Interestingness in the local news vol 55

Vermont based Northshire Bookstore considering opening another location in Saratoga.

Amtrak introduces e-ticketing, no need to print at the kiosk anymore.

Finnbar’s Pub in Troy is now opened. Looks really great inside.

Super Bowl trophy was on display in City Hall.

De Von Callicutt, who killed Richard Bailey after trying to rob him, is suing Albany police for $160,000. De Von is currently in ultra-maximum-security prison Southport Correctional Facility.

NYS is expanding their DNA database.

Troy officials looking for proposals for foreclosed properties.

Westerlo Mom kills son with hammer and lives with the body for a couple days.

NY stops giving unemployment checks to the deceased.

10 cars broken into Wednesday night in Washington Park.

Rosen building behind the Miss Albany Diner will be turned into 20ish apartments.

Why “trap” as a genre is as relevant as you make it

Last night a friend of mine, someone whose musical taste – although primarily indie rock based – I’ve never questioned, asked me for “my take on trap.”

He intended the question to be a compliment, knowing personally my history and hobby of writing about current music over the years. I took it as such, but realized, my answer wasn’t all that insightful. Without thinking much about it, I said something along the lines of: think of the phenomenon of brostep these days but apply it within the context of featuring southern rap tastes. That’s that. He said “ok.”

Trap can be aggressive lyrically, with booming 808’s and cutting snares, as well as a negotiable tempo and rhythm. The kick is in the bass, in that it’s often quite dramatic with the kick drum acting as the bass instrument. To simplify, think banging beats with an ignorant vocal glaze.

My first introduction to the term came during a college radio set my friend did about six months ago, during which, someone (whose musical taste I also respect) asked me for a track ID. The track in question had “trap instrumental” in the title. That’s as much as I can remember – besides also enjoying the track – but from there, I started noticing more and more the term being tossed around and people fixating on it as the ‘next thing.’

A couple of my best friends for example, have been sampling rap in their bass-driven DJing since the very beginning of their time as a DJ, because that’s what they’ve known best coming into the craft. Do I call either one a trap DJ? Definitely not.

Hearing people bastardize the sounds as the ‘it-genre’ of the moment is quite annoying and repetitive, all without gaining much new insight.

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RestFest 2012

Rest Fest is on it’s way, and if you don’t already know, it’s a music festival that takes place in historic St. Josephs Church in Albany. This year’s festival takes place on on Sept 7th, 8th and 9th.

The full lineup will be released on August 7th. They’ve been releasing details slowly and here’s what we’ve got so far:

Brian Dewan — Brian’s an artist who’s made cover artwork for David Byrne, They Might Be Giants and Neutral Milk Hotel. Dewan’s music is a solo effort with him playing the autoharp, electric zither, organ, and accordion. Brian’s sound is definitely a throwback, which many people will enjoy.

The Loom — Brooklyn based indie rock band. The Loom have played almost every major festival and have been touted as “the next big thing” by The New York Times. They incorporate a bunch of left-field instruments such as mandolin, French horn, banjo, ukelele among others.

Hop Along — Female fronted indie rock which is much more airy than most. I really love three pieces and this is no different. Front-woman Frances Quinlan has been in Albany a few times, but not too many with her full band. Also nuts their album was recorded over a two-year period.

Common Prayer — Another Brooklyn-based indie band. Quite relaxed and melodic, easy and fun to listen to. The BBC has called their album “one of the year-so-far’s most recommended under-the-radar releases.”

Mount Eerie — Washington-based lo-fi band. Sounds like Bon Iver with much less shrieking and many more harmonies.

The Kamikaze Hearts — Albany based porch-rock. They will be reuniting for this Rest Fest. You may recognize member Matthew Loiacono of Matthew Carefully and Rosary Beard. No bandcamp link, but they’ve got a bunch of videos on YouTube.

Let’s talk about Snoop Lion

When I first heard about Snoop Dogg’s recent announcement that he’d be changing his name to Snoop Lion and pursuing down the path towards a reggae album, my first reaction was admittedly a bit negative.

