Quality events for this weekend vol. 42

Friday, April 27

Masquerave Bring your own mask (or get one on site at the Armory) and check out a handful of local DJs and producers scattered over three stages including OUTPOST1 residents Party With Tina (12-1 at the Courtyard Stage), gLAditor, Kloud9 vs. Trevmunz, Static Groove, Lazer Bass, Kido, Trumastr and more. Full listing and set times available on Facebook.

Jem Cohen We Have An Anchor premiere at EMPAC featuring the likes of members of Fugazi, Dirty Three, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Silver Mt. Zion. Thanks to everyone who entered our ticket giveaway. Tickets are still available and the EMPAC-commissioned project of the documentary-based hybrid is set to go live at 8pm.

April Troy Critical Mass Ride Ride beginning at 6pm and meeting at 5:30 at Monument Square (Triangle) in Downtown Troy.

Comedy Gold Showcase 2nd of a monthly comedy installment taking place at Mine Nightclub in Saratoga. Kevin Marshall will be there.

Fourth Friday & Everything Classic Beat*Shot Music, Fuze Box and Avid Agencies present White Lotus, Nate Da Great and Trumastr spinning old school and classic hip hop, r&b, reggae, funk, etc. at the Fuze Box.

Saturday, April 28

Celebration of Life for Renee Capeless Local friend and intern at the Foundry for Art Design and Culture, Renee Capeless, passed away suddenly on March 20th. In honor of Renee, the Foundry will host a presentation of her artwork and there will be a performance piece at 7:30pm.

Show at HRCH Secret Release, Nelsonvillains, Super Hide will be playing at the Hudson River Coffee House at 8pm.

The Dance Convention Featuring Tall Ass Matt and DJ Trumastr at Quintessence. No cover and quality music all night long. Quintessence doubles as a diner by day and a really fun spot to go out and dance at night, check it out!

RISK! Live at the Linda with special guests the Charlie Watts Riots. RISK! is a live storytelling event featuring the tales of locals and is hosted by local performer Kevin Allison. Starts at 7:30pm.

Sunday, April 29

S.I.N. Service Industry Night at McGeary’s with Trumastr.

Anything else you’re up to this weekend, post as a comment!


RPI Pride Alliance’s reaction to RPI awarding an honorary degree to bigot Antonin Scalia

The RPI Price Alliance published a wordy reaction to the news that Antonin Scalia would be receiving a degree from the university at graduation. The guy is a devout Catholic, anti-abortion, anti-gay and basically just sucks as a whole.

The beliefs of Justice Scalia appear to be directly opposed to the goals and values of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as stated in the Rensselaer Plan as well as in the slogan “Why not change the world?” Although this statement has focused on issues relating to sexual orientation, we believe that there is evidence indicating that Justice Scalia routinely fails to acknowledge the ways in which marginalization is upheld and replicated within our society, and that many of his rulings regarding the rights of women and people of color to equal protections under the law reflect this. We feel that the decision to honor a man who has repeatedly expressed his belief that gender and sexual minorities should not be legally protected from discrimination, and who has no strong ties to science, technology or engineering, is incredibly damaging and harmful to the reputation of the Institute, as well as to individual members of the Rensselaer community.

There’s even an petition on to help get the message through to the wacky people at RPI who think this is a good idea.


Ticket Giveaway: Jem Cohen: We Have An Anchor, Friday at EMPAC

Our friends at EMPAC have a great show lined up and are generous enough to let us give away a pair of tickets! This show is Friday April 27th at 8pm. Read the blurbage below and hit the jump to enter the contest.

From the event listing:

Jem Cohen’s newest film project is a documentary-based, interdisciplinary hybrid built from footage he gathered in Nova Scotia over the past decade, coupled with live music and texts ranging from poems and folklore to mundane local newspaper fragments to scientific research. As an artist who has explored and deplored the disappearance of regional character brought on by corporate-driven homogeneity, the discovery of Cape Breton was a revelation for Jem, who describes it as a place as beautiful as any he has ever seen throughout his travels, but one that remains elusive and deeply “itself.”

