I paid $10 to be in the same room as Sasha Grey and all I got was this photo

So last night was Sasha Grey’s DJ set at Vapor in Saratoga, and it was probably about as weird as you’d expect. First thing, Vapor’s ‘club lighting’ was basically the twin suns of tattooine; it was the brightest club I’ve ever been in. There were tons of old people. There was a casino attached to the club. There was a fuckton of dudes who came by themselves and kept asking all the girls I was with if they’re “here with anyone tonight”. There were actual guidos that lift up their shirts when dancing to show off their abs. I lost $2 playing the Wolf machine. If you did something stupid like put your empty cups somewhere they shouldn’t be the security made you rectify the situation.

Her friend who is also in this photo did all of the actual DJing, as I don’t remember seeing SG touching the pitch adjusters nearly as much as the other chick. She played very obvious music. I wonder what Vinny is going to do since he doesn’t DJ. There’s no way they made their money back just for the TV commercials, let alone whatever her fee is.

It was worth it.

Quality events for this weekend vol. 34

Not too much going on because of that hand-egg thing on Sunday!
Leave a comment if you got a noteworthy handegg party going on.

Saturday, February 4th

Chowderfest in Saratga [fbook]

Occupy Red Square with Looney, Dirty Paris, Olivia Quillio, Bells Roar [fbook]

Sahsa Grey DJ Set at Vapor [kab]

Sunday, February 5th

Super Bowl S.I.N.day (Service Industry Night) w/DJ Trumastr [fbook]

Dangers of Fracking

dangersoffracking.com — an excellently designed website which details the process and dangers of hydrofracking. Worth a look no matter how familiar you are with the issue.

Dilla Break-A-Dawn Tonight!

In memory of the legendary James Dewitt Yancy (a.k.a. J Dilla) Red Square will play host to the 4th Annual Beat*Shot Spins for J-Dilla, which this year has been dubbed Dilla Break-A-Dawn.

Beat*Shot puts on this annual event in honor and tribute to the late producer, who passed away in 2006 after suffering with Lupus and TTP, a rare blood disease, at age 32. Both his birthday and the anniversary of his death are in the month of February, (February 7th and 10th respectably).

There’s arguably no such thing as an overdose of Dilla beats, but if you are unfamiliar with the work and influence of J Dilla, there is no better time than tonight to get acquainted. This evening welcomes the talent of local-and-afar musicians and artists who will be showcasing and paying homage to the sounds that helped shape a genre and a movement. This year’s event will feature performances by The Dilla Gents, JB, J-Live, Lo-fi Lobo, Mr. Complex, Midas, Nate Da Great, DJ Playground, Rawhead and DJ Trumastr (who also was featured at OUTPOST1 last month). In conjunction with First Friday, local artists will also have work on display and there also will be raffle prizes from Lark Tattoo and Albany Massage.

All proceeds from the event will benefit the JDilla Foundation, which was started by Dilla’s mother, Maureen Yancey. The mission of the Foundation is to help fund inner-city music programs, as well as provide scholarships to students to enable them to attend schools that have progressive music curricula. J Dilla wanted others to use his legacy to help others, specifically kids, who have talent but may have lacked an opportunity. The Foundation encourages the study of hip-hop, R&B, soul, classical, jazz and rock music to be studied and cultivated in an educational setting, as well as works to enhance and develop arts programs in urban communities. Diana Boardley of the JDilla Foundation will be in attendance, selling “The Official” JDilla Foundation merch as well.

Bonus: Mr. Complex’s new 12″ vinyl w/ digital USB will be exclusively available prior to the official release date on local label Sub-Bombin. You can check out a sneak peak here.

Tickets are available at the door. $10 for 21+ or $15 18+ ($5 to the venue). See the Facebook event for more info.

RIP the Miss Albany Diner

Their last day is Friday, February 10th

Much like the grieving process of mourning the death of a loved one, initial reactions include feelings of disbelief, shock, denial and anger. I’d say my morning began with a slew of those feelings and now “this sucks” is the only thing I’m thinking. RIP one of the best the best diner in Albany.

via Tablehopping:

The Miss Albany Diner, a fixture in the city’s warehouse district since 1941, will close after lunch service next Friday (2/10). It has been sold to a real-estate company held by the owners of Wolff’s Biergarten, located next door to the diner’s 893 Broadway location. There are no immediate plans to reopen it as a diner, says Matt Baumgartner, who bought the diner with partners Jimmy and Demetra Vann, with whom he co-owns Wolff’s and The Olde English Pub & Pantry, also on Broadway in Albany.

Yes, there are other diners in Albany. Sure, I’ll eat a decent breakfast again. Maybe I’ll get my money’s worth too. But there really is only one diner experience like Miss Albany Diner in our city. It was the one diner in Albany that my hungover friends and I could agree was what we needed to start our weekend morning off with very little questions asked aside from figuring out who’s driving.

The menu didn’t need any tweaking, it was consistent, portions were filling and fit the price. It was full of unique and quaint decor and of course, bottomless coffee was always a plus. For me, it was a place for good brunch, good conversation and good friends. Also, hands down, MAD had the best plates out of any diner I’ve been to, maybe ever.

Can’t help but ask… now what? Please leave a comment and attempt to restore my faith in breakfast in Albany.

Editor’s note: from Matt’s blog:

As new owners of the property, we legally can not continue to operate the space as Miss Albany Diner or use their menu items. I’m only noting that because it is important to us that it is clear that we are not “closing down Miss Albany Diner”. They sold us the property, and we are not legally allowed to re-open Miss Albany Diner in that space.

He didn’t drive them out and clearly states that he was a patron of the diner for 15 years so it’s pretty evident he’s well aware of what he’s coming into. Which is a building. Only. He isn’t the big bad wolf that outbid everyone to open a Denny’s and make mad ca$h $tacks. He’s most likely just preventing some dickhead from putting something terrible in his (and my) neighborhood.

Interestingness in the local news vol 43

jerry jennings moved the st patrick day parade route to not go past the bars on pearl st “because of misbehavior and large drunken crowds” [tu]

annoying gimmick bar in nyc deemed cool enough to blog abt [tu]

federal grand jury indicted 16 people operating a large scare coke ring, 9 of em are from troy [tr]

two bros got mad over dirty dishes, shotguns and rifles included [tu]

$1m “oopsie” halts fountain reconstruction [tu]

susan g komen halts partnership with planned parenthood [ynn]

lawyer pleads guilty to hate crime [ynn]

two week old baby missing [ynn]

cupcake lab in saratoga is now elizabeth’s table, has some new tricks [fs]

Sasha Grey to DJ at Vapor this Saturday

Sasha Grey, famous “actress” from Entourage and Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience will be DJing at Vapor in Saratoga on Saturday, Feburary 4th. Way cooler than the idea of “this person will be in the same room as you for a tenner-per-ticket”.

From their facebook page about the event:

DVDJ Dread will start the night at 9pm. Sasha will begin closer to 10pm, then Dread continues once Sasha’s set is done.

Tickets are $10 and are available here. More info on Vapor’s website.