Woz at GlobalFoundries

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This past Thursday, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak visited GlobalFoundries to talk about the future of Tech Valley, along side Peter Schultz, Daniel Pickett, and John Cavalier.

There was a ton of great discussion of what’s happening in this area and what needs to happen to keep things going and make Tech Valley become a big competitive force. There was a lot of focus on infrastructure being improved to keep up with the innovation as well as discussion of the importance of proximity of schools to technology company campuses. The most important to me, was the big stress on further educating employees by letting them work on their personal projects after work, with resources paid for by the companies.

InnovationTrail has a great article of 5 tips that Woz thinks Albany needs to thrive. Business week talks about the importance of venture capital firms to success of the area. Also, the BusinessReview has a great recap of the event as well.

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This Thursday: Metroland & Sea Party Cruise with Eastbound Jesus

This Thursday, the Metroland is throwing party, on a boat, with Eastbound Jesus. There’s not too much more to add except this is better than your current plans for Thursday, and you should not be be a hermit, and come party on a boat. They will be featuring Adirondack Dirty Blonde Ale and Adirondack Beavertail Brown Ale on draft and will also will have Adirondack Bear Naked Ale in bottles. There’s also going to be giveaways throughout the night.

You can check out what to expect by checking out a gallery from another Dutch Apple party cruise right here on KAB.

There are very few tickets left which you can get here. $10 presale, or $15 day-of. Boarding is at 6:30 and the cruise is from 7-10. The last one was super fun and I will be on the boat with a camera. Say hello, I’ll have KAB stickers!

New Spot Review: The Flying Chicken

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A few weeks ago, a new soul food spot opened up on Fourth Street in Troy, called The Flying Chicken. The space, in it’s former life, was a pizza spot, that was directly across the street from two others. The guys at The Flying Chicken turned the place inside out and gave it a huge makeover. The inside is gorgeous and totally looks like you’re in a homely restaurant in the South. There’s also a pinball machine and an arcade game tucked away for you to play while waiting for your food, or after you’re done eating.

Onto the food. Many of you may know I am strongly vegan-leaning, so I brought the omnivorous girlfriend, Ruth, along to help out with the review.

I got the two vegan things on the menu, the collards and the rice and bean bowl. I love collards and these were no exception. They tasted even better because I didn’t have to cook them. The rice and beans was great too and I’m not usually a big fan. Not to mention there was a ton of different hot sauces to try which made it even tastier. It’s rare for me to come across a hot sauce I haven’t tried and there was two here. Victory. Also, there’s a ton more vegetarian options if you’re in that spectrum. Mac and cheese, deep fried grits, etc. There’s surprisingly a lot of options for the veggie crowd. Check the photo of the menu in the gallery. Oh, and they have 20+ flavors of Day’s soda; I got watermelon and it went perfect with the food.

Ruth got a whole gamut of treats. Thigh, drumstick, mac and cheese, hushpuppies, deep fried grits, and a biscuit. She loved the chicken and ate both pieces right away and then moved onto all the other treats. She’s not usually into grits because of the texture but once they were deep fried, they passed the test. Also the hushpuppies went over really well too. A resounding A+ for The Flying Chicken from Ruth.

Also worth noting, there was a guy who stopped in and after a few bites told Ian at the counter “Looks like I’ve got a new spot, this is delicious”.

The Flying Chicken is located at 122 4th Street in Troy and is open 11:30am to Midnight Sunday through Thursday, and 11:30am to 2:30am Friday and Saturday.

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RestFest 2012: Photos and Recap

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So, it’s quite possibly the worst Monday of the year; the one where you’re back at work and RestFest is officially over. I was unfortunately able to make it to the festival only on Friday, because of work. But even on the first day, everything was working perfectly and seeing The Kamikaze Hearts was incredible.

