OVER: Ticket Giveaway: Brenmar & gLAdiator at the Putnam Den, 10/6

It’s that time again! Last week at the Putnam Den with Andy Petr and the rest of the gang was awesome. I’m pumped to see Brenmar and gLAdiator this week! Big up to Skidisco for getting this show together!

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To win tickets:

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I’ll do the drawing tomorrow around noon and pick a commenter at random — keep watch!

OVER: Ticket giveaway: Wye Oak, Hilly Eye and the Red Lions

Karma is going around town. What? You haven’t seen her? Strange, she calls me all the time. I’ll tell her to call you. While you wait you should know this: 90.9FM WCDB in conjunction with B3nson Records present Wye Oak with Hilly Eye (Amy from Titus Andronicus) and The Red Lions this Wednesday, October 5th upstairs at Valentine’s. Door open at 7:00, show starts at 8:00.

Wye Oak covers The Kinks at the A.V. Club

Keep Albany Boring has one pair of tickets to give away. All you have to do is make sure you “like” WCDB on Facebook, and perhaps us too to be nice, on Facebook, (or hey, maybe even our new tumblr), and comment below displaying the Desire to Acquire. We will put the names in a random generator online to pick the winner.

Music Monday: Knomad edition

Here’s a dose of some past, present and future action courtesy of your elusive friend knomad.

First up, a dose of the past to educate you on the future. OUTPOST1 headliner Dave Q has been a busy man this month in NYC, repping the sounds of juke, reggae, dubstep and beyond. Most notably was a one night return to stage for Dubwar. Understanding the “not to miss” factor here, I was in attendance. If you weren’t, luckily Percussion Lab was on the scene recording and streaming, and we all get to thank them for this little gem:

Next up is the present. Hot off the wire today, we’ve got a free EP from Mosca in honor of his 5000th twitter follower. On a bit of a different tip for him, but it’s free so support the producers giving it up for nothing. Download here.

Finally, a little teaser for the future. One of my favorite DJs hands down is a man they call MA1. While his production catalog is limited, everything that the man releases is clean, glossy and produced to keep your ass moving during that peak time. I’ve been waiting on this EP for ages (release date is 10/18), and to wet my pallette more, Deep Teknologi Records dropped these teasers on Soundcloud around 2 months ago. Bonus: DJ MA1 is on RinseFM Saturdays 2-4PM EST (3-5PM once daylight savings hits us).

MA1 – Elektron by Deep Teknologi Records

You can check out the other 3 tracks on his soundcloud here.

Mash-up recap: Primus at the Palace

Primus played at the Palace Theatre this past Tuesday to a sold out audience and we decided to compile a dual review — one from virgin ears (myself) and one from a seasoned (and slightly obsessed) listener, Charlie Vella.

The result is just as nerdy as the show itself was. Check ‘em both out beneath the jump!

All photos courtesy of Keith Foote and JamForums

From Charlie:

On Tuesday, I went with my friend Skinny to the Primus show at the Palace Theatre in downtown Albany. Primus, for those of you who aren’t familiar, Primus is a funk/thrash/jam band that has a pretty strong cult following. Here’s a really dorky blog post I wrote about them last summer. Fronted by bass virtuoso Les Claypool, Primus has recently released their first album in 11 years. I’ll get to that in a bit.

Les Claypool has a way about him that really captures the hearts of nerds across America. I think it’s something along the lines of his inability to give a fuck about anything at all in the entire world. That, and his godlike ability to slap out the raunchiest grooves known to man. Droves of nerds flocked to the sold out show (myself included), most of them older guys equipped with band tees and scruffy beards. Vibes were overwhelmingly positive before the show, with strangers saying hi to one another and not throwing a douche-fit when someone accidentally bumped into them from behind.

Continue reading…

Tonight at the Arts Center: Rinus Van Alebeek and Ezramo

Tonight, The Arts Center in Troy has a neat sounding performance going on from two electronic music artists from Berlin.

From their blurb:

The Arts Center is pleased to welcome Rinus Van Alebeek and Allessandra “Ezramo” Eramo, two Berlin based artists who both focus on sonic installation and composition. Thursday night’s performance will be feature a solo performance from both artists. Both Rinus and Ezramo will be working in residence for this week in preparation for Thursday’s performance.

You can read more about the performance on Harvest Works, or check the official post on The Arts Center’s Blog.

Review: J.Cole — Cole World: The Sideline Story

Usually my reviews are long and detailed but since I have a terrible cold I will keep it short.

This J.Cole album is too fucking long and needs to be shortened, this ain’t the 90′s nigga. Who the fuck puts out an album with 19 tracks this shit ain’t no double album. However this is a cohesive album that is good. It has all the ingredients for the bitches to love: the usual bitching about being rich and insecure and how bad life is when you’re getting quality grade A vagina. This album is similar to Kanye West’s first album but way worse. So shout out to J.Cole, The Poor Man’s Drake, for putting out a “good” album.

3.3 out of 5

Interestingness in the local news vol 35

intel and ibm building $4b complex at ualbany [TU]

el loco is for sale [TU]

ppl real mad about sneaky petes wanting to come to north albany, dont pearl st my broadway [TU]

burrito joes opening uptown [TU]

dudes busted with 10+ lbs of weeeeed [tr]

cuomo signs law restricting protests at military funerals [st]

dude suicided himself at the st peters parking garage [tr]

dude drives into troy store by accident, oopsie [ynn]

albany releases gun violence statistics [TU]

19 year old kid who was found facedown in a stream had zero drugs in his body [TU]