I kind of found the whole thing funny for some reason. Thinking that the dude doesn’t really need to give us any more evidence that he smokes a lot of weed and that Snoop Lion as a name just didn’t roll off the tongue just showcased my initial ignorance towards what Snoop is doing, embarrassingly enough.

In actuality, this career choice is about moving forward, moving away from his established role in rap and starting fresh towards a new (re)discovered passion. It’s not just a genre swap for one album; it’s a whole commitment towards a new persona and life path. We’ll learn to like the name change, because it’s not going anywhere. Snoop is as Snoop does. I’ve always respected that.

Vice Media has produced a feature-length film that share’s the aptly-titled album’s name, Reincarnated, which will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. The trailer for the film is what opened my eyes to what Snoop actually is doing and I absolutely can’t wait for the opportunity to see the film in full.

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Ticket Giveaway: Thieves, Suckerpunch, Far From Proper, Ship Me Overseas and The Ambulance Review

This coming Monday, St. Rose operated venue Jack’s Place will be hosting another rad pop-punk show featuring Austin natives Thieves alongside Suckerpunch, Far From Proper, Albany locals Ship Me Overseas and The Ambulance Review. Jack’s Place has been hosting a bunch of great shows as of late and if you haven’t made it out, you really owe yourself. Plus, it’s on a Monday, and you’re not doing anything else anyway.

Jack’s place has hooked us up with a pair of tickets to give away, so hit the jump for the entry form! Continue reading…

Marina & the Diamonds to play free show tomorrow at the Barge

London based Marina & the Diamonds will be playing a free show tomorrow, Tuesday July 31st at the Barge sometime between 12:30-1:30pm. This is really weird, considering I am just hearing of this now, and the fact that it’s taking place in the weirdest possible “venue” in Albany, at lunch time.

Here’s the weirdly vague event announcement and here’s where you can enter to win to meet Marina.

KC’s Music Monday: Weekend Recap and Dimensions Festival Vol. 2

Despite how the cards fell that I got to see NO quality music when I was in London recently, Brooklyn this past weekend helped mend my heartache and revive my faith back to a healthy level.

TURRBOTAX® and reconstrvct flew in top notch DJs and producers from the UK to help celebrate their third and first anniversaries, respectably. Friday night, TURRBOTAX® hosted Oneman, Ikonika, Jam City alongside residents Rem Koolhaus, Contakt, Space Jam, C-Sick and Mayster for their last soirée at the Cove, which was decked out with balloons for their birthday affair. There was also a cake (!) and, of course, that infamous green lazer. The night was how I’d like to spend my birthday every year, to say the least, and lucky for us, TURRBOTAX® delivers every single month. Stay tuned for updates on their new location and next event announcement as they kick off year four.

Saturday night, reconstrvct flew in Coki, Jay 5ive, V.I.V.E.K., Seven and Tunnidge from London, alongside JoeNice, Truenature, Nihal and Hahn Solo, for an all-night assortment of deep warehouse vibes, a proper system courtesy of the Tsunami Bass Experience and an enthusiastic crowd hailing from all over the friggen country. If you were there, then you know. And regardless if you missed it or made it, Reconstrvct will be back in one month’s time on August 25th so add that to your iCal and scope details here. If you book your MegaBus enough in advance, you can do the trip for under $10 round trip. Also heads up – the Albany MegaBus stop in NYC is changing its pick up location to 34th St between 11th Ave and 12th Aves as of August 1st.

Before I dive into a sea of embeds for today’s edition, I just wanted to say a proper thank you to all involved working to make TURRBOTAX® and reconstrvct well worth any amount of travel (lucky for us it’s just a quick bus ride away) time after time again. Also, a reminder to those reading this: fantastic music is lurking around every corner and people will help point you in the right direction if you seek it. That’s what we’re here for.

All that being said, here’s this weeks collection for your office soundtrack. Hit the jump!

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