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OUTPOST1: Interview with Obey City

Brooklyn-based producer Obey City will be joining Tall Ass Matt and residents Party With Tina, Knomad and Looney this Friday for the April edition of OUTPOST1.

Quick tip: be sure to join in on our RSVP-only happy hour drink specials from 10 to 11pm Friday; just send a quick e-mail with your name to RSVP@keepalbanyboring.com to get in on the fun.

This month’s guest, Obey (pronunciation oh-bee) is definitely not a one-trick pony behind the decks and also keeps busy creating tunes, collaborating with others and maintaining Astro Nautico – the digitally-based label he founded alongside Kuhn and Paul Jones.

For his personal contributions to the world of forward-thinking bass music, he creates tracks that are soulful, emotional and mix the likes of R&B, funky, house and grime into his signature blend of club smashing tunes.

You can check out his music on SoundCloud and also scope his debut Melted Magic EP via Astro Nautico. Additionally, for those of you who missed it, Obey City was featured last night on Noise212, and his set will be added to the impressive archive including the likes of Krueger, Mess Kid, Samo Sound Boy, Sliink, Jim-E Stack and more.

Really looking forward to this month’s party and to help you become familiarized – knomad and myself teamed up to conduct the following interview.

Hit the jump and we’ll see you Friday.

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Tour of the Battenkill 2012 Recap and Photos

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Today was the UCI 1.2 (that is pro as hell for you non bike racing people) Tour of the Battenkill bike race in Cambridge, NY. Professionals and elite amateurs from all over the world competed over 124 miles of crazy hills, including somewhere around 20 miles of dusty and dirty country roads.

The Tour of the Battenkill has grown from a small local race to two one day races that attract about 2,500 amateur racers on Saturday and 150 pros on Sunday.

The race is America’s toughest one day race taking racers over dirt roads that, depending on the weather, can be dusty or muddy or both. Racers bleed, sweat, and get covered in earth while climbing rough hills and riding over stones.

This year my buddy Dan Chabanov was competing in the pro race and we took the trip to see him struggle for 124 miles, and of course, I took a few photos. He finished in the first chase group and was in high spirits immediately preceding the race. Way to go dude.

Hit the jump for the gallery.

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Preview: MOVE Music Festival

This is a pretty awesome idea that’s especially cool to see happening in Albany. The MOVE Music festival, taking place April 21st, is going to host around 100 bands in ten venues across Albany, simultaneously. Wristbands are very reasonably priced at $12 and are available from all ten official venues and online.

In addition to the music, MOVE is holding a merchandise trade show and round table discissions with industry professionals at the Hotel Albany. This will give artists an opportunity to connect with companies to help share information solutions and strategies regarding the development, management and progression of their music careers.

Really awesome idea and super cheap for a day around Albany and catching all sorts of great talent this area has to offer. Really silly to miss if you can make it!

The venues and bands after the jump!

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Recap: Kraftwerk at MoMA

Tickets for Kraftwerk’s eight-night retrospective sold out almost as soon as they were announced. Why wouldn’t they? Eight nights, eight albums, one a night: a chronological showcase of their entire electronic period. I knew about it, but entertained no dreams of attending. I wasn’t fast enough; besides, I was broke. But a friend won a pair of tickets to last night’s show; when he offered me one, I couldn’t refuse. That would be beyond rude. It would be insane.

We arrived early at the Marron Atrium of the Museum of Modern Art, normally home to travelling exhibits. Each concertgoer received a seven-inch by seven-inch program providing a brief biography of Kraftwerk and explaining their influence. (Suffice it to say that contemporary music owes them a lot.) My companion and I also each got a pair of 3-D glasses in a sleeve specific to that night’s performance: 1977’s Trans-Europe Express. As crowds filtered in, we surveyed the merchandise table, where one could buy limited CD box sets and coffee table books on the group’s history. Around me I heard the clipped sounds of German from both event staff (the residency is sponsored by Volkswagen) and from guests. It felt … comforting. This was the right place to see them.

At precisely 8:30 PM, the lights dimmed as a series of booms emanated from the speakers. Black and white pixilated figures danced on the screen hung before the stage. I slipped the 3-D glasses over my own and shut up. Suddenly, a Vocoder-distorted voice spilt the air: a railroad station departure announcement. The curtain dropped. Kraftwerk launched into “Trans-Europe Express.” The crowd erupted into cheers.

