Recap: The Lemonheads at Northern Lights

Guests at Northern Lights last week jumped at the opportunity to spend some time in what felt and sounded like a movie from the 90s, starring the Lemonheads.

Clifton Park was among the 50 added US dates to the extended “It’s A Shame About Ray” tour dedicated to playing the 1992 hit record of the same name. The Lemonheads were first formed in 1986 by Evan Dando, and Dando remains the band’s only original member in its modern form.

Local power-pop rock trio Charlie Watts Riots were among the opening acts. A female-led trio that I failed to catch the name of (replacing the Shining Twins on the bill) played prior to the Lemonheads. The lead singer looked a lot like a girl I went to high school and their music fit into the night, playing grungy, mellow rock with sultry vocals beneath a sea of too-bright lights.

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Quality events for this weekend vol. 32

Friday, February 20th

Existing Artists Show, Schenectady [fbook]

Erin Harkes and Blaze at Gaffney’s, Saratoga [fbook]

OUR PARTY! OUTPOST1: Trumastr, Party With Tina, Looney and Knomad [fbook]

Saturday, February 21st

Movie Night and Bike Rack Fundraiser, X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery, Troy [fbook]

Bassland at Northern Lights [fbook]

Plug In Stereo, Valentines [fbook]

SPAM Burlesque, Valentines [via]

Comic Syndrome, Savannah’s [fbook]

Sunday, February 22nd

Service Industry Night w/DJ Trumastr, McGearys [fbook]

SOPA and PIPA will destroy the internet as we know it.

Many of you are aware of what’s going on with SOPA/PIPA. If not you can get educated on reddit, on wikipedia and on google.

The long and short is that copyright holders such as the MPAA/RIAA want to be able to take down websites and content they claim to own without any due process whatsoever. The issue with this is they are notorious for abusing the tools they already have and taking down content and sites that aren’t hosting any content that belongs to them because they are threatened simply by the existence of the site. They will have free reign to destroy the internet as we know it.

Hidden Gem: Bake For You

After two decades of living in the Capital Region, discovering new things has remained at the top of my priorities list over the years. Time and time again, I find that the truth of the matter is that there is much left to discover and experience in our city. Last week, breaking up a seemingly dull work week in the dead cold of “winter, was the discovery of the kitchen of Linda Kindlon and Bake For You, hidden under a church building overlooking Washington Park.

When Linda e-mailed us asking if we’d be interested in doing a taste test, it was hard not to reply with a one-word-all-capital-letters-email-saying-yes back.

The gist of what Linda does is simple enough: she is a baker and she bakes. But the bigger picture is that even just one week later, and I’m still talking about her baked goods to my friends. And so are her clients, which include the Irongate Cafe, Hudson River Coffee House, the Daily Grind, Bonobo Cafe, Andys Imports, and Bob and Ron’s Fish Fry to name a few.

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Interestingness in the local news vol 41

new yorkers oppose another dumb convention center [tr]

300 year old skull of a 50 year old woman was found in the foundation of a house near albany [tu]

albany starting a knock off, harder to understand version of nyc’s restaurant inspections [tu]

missing teen from east greenbush returns home after two weeks [tr]

someone was throwing things off the i890 overpass onto cars [ynn]

apd finds any reason to arrest that guy who was impersonating cops (and showing up before them to scenes) [ynn]

911 tapes and surveillance released from the golds gym rage-then-die incident [ynn]

shen terminates relationship with planned parenthood for sex ed [ynn]

Andrew’s Music Monday: MLK Edition

Here’s a few tunes to either get you through working on a national holiday, or for you to enjoy when eating brunch in your house after waking up at noon.

First we’ve got DJ Sliink’s new podcast for Folklore. Sliink is a DJ from Newark who is deeply entrenched in the Jersey Club scene and is extremely prolific. You’ll definitely hear a few tracks you know on this. It’s really, really good.

Up next we’ve got OUTPOST1 friend and previous performer, MikeQ in the mix (starting at the 46 minute mark) for The Boomcast. A great seamless mix.

Bonus rounds:
L Vis 1990 on BBC Radio 1
Rick Ross ‘Rich Forever’ Mixtape

Coming Soon: The Albany Distilling Company

After getting two bottles of local spirits; Core Vodka (distilled in Valatie) and Greylock Gin (distilled in Great Barrington, Massachusetts), it reminded me of the Albany Distellery that’s poised to open soon. Upon digging, this caught my eye:

The distillery will start by making unaged, or white, whiskey, with the first run available for retail sale sometime between late January and St. Patrick’s Day

While I’m sure that the “late January” date is a best-of type of scenario, St. Patrick’s day isn’t that far away. I’m really excited to see this place open, let alone “test” their product. Albany doesn’t have too many production facilities to call it’s own (even less with “Albany” in the name), so I’m very excited to be getting another, especially one that produces whiskey.

photo lifted from their facebook

Here’s the original post (with actual information) by Steve Barnes. Also, ‘like’ their fbook page: