Celebrate ‘collective awesomeness’ at 40 Broadway, December 7th

Taken outside of the gallery, NYE 2010

Like many other local supporters of the independent and underground art and music scene would agree, 40 Broadway has a special and integral chapter all its own in our interpreted version of culture in Albany.

For those of you unfamiliar, 40 Broadway was the home to the Marketplace Gallery, which was owned by Samson Contompasis, where there were many curated art shows and other events, such as those in conjunction with Albany’s First Friday.

Back in 2010, for one example, Keep Albany Boring hosted a New Year’s Party alongside Deep Children, which you can reminisce about.

The current tenants of the space are moving out and Samson is up to his own art happenings and other projects at the moment, so this is a going away party as much as it is a celebration of the times had at the gallery. You could even potentially call this event the end of an era, but I really don’t want to.

It’s on December 7th at 40 Broadway, Suite 23. Expect art, our favorite local DJs, dancing, a bit of nostalgia and a toast to the next chapter, whatever that may be.

Check out full event information over on Facebook, where the event has been dubbed “a celebration of collective awesomeness,” which I couldn’t have worded better myself.

Railbird’s ‘Lucky’ EP out today

As we mentioned before, Railbird is one of our favorites bands, and it just so happens that they hail from Saratoga Springs and are currently rooted in Brooklyn.

We’ve been lucky in that we’ve caught them live recently and are also currently running a ticket giveaway for their EP release show this Friday at Valentine’s, courtesy of Dellarocca Booking. If you haven’t entered yet, do so now! We’ll pick a winner day-of the show.

Today marks the release of their EP, Lucky, which you can check out over on their Bandcamp.

Plus check out their recent in-studio interview they did with BreakThruRadio TV.

See you Friday!

Ticket Giveaway: Railbird EP release show at Valentine’s

Railbird is an experimental psychedelic pop band that simply rules. They are one of my favorite live acts to see, period and they are coming around these parts again soon.

Railbird, now based out of Brooklyn, is native to Saratoga Springs and most recently played in Albany back in September alongside Braids. It was awesome to hear some new material from them then and their upcoming show on Friday, November 30th is sure to be another dope delivery of their latest sounds.

Their new EP, Lucky, is set for release on November 27th. The single, “MIRRORs” off the EP is currently streaming over on MTV Hive.

Joining the show will be Sun Burdens and Hand Habits. Additionally, Andrew will be DJing between sets. Doors are at 8pm, show is at 8:30pm.

Dellarocca Booking was gracious enough to give us a pair of tickets to giveaway so without further adieu, hit the jump!

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Black Friday: If you’re gonna do it, do it local

My friend has brought up conversationally several times about how he’s excited for Black Friday. For the sole purpose of people-watching (specifically outside of Best Buy and Old Navy). Sure, it’s probably fun. Maybe you’ll save a lot of money, maybe you actually won’t. Maybe people will fight over the last flatscreen TV on the shelf or whatever. Maybe they won’t.

Either way, Black Friday isn’t something I’ve ever personally advocated or been non-repulsed by. Standing outside of a corporate business in the cold, with flocks of other people doing the same, anticipating the store’s doors to majestically open, revealing a florescent glow illuminating one-day-only sale signs has never once appealed to me. Whatever, though. YOLO. You do you.

Anyway, the point of this post is: If you’re gonna do Black Friday, you should do try to do it locally.

Given that it’s one of the most popular shopping days in America, people WILL be out there shopping. You can’t try to stop it, but you can do your part by either participating by not participating (ex: Adbuster’s annual Buy Nothing Day campaign), or you can support businesses locally.

Hit the jump for a list of local shops that have some sales running and give your money to local businesses that hustle hard all damn year long.

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Price Chopper still cool with knocking down historic church for yet another grocery store

Kenneth Crowe for the Times Union:

The City Council voted 3-0 Tuesday night to rezone the 3.5-acre St. Patrick’s Church site, clearing the way for the historic building to be knocked down and replaced with a grocery store.

Nigro Companies’ plans call for razing the church, rectory, school and six residences to clear the site for the supermarket and the two other buildings.

At least the demolition of a historic building is worth is as there’s clearly no grocery stores at all nearby.

EMPAC’s Spring 2013 Schedule

This Spring EMPAC has a full line-up of performances, talks, screenings, exhibitions, concerts, and other happenings that will make you question the boundaries of arts, sciences, and technology. Every event I’ve ever gone to at EMPAC has been incredible, and half of them I had no idea what to expect on the way in. I highly suggest you do the same.

Check out the full schedule at the EMPAC website and add some of them to your calendar!

Ravens Head Brewing to appear before BZA Dec 12th

From the Historic Albany Foundation:

As you know, Ravens Head Brewing Company has submited an application to the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA). They will go before the Board of Zoning Appeals on Wednesday, December 12, 2012. The meeting begins at 5:30pm and is held in the Common Council Chambers on the second floor at City Hall. The application will be available via the Board of Zoning Appeals’ website shortly.

The application will be available here.

The HAF is also considering having a community meeting before the BZA meeting to ease the fear of many of the residents flying off the handle during the actual meeting, which is absolutely guaranteed to happen.

To keep up to date with this, check in at the Historic Albany Foundation website.