It’s that time: Best of 2011 Lists

Oh it’s that time again. Every blog, website, publication and whatever else is publishing their “best of” lists. It can get a little overwhelming, but I always like checking them out to make sure I didn’t miss anything and then if I did, I can rectify my oversight.

From the local scene: (This well is quite dry)

Here’s a bunch of non-local lists worth checking out, too.

I’m sure I’m just scratching the surface with these, leave a comment if I’ve missed something and I’ll add it in, especially if it’s local.

KAB: Worst-of 2011 Reader Poll

And here it finally is. We talked about this on twitter a while back and I wanted to wait until the year was almost over before doing this, as to not exclude any relavant or pertinent entries from being crowned “worst of”.

Since every comment section of every blog is always someone pissing and moaning about how miserable whatever the article was talking about was/is, here’s your chance to actually contribute!

Hit the jump to reveal the survey, results will be posted promptly in 2012.

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Ticket Giveaway: Wu-Tang at Northern Lights

Thanks to Step Up Presents, we’ve got more tickets for ya! Saturday (12/17) at Northern Lights is fucking WU-TANG, as well as Mirk, Dem White Boys and DJ Playground. We have TWO pairs to give away!

To enter: Just leave a comment on this post!

Common sense: When commenting, use an email that goes to your phone or put your phone number in that box (I’ll text you), I gotta be able to let you know if you’ve won otherwise someone else will be getting your tickets. Don’t enter if you can’t go, etc.

The contest will end Friday at 3pm, so if you’ve entered check your email (or phone) around then! Good luck!

OTS x OP1: Interview with MYRRYRS

Greetings party people! It’s nearing that time again and this edition of on the sly and OUTPOST1 are bringing the common denominator of a producer hailing by way of Tennessee, MYRRYRS. MYRRYRS will be playing TONIGHT at (le) poisson rouge alongside Tony Goods, Kuhn and resident knomad – and FRIDAY at the Fuze Box alongside residents Looney, Party With Tina and knomad. As per usual, Friday between 6-10pm, we’ll be on air 6-10pm at WCDB 90.9fm for OUTPOST1 takeover. Woot!

photo courtesy of myrryrs

MYRRYRS, of Body High, B.YRSLF and Discobelle, is an American producer raised on house, techno, and drum and bass. He has set each genre and the barriers they create, aside. Rather than drawing influence from the producers of his musical upbringing, MYRRYRS peers deep within the happenings of the late 90’s rave scene, 80’s B films, sci-fi fantasy, and cult imagery. Get a taste here.

knomad & myself on the interview duties below the jump!

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WCDB x KAB interview: Trapped Under Ice

If you’ve ever been to WCDB, then you have something in common with the guys in Trapped Under Ice, who visited the station a couple weeks back. TUI came upstate for the annual Rat-A-Tat tattoo and music expo, hosted at Northern Lights by Upstate Black N Blue. The event happened over the course of an entire weekend with this year’s headliners Sick Of It All and Trapped Under Ice on Saturday and Sunday respectably, alongside 25 other hardcore outfits, both locally-based and spanning the Northeast.

photo by andrew franciosa, trapped under ice at the shelter skatepark in 2009

I unfortunately didn’t make either day of shows – but I did participate in the following interview via text message.. And I will say I have listened to TUI’s latest album, Big Kiss Goodnight , in its entirety, pretty much weekly since it was released back in October, which probably qualifies a slot in my own personal and imaginary “best of” 2k11 list – and that must count for something.

Thanks out to the guys in TUI, Danielle Mallon, John Torn, Gabby McGowan, Tobias Pettinelli and other WCDB fam for helping with the interview and asking me to assist with it from afar. You can listen to the interview in its uncut entirety here or you hit the jump to read what I transcribed. Paragraph breaks = new person talking.

Bonus: check out TUI’s Big Kiss Goodnight as you’re catching up in the best albums of the past year, regardless of whichever genre you normally seek out and be sure to keep WCDB locked during the week and on Friday’s 6-8pm for KAB radio. TUI also just released a new video for “Pleased To Meet You” which you can check out here.

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Recap: Animals As Leaders, BTBAM at Northern Lights

This past Friday, Step Up Presents brought the 2011 Saints & Sinners tour featuring Between The Buried And Me, Animals As Leaders and Tesseract to Northern Lights for a night of melodic debauchery much to the delight a packed, sweaty venue. The tour’s pit stop in Albany marked the second-to-last show in a 30+ day run, during which Animals As Leaders released their sophomore album, Weightless.

photo by kc orcutt

Tesserect, BTBAM and Animals As Leaders made for a complimentary show billing – although I did just catch the tail end of Tesserect kicking off the evening. Tesserect was followed by Animals As Leaders who stirred up a progressive melting pot of an influx of metal-based instrumentals with BTBAM turning up the heat and consequential aggression as headliners.

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One Large Year With Room For Cream

Last year, on a day much like today, the snow sifted to the ground like powdered sugar, the thin jacket, in hindsight, too thin, and the canned brisk air just unlatched and untucked from a night’s confinement, I stumbled, on my way to class, grumbling across the disrespected and disgruntled land bridge known as the “College Ghetto” when I noticed heat and noise emitting from the cellar of the defunct mid-town Telephone Company.

With my shoes soaked, my socks spongy, and my class, not important anymore, I stepped cautiously up the iced-over stoop, through a glass door and back down some steps into what could be easily described as a dungeon. But it was warmer and softer, and full of characters like myself discouraged by winter’s struggles, nay, Albany’s winter struggle. As merely a face in the crowd, I couldn’t help but smile at the newly grounded microcosmic organization founder mere blocks from my doorstep: The Hudson River Coffee House.

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