Tonight: Grand Opening of Henry Loves Betty Pet Boutique

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In the past couple of months, it practically feels like I’ve run out of fingers to count the brand new and recently revamped businesses blossoming in Albany. It’s an awesome and exciting time for things locally, to say the least. Tonight marks the grand opening of the Fort Orange General Store on Delaware Ave in Albany and the grand opening of Henry Loves Betty on River Street in Troy. Check out photos from Andrew’s first visit at Fort Orange General Store and be sure to swing by their opening.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the river, pet enthusiast and vet technician Paula Matt will be hosting the grand opening of Henry Loves Betty, a pet boutique offering a consciously curated collection of pet necessities and accessories.

Paula named the store after two of her many pets, Henry and Betty, and began her business by offering custom hand knit sweaters for both dogs, cats and chickens alike on Etsy. Over months of developing a business plan and putting in countless hours of hard work and planning, the opportunity for Henry Loves Betty to expand its offerings grew into moving to a physical location.

It’s been really enjoyable tracking Paula and her boutique’s progress over the past several months and I’m excited to see it all come together. The boutique is well put together, with quaint detailing, such as a beautiful vintage couch for visitors and furniture from estate sales to give the boutique a chic atmosphere, and really reflects the caring personality of the owner.

From removable bow ties to creative cat nip toys to aromatherapy soy candles for dogs to all natural dog treats, and even ice cream for dogs, Henry Loves Betty is going to be a great neighborhood asset for the pet-lovers of the River Street community. Be sure to stop by with or without your pet!

Quality events for this weekend vol. 131

Friday May 2

It’s First Friday! Check out art, shops and more.

I’m Tired at The Machine: Art show in conjunction with SUNY Albany.

Hush! A loud art exhibit: Another great looking art show.

Colonie Art Group at Stage 1: Oil painting show.

Into Another at Bogie’s: With Supertouch, My Ticket Home, Boar Tusk and Living Laser.

Grandma’s Studio Grand Opening Bash at The Barn: Featuring PJ Katz and the Fat Buckle, Le Rubb, Kimono Dragons and

Bust’n Out at 283 Hudson: Art by Alex Waters and Sam Davies and music from Carl Daniels, Jesse Calhoun, Nick Shattell, Bell’s Roar and more.

Hero Dishonest at The Low Beat: All the way from Finland. With Resist Control.

Family Feud at the Palace: Survey says…

Action Bronson at the Upstate Concert Hall: With Party Supplies, Mic Lanny, Mista Pigz, Galaxy and DJ Playground. This has been cancelled.

Saturday May 3

Turnstile and Born Low at Bogie’s: Mosh your friends to death before dinner.

Sean Price at Bogie’s: Rapping rap rap. With Shabaam Sahdeeq, Pawz One, DJ Tone, Shyste, Shawn Braids, Actuator, Guilty By Association, Odd 1, Nostalgia, Stringer Soprano, Svavii D.

The Epidemic, Scuzz and Wet Dream at The Low Beat: It’s the Noise Annoys Record Shop grand opening celebration!

Roller Derby Double Header at The Armory: Both womens and mens.

Sunday May 4

Albany Bike Expo at the Washington Park Playhouse: Bike and all sorts of bike related things for sale.

All Weekend

The NYS Museum: Bunch of great exhibits and it’s right in your back yard.

Despicible Me, How to Train Your Dragon, Rocky, The Fighter, Fight Club and Cinderella Man at the Madison Theater: Only five bucks!

Day trip to MASS MoCA: Make a day out of it.

Caffe Vero becoming specialty coffee and espresso shop

Over the past few weeks there’s been a few things rattling around about the best place to grab a coffee on Lark, Caffe Vero. They had announced they were closing, but nothing ever closed. All of a sudden there was a sign on the door asking to be forgiven for any missteps during a transition to new management. And they’re still open, every day. A few less things on the walls, few different people behind the bar, but the door’s still open.

The veil has been ripped off and the news has been announced that local coffee enthusiast and all-around solid dude Ron Grieco is now in charge of Vero, which is now officially Stacks Espresso Bar. Ron and his partner Tyler Wrightson now outright own the business and have sweeping changes planned.

One of the biggest things to note is that this will be a multi-roaster cafe. No other spot around is this as roasters will offer incentivized pricing and even loans of coffee gear for exclusivity. This allows all of the coffee in the shop to constantly rotate, not just from roast, blend or region, but roaster as well. In addition to regular drip coffee from the trusty Fetco, there will be a pour-over bar, aptly titled ‘the slow bar’ featuring specific coffees that lend themselves to this style of brewing. There will also be a ton of changes on the inside of the space, which have nothing to do with coffee but everything to do with your ability to sit down and enjoy your drink and snacks.

Stacks Espresso Bar will officially be opened and launched soon, but stop in as there’s a lot changing each day. The best place to grab a cup of coffee on Lark will only get better from here on out.