Japanther, Dezmatic & Grizzly Grimace, Dead Friend: Photo Gallery & Recap

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Last night at Valentine’s was really awesome. Dead Friend played a great mix of electronic ambient sounds with all sorts of sequencers and drum machines. It was really interesting stuff and it was crazy to see how many layers of sound two people could make. After them, Get Vicious, who is Dezmatic, Grimace, and Tall Ass Matt as the DJ. These two frontmen were loud, charismatic and talented. There’s a lot of talent in the Albany rap scene, no question.

Closing out the night was of course Japanther. They sang through pay-phone handsets converted into microphones and got the whole crowd dancing. They were playing on top of backing tracks, being played through a stereo receiver, which is weird but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by anything two former art school kids do.

It was really awesome to see two totally different scenes coming together for this weird line-up of a show but it worked really awesomely. I hope stuff like this continues to happen!

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Groundbreaking ceremony set for the new Honest Weight Food Co-op

Honest Weight is set to celebrate the construction of their new store at 10:30am on Tuesday, August 14th, at the new stores location (100 Watervliew Ave for the uninformed). The celebration however, will be taking place later that day, from 12-5 at the current store. There will be music, vendors, ice cream and other goodies to celebrate the beginning of the long road to a new store.

Really excited to see this finally happening and I’m still not going to be driving to Wolf Road for any reason, let alone once a week for groceries from a chain store. This new store is going to be huge and seem enormous to the co-op everyone’s used to.

Tonight at Valentine’s: Japanther, Dezmatic & Grizzly Grimace, Dead Friend

Tonight at Valentine’s is going to be awesome. Brooklyn-based Japanther, who’s no stranger to Albany, will be headlining. If for some reason you’re not familiar, you can get acquainted below.

Dezmatic, a local Albany rapper on Pig Food Records will also be performing alongside Grizzly Grimace, also of Pig Food Records. If you missed it, we covered a mixtape by Dezmatic and Dood Computer, titled Eric. Highly suggested you check these guys out if you have even the slightest interest in hip-hop.

Last on the bill, is the obscure Albany-based Dead Friend, which is Andrew Sullivan, and Phil Pascuzzo, drummer of Scientific Maps. You can check them out below for a hint of what to expect at tonight’s show.

Expect a gallery form the show tomorrow.

Knomad’s Music Monday: Mixtape Edition

Our friend knomad‘s been busy these days maintaining the website behind the monthly party that himself and bassfaced.com curate down at (le) poisson rouge in Manhattan. Be sure to add their site, on.the.sly, to your bookmarks bar for features on art in the street and the gallery alike, tracks and mixes from up-and-coming DJs and producers and for information on upcoming events.

Their next edition of on.the.sly is next Thursday, August 16th with Lil Jabba, Jaw Jam, Tony Quattro, Copout and knomad. RSVP here.

For this edition of Music Monday, knomad put together a a While You Were Sleeping round-up of mixes from a variety of artists sure to get you through the rest of your work week. Especially note the grime mix from Visionist.

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LarkFEST 2012 line-up announced

This year marks the 31st annual LarkFEST and will be taking place on Saturday, September 15.

Today, the Lark Street BID and WEXT announced the following music schedule and bands, with more to come:

Madison Stage (Lark & Madison): Headband Jack, The City Never Sleeps, The Sevendys, MaryLeigh & the Fauves, Jukebox the Ghost

Washington Stage (Lark & Washington): Dirty Paris, Northern Faces, Erin Harkes, Lucky Jukebox Brigade, Graham Alexander

Alongside National Grid and Heineken, there’s a good amount of actual local sponsors, such as Bombers and Avid. Additionally, the Silent Disco will also be making its return, as will the necessary slew of local vendors. Also, there is no outside alcohol, coolers or pets allowed.

Read the full report at larkstreet.org.

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