:
1. Gateway Diner
2. Latham Circle Diner
3. Menands Diner

Worst City Ordinance:
1. Albany Chickens
2. Crow Curfew
3. Open Container

Worst “Best of” poll:
1. Times Union
2. Metroland
3. “This one”

Worst Historic Neighborhood:
1. Pine Hills
2. Arbor Hill
3. Cherry Hill

Worst Capital Region City:
1. Schenectady
2. Troy
3. Clifton Park

Worst Pizza:
1. Paesan’s
2. Soho
3. Dino’s

Worst Club:
1. Sneaky Pete’s
2. Jillian’s
3. Vapor

Worst thing to open in 2011:
1. Legends on Pearl
2. Jeff Pirro’s Mouth
3. Chicken Joe’s

Legends on Pearl is always raging and always has something going on. It’s the one new bar that’s lasted more than a month down on Pearl St.
You all are idiots.

Worst TV Commerical:
1. Fuccillo Huge
2. Kooky for Suzuki
3. Catseye

Worst Local Monument:
1. Troy 9/11
2. Lights in the Park
3. Joe Bruno Stadium/Bust

Worst Mall:
1. Latham Circle
2. Crossgates
3. Rotterdam

Worst Local Bookstore:
1. Barnes & Noble
2. Borders
3. Book House

Borders, ouch.

Worst Liquor Store:
1. “No such thing”

Worst Venue:
1. Northern Lights
2. Valentines
3. Times Union Center

Northern Lights is far, but they have a ton of good shit and the venue itself isn’t terrible.

Most Overrated Restaurant:
1. Dinosaur BBQ
2. Bombers
3. New World

Agree 100% about Dinosaur, everyone knows what Bomber’s is and continues to go there no matter what, and New World rules.

Most Pretentious Establishment Owner:
1. John DeJohn
2. Angelo Mazzone
3. Matt Baumgartner

Naming your bar after yourself and having a few successful establishments is apparently a way to land yourself at #1, even though I’ve never heard anything ever about the guy. I don’t even know what Angelo Mazzone looks like and Matt is a humble and nice guy. I disagree with all of these.

Worst local news anchor:
1. John Grey
2. Liz Bishop
3. Dan Eaton

Worst local TV news channel:
1. YNN
2. 6
3. FOX

Write ins:
Worst Commenting System: All Over Albany
Worst question in KAB poll: Wost local news anchor?
Worst political cesspool: Troy, NY
Best Sandwich: Subway
Worst Development Idea: Albany Convention Center
Most abrasive Radio Personality: Alan Chartock
Worst Wings: Swifty’s Pub in Delmar
Most Overhyped News Story: Joe Bruno
Most inane local bloggers: Times Union “Citizen” Bloggers
Worst person to follow on twitter: TimesUnion
Worst City Hall: Troy
Worst downtown After 5pm: Albany
Worst Downtown Eating after 5pm: Albany
Worst waste of a good space: Reds
Worst Building: The old Freezer Warehouse that burned but didn’t burn down, unfortunately

Headquarters Boston or what will never happen to Central Warehouse

I came across this video of my friend Marty’s new co-working space today and I couldn’t help but notice how eerily similar it is to the interior of the Central Warehouse (“Freezer Building” to you laymen). What an awesome idea for a huge co-working space, not to mention it’s not just a shared office for freelancers and web people, it’s 25,000 square feet for for manufacturing.

Is awesome shit like this only allowed to happen in big cities? Is anything ever going to happen to the Central Warehouse?

KC’s Music Monday: Diamond

Last week, Kanye West went on this huge, late night two-hour spree on Twitter talking about his next venture, which in theory is to take the masterminds of every perceivable industry, put them in a room and pay them to brainstorm cool shit. OK Kanye, take over the world. In the meantime, there’s a group of musicians taking a page out of Kanye’s book, but putting it into practice. Scattered musicians from bands based out of Baltimore, Chicago and Richmond (including members from Trapped Under Ice, who we featured a couple weeks back), have gotten together to form the band Diamond.

The four-piece explains that this side-project-turned-animal-of-its-own-breed was the result of extensive video chatting and garage band recordings. Two years after the initial brainstorm began, they have released their first E.P., Don’t Lose Your Cool, which is currently available for free on their bandcamp page here.

A couple weeks back I got the chance to see Diamond play live, at the Chance down in Poughkeepsie, alongside Transit, Balance and Composure, Set Your Goals and Four Year Strong. Bonus: Check out our review of FYS from back in October.

I found that the venue, The Chance Theatre, (as it was my first time visiting) has some pretty quaint details in its furnishing, as well as has a history as a performing arts venue dating back to its year of origin in 1912, and the option to view the show from above in the balcony (always opt for a birdseye view). Sidenote: If you haven’t been to the Chance for a show, finding one that’s worth the 90-minute drive shouldn’t be too hard, as they have a pretty diverse schedule upcoming.

Diamond has a Rooney-esque, Jimmy Eat World alternative pop vibe to their sound, but the members manage to build a sound that still sounds uniquely their own without sticking to the confines of any genre. The harmonies of the vocalist are songs to sway and daydream to but without feeling like a total cheeseball. It’s feel-good music that can be broken down into layers revealing masterful song composition. All members pitch in vocally, while never over-shining one another with their own individual instrumentation. I felt as though this band truly builds their sound together in a way that is refreshing; in other words this band has its act together, while still having some edge. I’m a big fan of bands that are able to convey genuine emotion without trying too hard.

There’s a subtlety in the Diamond flavor of rock that is really tasty and worth checking out.

KAB picks: “Sunburn,” “Keep On Dreamin’”, and “Fix Of Mine.” Their remix of Paper Diamond’s “Sandcastle” is a nice seasoning to the showcase of their collective and diverse talents as well.

The “Lark Tavern”

AOA has an article up today about the new “Lark Tavern”. They’ve got a good amount of shots of the inside and and the rundown about the new owners and their plans for the new space.

Read the whole article here:

photo from mike roach

Few highlights from their comments section:

  • Nothing says “I love and respect Albany’s history” like decorating with NYC subway tiles.
  • After the fire and the fiasco afterward, I could never support any establishment associated with Mike DiNapoli, including the new Lark Tavern. I feel many others feel the same way.
  • A round corner booth? What is this? Denny’s?
  • Meh, not a fan. It’s not the Lark Tavern that I grew to love over the years. I can respect the changes and the modern look they’re trying to achieve but half the main reason why it was such a staple when Tess ran it was because it was one of the few remaining bars that had that “vintage Albany” feel to it. It had character and a personality all on its own which made it stand out from other places. This is a far cry from that and looks like Pearl St. threw up inside.
  • Dinapoli lost my business in multiple ways. Good luck on lark with this monkey on your back.
  • This could be a bar in any city.
  • it looks like a fancier version of an Applebees or some other sports bar. 11 flat screen TVs?
  • TVs are a deal breaker for me. Thanks, but if I wanted wall-to-wall LCDs blaring sports contests, there’s the Recovery Room.

Head over to their article and chime in if you have any opinions.