This commissioned project, premiering here at EMPAC and featuring such stellar musicians as Guy Picciotto (Fugazi), Efrim Menuck (Founder, Godspeed You! Black Emperor), T. Griffin, Jim White (Dirty Three), Jessica Moss (Silver Mt. Zion), and Sophie Trudeau (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, SMZ), will be a visual and sonic exploration that primarily exists as a visceral evocation of place, and for someone known primarily as an urban filmmaker, a rare foray into intensive engagement with the natural landscape.

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First Look: Nº 12 Second, Troy

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Just walking around Troy earlier and I saw a sign inside the window for a building which advertises “Coming 2012, Wine Bar / Cafe”. Looking inside reveals a bunch of awesome exposed brick and a LOT of renovations taking place. Vic, the owner, sees me taking a few photos and invites me in.

It’s crazy to see the amount of enthusiasm Vic and Heather have for this building. Their website has a page dedicated to the History of 12 Second Street dating back to the 1790s. The interior is being created based on what they’re able to get locally, which includes booths from the Trojan Hotel, local Troy made bricks, as well as anything else they’re able to prevent from going into a landfill.

They’ve pulled out drop ceiling to discover gorgeous skylights, tore down walls to discover part of the building was an addition and one wall was originally the outside wall. They’re turning the space from the Lucas Confectionary (which went left this space in 1951) cooler into the wine cellar. It’s incredible.

You really need to head to their site and check their story, as well as their photo heavy blog posts from California Wine Country!

Best of luck with renovations and I can’t wait to see it finished, let alone enjoy a wine bar in Troy.

Hit the jump to see the full gallery.

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Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 9.02.34 PM

Wegmans reportedly interested in Tobin’s First Prize Center

Bunch of claims being made in the thread on reddit regarding Wegman’s entrance into our area, as well as this bizjournals article: Syracuse developer leases Tobin First Prize Center in Albany.

I’m an area sales manager for a DSD company. Rumors are true, plan on more than 1 store in this area.

And even adding more fuel to the fire:

Rumor comes and goes. The site would need a lot of cleanup and there are better places to site it. They considered putting the Home Depot that’s now at Westgate there.

And even from Daniel:

The rumor I heard for that spot was a Whole Foods. Although that seems less likely. Still, you never know.

Anyone know anything definitive? Do we really need more grocery stores?


Ticket Giveaway: Passion Pit at Northern Lights

As I’m sure you know, Step Up has been putting together some amazing shows for years all over the area. Today they are generous to give us a pair of tickets to give away to the Passion Pit show at Northern Lights, which is tomorrow, April 23rd!

Also on the bill is Brooklyn Based band Arms. Tickets at the door are $30 and the show starts at 7:30pm.

Hit the jump for the entry form. Winners will be picked Monday, 4/23, at noon.

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Review: The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods is a movie for both the horror buff and the casual viewer. While Scream turned the slasher genre on it’s head, Cabin in the Woods does this to literally every scary movie you’ve ever seen, and intelligently to boot. While it’s been advertised and hyped as a traditional horror movie, that was a lie. Yes, five college-ish aged kids venture into the woods with a keg to have sexy times and maybe have that cute redhead show her nipples to the cold mountain air. And yes, shit starts to get creepy. But then the movie’s second act takes a hard right into Weirdville, and that’s where it starts to get really, really fun. By the third act the film truly flies off the handle, and it become as close to a carnival ride as you get without actually having to make eye contact with a carnie.

It confronts every cliché you’ve ever seen- from the dumb blonde to Chekhov’s Gun, and gives not only reasoning, but justifies all of the mistakes horror movie characters make that have us react with “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT” every time. (My personal annoyance is the basement. Never go in there, and if you do, you’re dumb.)

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