Music Monday: Interview with Caleb Lionheart

Caleb Lionheart is an integral part of the community of local bands that help make Albany less boring. The four-piece pop-punk outfit has been doing its part in the fight against the ignorant and mundane by creating original music, dating back to recordings as early as December 2007.

In the years following their formation, they have powered through several line-up changes, toured the east coast multiple times, played a variety of venues throughout Upstate NY and beyond, put out a handful of EPs and organized sporadic basement shows that I always looked forward to attending as a college student.

Caleb Lionheart will be playing tonight at Bogies alongside The Queers, the Ataris, Far From Finished and I Was A Hero. Doors open in an hour (at 7pm) and is a $10 cover for guests 16+.

Additionally today marks the official pre-sale for Caleb Lionheart’s split 7″ with After The Fall. So naturally, there’s no better time than now to get to know Caleb Lionheart! Check out our Q+A beneath the jump.

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Interestingness in the local news vol 48

cabaret law meeting got nothing accomplished, still really stupid [tu]

free ihop pancakes 7am-10pm tuesday feb 28th [tu]

63 year old occupy protester takes plea deal [tu]

there’s been about 2400 gay marriages since it was legalized [tr]

car crash victim burned so badly they needed an autopsy to reveal it was a man [tr]

ualbany still plans to waste money on some big stadium for their mediocre teams [tu]

50k worth of motorcycles stolen from a dealership [ynn]

Recap: Lucky Dragons at EMPAC

A disclaimer in the arts is a double edge sword. Especially prior to the exposure of a performance or a piece of a creative nature. On one end, some people simply gravitate towards an artist’s written statement of a theory or explanation or introduction to help them ‘digest it’, ‘get it’ or help ‘guide’ them along the way. It is meant to be helpful but as with any good intention, sometimes it can also turn off the viewer regardless of an optimistic open-minded nature. Art is subjective, music is subjective and Lucky Dragons’ Actual Reality is subjective.

That being said, their written statement in the printed booklet last night was my saving grace at the Experimental Media Performing Arts Center in Troy. Their explanation of, (and curiosities towards) “actual reality” was something that I read multiple times during the performance and really ended up being a key ingredient I depended on to enjoy myself and react to their piece on a cognitive level.

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Seasons Skate Shop Presidents Day Sale

Get stocked up for the spring with Seasons gear! They’re doing a Presidents day sale Friday to Monday on-line and in store. They’ve got a ton of awesome shop gear as well as all the latest in boutique skate gear.

More details and their web store at

The proposed cabaret law’s Common Council meeting is tonight

The meeting for the proposed cabaret law is at 5pm tonight at City Hall. As of yesterday, there’s now an amended version of the proposed law. The new version includes lower (but still arbitrary) fees, a 30 day public comment period and more silliness.

AOA has the full scoop.

Tonight at EMPAC: Lucky Dragons

Tonight’s performance at EMPAC in Troy is one of audiovisual and experimental flavorings. Lucky Dragons will be performing their interactive piece, Actual Reality, in which they use raw data from an archive of various Internet searches in association with acoustic sounds from both the artists and the audience analyzed and re-synthesized in real-time.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Lucky Dragons also will present an assortment of video and audio source material from past performances and rehearsals. The live looping and layering of sounds and visuals accompanying Little Dragons showcases an “actual reality” with an intertwining display of collected moments and sounds from past and present.

Lucky Dragons is a Los Angeles-based experimental music duo comprised of Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara. Their name is derived from a Japanese fishing boat that was contaminated as a result of the hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll in the 1950s. Eventually the boat was painted black, renamed and used until it was disposed on a manmade trash island called Dream Island, where it still remains today. Lucky Dragons and their performances are about the creation of the new and the temporary and building a fragile network of interactivity between associated wonder and realities.

You can legally download some of their records here for free.

Tickets are available at the box office for $18 (discounted tickets available) prior to the performance, which begins tonight at 8pm. For more information visit EMPAC’s website.

Needlewurks opens new location in Clifton Park

Today Needlewurks opened their 2nd location in Clifton Park, right next door to Northern Lights. Will, their body mod artist, is doing 50% all piercings until February 29th if you tell him you read about this deal on KAB. Shoot him an email at for more details. Go get something pierced!