Quality events for this weekend vol. 124

Friday March 14

Outstanding Upstate at The Foundry: Visiting artist series featuring the work of Brian Cirmo, Abraham Ferraro and Robert Gullie.

FUNK at the Low Beat: Fantastic idea for a fun party at the Low Beat.

Saturday March 15

St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Albany: Kicks off from Quail and Central at 2pm!

Born Low Record Release at Bogie’s: With Incendiary, King Nine, Enforcers, Aggressive Response, and Trife Life. Going to be a ripper of a show.

Rival Galaxies, Secret Release and Birthday Boy Wes Stannard at the Low Beat:

EIGHTIES at the Low Beat: The best 80s night around.

Bing Bamboo Room Burlesque at Red Square: Beware the Ides of March themed nudity.

Sunday March 16

Maggot Brain, Hive Smasher, Bleak, Start the Reactor at the Low Beat: Another ripper of a show.

Expiation at Opalka Gallery: Including panel discussion and reception.

Juicy J at the UCH: Turn up.

All Weekend

The Book of Mormon at Proctors: Awesome show if you’re lucky enough to have tickets, or win the ticket lottery.

The NYS Museum: Bunch of great exhibits and it’s right in your back yard.

The Great Muppet Caper, Muppets Take Manhattan, Airplane, Edward Scissorhands, Planes Trains & Automobiles at the Madison Theater: Only five bucks!

Day trip to MASS MoCA: Just go.

Ticket Giveaway: Born Low at Bogies


This Saturday, March 15th, marks Born Low‘s official record release show for their latest LP, titled Refuse to Beg. Born Low will be joined by Incendiary, King Nine, Enforcers, Aggressive Response, and Trife Life, bringing together a truly stacked bill to Bogies in celebration of the new album and to break up this winter’s wearisome routine. For those who’d like to do their homework and get a listen in prior to the show, the album is available digitally via Reaper Records. Tickets for this show will be available at the door on Saturday and doors will be at 7pm.

Courtesy of the gentlemen of Born Low, we have a pair of tickets to giveaway. Hit the jump to enter!

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Review: Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra


There has been very little “independence” in the world of “indie rock” in recent years. What was once a culture to be proud of (when bands such as Built to Spill, Slint and Pavement trail-blazed for the genre in the early 90’s) has since become a cesspool of overly saccharine, saturated with reverb, trust fund baby bands.

On the surface, this may not seem like a big deal, however, who will be the voices for this generation of musicians? Luckily, Efrim Menuck and Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra show that it is still “cool” to say “F*** Off” to the establishment. While the collective’s new album, F*** Off, Get Free, We Pour Light On Everything, may seem apocalyptic, in the end there is a whisper of hope-whether we choose to listen or not.

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Takk House

Takk House: 55 3rd St, Troy

Not too long ago, there was an unusual real estate listing going around for a place in Troy called Half Moon Hall. This space had a bowling alley, a big gym, and a grip of other unusual features for an unassuming space on 3rd street. As it happens, a friend of mine, Heidi Benjamin and her partner Frank Sicari have purchased the space and have big plans. They’re setting it up to be a rental space for all sorts of functions such as weddings, parties, shows, and beyond.

Check the official Takk House website for more details, and the be sure to read the announcement on Heidi’s website. I can’t wait to see what they come up with and I especially can’t wait to check the space out!