Quality events for this weekend vol. 117

Friday January 17

Catch a movie at the Madison Theater: Reopening today!

Drew and the Grand Spectacular at Tierra: With Brandon Powers-Green and Bess & Adian.

Sokea Piste, Aggressive Response, Kitty Little and Male Patterns: Punk jams.

Wine and Dine for the Arts: Tons of wine, spirits, beer and food.

Saturday January 18

Ryan Moore, Carl Daniels and Laura Murphy at Tierra: More tunes at Tierra.

Wild Adriatic CD Release at The Hollow: Kicking off the new album.

ESDC Annual Performance at The Egg: Modern dance show celebrating the resident dance company at the Egg.

Wine and Dine for the Arts: Tons of wine, spirits, beer and food.

Sunday January 19

No Tomorrow, Pointblank, Chloroform Party, Neutron Rats at Valentine’s: Another ripper.

The New Madison Theater opening Friday: Photos

madison-theater-albany-0001 thumbnail
madison-theater-albany-0002 thumbnail
madison-theater-albany-0003 thumbnail
madison-theater-albany-0004 thumbnail
madison-theater-albany-0005 thumbnail
madison-theater-albany-0007 thumbnail
madison-theater-albany-0008 thumbnail
madison-theater-albany-0009 thumbnail
madison-theater-albany-0010 thumbnail
madison-theater-albany-0011 thumbnail
madison-theater-albany-0012 thumbnail
madison-theater-albany-feat thumbnail

Yesterday, I stopped by the Madison Theater to check out the changes that have been taking place over the past few months, and to talk about what to expect when they re-open. To make a long story short, Tierra Farm has bought the theater since the landlords wouldn’t guarantee a renewed lease for the coffee shop. The farm is no stranger to real estate, so working out a way to purchase the building wasn’t anything out of the ordinary to them. However, the whole operating a movie theater thing is.

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Screen Print Biennial

Still quite a ways out, but this event looks awesome.

From the event’s website:

In September, 2014, the Arts Center of the Capitol Region in Troy, NY will be hosting the first ever East Coast National Screenprint Biennial. There is currently no screenprint biennial in the United States, and this exhibition will be an opportunity to begin a dialog that can expand the discipline of screenprinting and its place in the world of art. This exhibition will showcase a range of screenprint-based art applications, from framed, editioned prints, to installation, sculpture, video, ephemera, and posters.

Just from the little thumbnails on the site you can tell the art on display will be incredible. Head over to the Screen Print Biennial website and familiarize yourself with the artists and keep your eye out for the official date. Really neat that Troy will play host to a great yearly art show.

Photo: Travis Janssen

Quality events for this weekend vol. 116

Friday January 10

Most Fabulous Story Ever Told at Confetti Stage: A comedic re-imagining of the bible, through the eyes of Adam and Steve.

The Classical Guitar Society of Upstate New York at Tierra: Some tunes to enjoy while grabbing a cup of coffee.

Hammer Hawk, Rival Galaxies, Beaked Whale at Pauly’s: Jams for days. Or a night.

Just-In Time for Friday w/ DJ Trumastr at Justin’s: Good music and good times.

Saturday January 11

Free day at MASS MoCA: If you’ve never been, go. It’s incredible.

EIGHTIES at Valentine’s: You know.

Burlesque at ROCKS: The start of a new monthly at Rocks.

Sunday January 12

Two-for-one with Megan, Megan and DJ Trumastr at McGeary’s: Self explanatory.