St. Joesph’s church was decked out top to bottom and even though there was a ton of people and amenities, the size of the building allowed people to hang back on the pews and not be crammed in up by the stage. The merch space was really great and really entertaining to browse and see what all the bands had to offer. And I can’t not mention The Kamikaze Hearts selling their album on a silk-screened metal USB drive that doubles as a bottle opened. Really an awesome idea, especially that computers aren’t even shipping with CD drives anymore.

The sound was great, the lighting really made the church look amazing and the food available was cheap and delicious. It was pretty awesome to be able to get a Hennepin and vegan zucchini bread in an old church while seeing amazing bands.

If you missed this years show, you truly did miss out. Pay attention if there is a RestFest next year and attend it. It’s way too awesome to miss.

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KAB Interview: Sean Rowe

As mentioned previously, Sean Rowe is playing his CD release show for his new album The Salesman and the Shark, out on Anti Records tomorrow at Valentine’s with the always amazing Railbird. It’s a guaranteed good time.

To celebrate, we’ve got a proper interview with the man himself, and Sean was kind enough to answer a few questions we had for him.

KAB: You’ve been creating music for quite some time, how do you remain inspired?
SR: I wake up and take a walk outside. Sometimes that does the trick. I listen to a lot of records. Old blues, 50’s 60’s soul. New stuff too although a lot that I hear coming out in the mainstream makes me yawn a little.

KAB: Do you have other, non-musical, creative outlets?
SR: Yes, I hit people. No, not really but I do forage for wild food when I can. This summer has been not so hot for wild fruits and vegetables. The severe drought has shriveled a whole lot out here in the northeast.

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Quality events for this weekend vol. 58

Friday September 7th

Keep Albany Boring radio (6-8pm) Looney (8-10pm) and Lo-Fi Lobo (10pm-12am). Tune in 90.9fm or via WCDBFM.com

Restoration Festival. Three days of music in the most gorgeous venue in Albany. Check out the Guide To RestFest right here and get familiar! Sharon Van Etten, Mount Eerie, The Kamikaze Hearts, Willy Mason, The Loom, Brian Dewan and tons more.

First Friday Albany: All sorts of goodies everywhere. Go do the tour while the weather is still good! There’s Japanese Influence: Layer and Line at the ACG, Pop Up Gallery 1 at the Linda, among many others.

Labor Day Parade at the Corning Preserve Amphitheater. Starts at the State Capitol, and heads down to the amphitheater and ends with some fireworks.

Math the Band, Life in Vacuum, The Black Ships, Kevin Greenspon, Sun Burdens at Ground Zero. First show of the semester at the RPI run venue. Free coffee and tea.

“Just-in” Time for Friday with DJ Truemastr at Justin’s. After First Friday or RestFest head up to Justin’s and get loose.

Saturday September 8th

Restoration Festival. Three days of music in the most gorgeous venue in Albany. Check out the Guide To RestFest right here and get familiar! Sharon Van Etten, Mount Eerie, The Kamikaze Hearts, Willy Mason, The Loom, Brian Dewan and tons more.

Designing for the Arts: Oberlander Group at The Foundry for Art Design + Culture. Highlighting 25 years of work by renowned graphic design firm Oberlander Group.

Cyclocross Clinic with professional cyclist Aleksandra Mooradian: Get ready for this season of the best sport there is in cycling.

Molly Nilsson and Sunburdens and 51 3rd Street: Potluck dinner start an hour before the show, eat up, drink up and dance the night away!

Sean Rowe with Railbird at Valentine’s: Two local powerhouses. Really a show not to be missed.

Skat-urday, Back-to-School Ska Show at the HRCH: With the Knee Benders, Nine Votes Short, Drew and the Grand Spectacular and the Safety Nets.

Sunday September 9th

Restoration Festival. Three days of music in the most gorgeous venue in Albany. Check out the Guide To RestFest right here and get familiar! Sharon Van Etten, Mount Eerie, The Kamikaze Hearts, Willy Mason, The Loom, Brian Dewan and tons more.

2 for 1s and 1s and 2s at McGeary’s with DJ Trumastr. Special guest DJ Tall Ass Matt will be in the house. 2 for 1 drinks and a big patio!