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Quality events for this weekend vol. 41

Friday, April 13th

Spring Semi-Formal: Get dressed up and ready for spring with Dream Tigers, Colin Bugbee (record release show), Orphan Legs and Party Boat. Also will be DJs in between bands and discounted entry for those who dress up!

Albany Music Coalition Launch Party Launch of the Albany Music Coalition with Michael Eck, Matthew Carefully, Tom McWatters and the Philo Beddoe band, also at Valentine’s.

Under Rager: The biggest under-21 party to hit the Armory with Kido, Rome Thrasher, Trumastr and more. No alcohol will be served at this event regardless of being over 21.

Saturday, April 14th

Titanic – 100th Anniversary Cruise with Heady Pro Taking place on the J.P. Morgan II is a very stacked bill featuring Titanics, Prima, Around the World and Back, Babe City, Carl Daniels, DJ Kiddo, Despereaux, Just The Sauce, Mr. Kissner, Lazerbass, Dayo and more. After party featuring Party With Tina, Kloud9, Trumastr and Voodoo Runner.

Spring Bass w/ Flinch at the Putnam Den On multiple stages, you can check out Flinch (of Smog, Trouble & Bass) and a handful of other local DJs, including Party With Tina.

6th Annual Social Action Conference Full day of workshops, discussions and panels focusing on social justice, at SUNY.

Albany Center Gallery’s 35th Anniversary ACG celebrates its 35th Anniversary, in addition to hosting the first Graphic Design Regional, featuring local designers.

Sunday, April 15th

2012 Albany Word Fest – Founder’s Reading at McGeary’s. This event kicks off the annual Word Fest week-long celebration of local poetry (KC read at this event last year) and you can check out the full schedule here.

S.I.N. (Service Industry Night) at McGeary’s with DJ Trumastr.

Anything we missed this weekend, leave it in the comments!


Rosary Beard to Debut New Album May 4th

Photo by Laura Harris

Rosary Beard, comprised of Albany’s own Matthew Loiacono and Hunter Sagehorn (of Matthew Carefully and Alta Mira, respectably), will be presenting their debut album Halfmoon Fever on Friday May 4th at the Steamer 10 Theatre in Albany.

Rosary Beard is an instrumental acoustic guitar duo and have been writing highly-detailed, emotive compositions since January 2010. I’ve given their album several listens at work and found it to be excellent for the office environment. I also have total faith that Rosary Beard in the live setting is a completely different experience – in a good way – than it is as a calming soundtrack at my job.

Additionally, the album itself was recorded completely live, with no overdubs, over the course of this past year at a historic ballroom in Troy, by Ian White of Swordpaw. The record was mixed by Troy Pohl (The Kamikaze Hearts, producer of Sean Rowe’s Magic LP) and then was mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering in Brooklyn.

Lots of care went into making this album and it makes for an intelligent, interesting and creative take on guitar-based instrumentals, while remaining whimsical and not boring at all. (For those of you who feel like you absolutely “need” lyrics to enjoy music, Rosary Beard will likely prove you wrong).

The album officially comes out on June 5th, and May 4th will be a special opportunity for locals to hear it first.

The Steamer no. 10 Theatre is located at 500 Western Avenue, and I, for one, have never been there before, and am excited to check out what the venue is all about. (Consider this a perfect break in routine from seeing shows at Valentine’s, Bogies, or other commonly frequented spots in Albany).

Opening the night will be Northampton, MA-based indie-pop band Winterpills.

Tickets are available at the door ($13) and in advance ($15) by calling 518-438-5503.

Price Chopper to demolish St. Patricks Church in Watervliet

From the Troy Record:

We are sensitive to the role that St. Patrick’s Church has played in this community and are aware of initial public reaction to its purchase and demolition by Nigro Cos.,” Price Chopper CEO and President Jerel Golub said in a statement. “As such, we plan to be a participant in the larger public process and will address all questions and concerns relative to our proposed new store.”

The new store, if approved, would be about 40,200 square feet and located between 19th and 23rd streets, and 5th and 6th avenues. Along with the proposed demolition of the church, a former school and multiple row houses would also be demolished.

Imagine if they opened the small market style grocer that Fresh Market so desperately tries to do (but fails miserably) in the building that’s already there? That would be an awesome addition to the area and would definitely be a novel place to get your food. What a shame.