Albany to ban live music (including DJs) after 2am

“If the city would just tell the police to enforce the existing laws they could deal with crowds and any other problems. They don’t need this new (permit),” Spillenger said. “This is just one more attempt to turn Albany into an extremely boring city.”

According to Steve Barnes, all 25 cabaret licences awarded to establishments on Thursday require businesses to end all live music by 2am, a standard for all future licences, according to City Clerk Nala Woodard.

This is the most roundabout way to make last call 2am. I don’t have any idea why it couldn’t be easier to just make last call earlier rather than making all of these convoluted bans that affect the artists playing in Albany. If Troy just keeps on going about their business as usual and not making these convoluted self-serving rules, I can see the draw of nightlife to the Collar City, especially for touring DJs or other late-night acts.

Albany Music Coalition, where you at?

Brent Green and Thom Kubli installations opening soon at EMPAC

There’s two installations opening on Monday, August 20th that have been developed on-site at EMPAC by artists Brent Green and Thom Kubli. Green’s installation premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and Kubli’s installation is not yet finished, so guests will be able to see the artist work on his pieces during the installation.

I definitely haven’t gotten out to EMPAC as often as I should in the past, but I’ going to be changing that soon and checking out these two exhibitions is the perfect place to start. Hopefully they top the Four Tet and Jon Hopkins show that they had last fall as EMPAC is sonically the best venue I’ve ever been in.

Also still showing until October 13th, is Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s exhibit Index. This exhibit features software based video presentation in conjunction with sculptures.

Here’s a video from a previous exhibition from Brent Green so you can get familiar with the artist before checking out his newest work.

Image courtesy of Brent Green.

Bacon Festival to be held September 2nd in Hudson

Bacon. Festival. Put together, those two words are enough to put bacon fanatics into some kind of weird bacon-fueled frenzy I’ll never fully understand.

I’m by no means a hater – I’ll indulge in a practical serving at brunch occasionally – but I can’t help but question cultural motives of people who freak out about bacon, similar to this Death & Taxes article titled, “No one is actually obsessed with bacon.”

Regardless, bacon holds its rightful place high on the list of staple breakfast foods (and anytime, really) and upstate NY has deemed it worthy of its own festival. And it’s happening in Hudson, one of the quaintest towns in our area and always worth the drive.

This year’s festival, (whose press contact dubbed himself as the ‘token vegetarian’), is being held on September 2nd and tickets are available online here. Additionally, $1 from every ticket sold will be donated to the local food bank in hopes to raise awareness and help fund solving local hunger issues. Tickets are also very reasonably priced, and are currently only $8 in advance.

A festival wouldn’t be complete without music, and the Bacon Festival will feature local acts Rambin Jug Stompers, Red Haired Strangers, Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo Banned, the Lucky Jukebox Brigade, Eastbound Jesus and (of course) Unexplained Bacon.

As you can assume, the festival will feature vending of dishes, products and crafts, all themed around or featuring bacon.

You can find more information about the fest here.

Pro tip: Head over to their Facebook page for information on how to win 2 tickets tonight at the Empire State Food Festival taking place tonight in the Plaza.

Review: Mitochi’s “Cryptic Cosmic”

Sub-Bombin Records, based out of Glens Falls, has always kept it fresh. The local label has curated a catalog of sounds from artists that each fill their own side of the venn diagram, but also share a common ground rooted in originality, quality production and that necessary balance between hard work and talent.

For Sub-Bombin, quality is a key word to the label’s aesthetic. The imprint aims to preserve the physical allure to music; something that so often is lost in the digital landscape. Sub-Bombin recognizes that the digital format is necessary in today’s music marketplace but also pairs each release with a physical element, either in the form of a customized USB or pressed on wax.

For their latest release, Mitochi’s “Cryptic Cosmic,” the music comes by way of a special USB card, which showcases the album’s artwork and can safely fit in a wallet. The USB card is a move of the future and an interesting way to distribute music. It feels sleek to the touch and is honestly the first of its kind that I’ve ever seen. The USB drive for Mitochi’s first release also features two additional bonus tracks.

Mitochi, (phonetically mi-ta-chi), is the moniker behind Lake George native Derek Mitchell. Mitchell has a background learning the trumpet and guitar early on, and moved onto beat production in 2002 after humbly realizing his talent did not lay in writing rhymes in high school. Over the years, his music has become more experimental and his latest album, “Cryptic Cosmic” is an interesting result of conceptualizing and creating a futuristic dossier of tunes.

The record has a balance of ambient and downtempo instrumental pieces but also samples hip-hop flavors. It’s an album that you can listen to on repeat or on shuffle or both. The tracks are all different without losing the touch and taste of the artist along the way. For one example, there is notable sampling of a slowed down Mitochi take on Dead Prez’s “Bigger Than Hip Hop” on the track “The Unknown Deep.” I personally don’t have a favorite individual track and appreciate the work as a whole, which I find to be a bit rare these days.

The tracks hold substantial weight and have a peculiar sense of intellectualism painted over them while still managing to showcase a feel of danceability. The album is adaptive for listening while driving, working, reading or browsing the Internet. The music is laid-back in nature but is by no means boring or simple.

Preview a track below and check out Mitochi’s album for yourself over on Sub-Bombin’s recently revamped website.

Aficionado announces forthcoming 7″ release date and fall tour

Returning back to Albany after a couple of out-of-town shows alongside Braid and Owen this past weekend, Aficionado has announced the release date for their next 7″.

“Empty” will be released on September 25th on No Sleep Records and will feature a track of the same name with “The Slack” on the B-side.

Filter Magazine is featuring an exclusive stream of the single “Empty,” which you can preview here. You can also pre-order the 7″ here.

Aficionado also will be leaving the Capital Region for a fall tour hitting Rochester on their way out west. You can check out the details here.

The EP’s album art was done by flutist/vocalist Laura Carrozza.

Things moving along for brewery at St. Joe’s (updated)

The following was posted quite a bit ago on the Ravens Head Brewing facebook page:

The Ten Broeck Triangle website has looked for an application or meeting agenda and has come up dry. It could be in processing or tied up somewhere, but it seems as if there’s no big red lights for the brewery to repurpose the church.


Brennon Cleary, the president of Ravens Head Brewing shed some light on the subject and has told us that they’ve pulled permits and will be getting a September 12th or September 27th hearing.

There’s been a few rumblings at the purported lack of transparency with these dealings. I’m quite unfamiliar with the processes involved but for them to be posting updates publicly provides at least some level of transparency.