Review: Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra


There has been very little “independence” in the world of “indie rock” in recent years. What was once a culture to be proud of (when bands such as Built to Spill, Slint and Pavement trail-blazed for the genre in the early 90’s) has since become a cesspool of overly saccharine, saturated with reverb, trust fund baby bands.

On the surface, this may not seem like a big deal, however, who will be the voices for this generation of musicians? Luckily, Efrim Menuck and Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra show that it is still “cool” to say “F*** Off” to the establishment. While the collective’s new album, F*** Off, Get Free, We Pour Light On Everything, may seem apocalyptic, in the end there is a whisper of hope-whether we choose to listen or not.

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Takk House

Takk House: 55 3rd St, Troy

Not too long ago, there was an unusual real estate listing going around for a place in Troy called Half Moon Hall. This space had a bowling alley, a big gym, and a grip of other unusual features for an unassuming space on 3rd street. As it happens, a friend of mine, Heidi Benjamin and her partner Frank Sicari have purchased the space and have big plans. They’re setting it up to be a rental space for all sorts of functions such as weddings, parties, shows, and beyond.

Check the official Takk House website for more details, and the be sure to read the announcement on Heidi’s website. I can’t wait to see what they come up with and I especially can’t wait to check the space out!

Quality events for this weekend vol. 123

Friday March 7

First Friday Albany: Also check Allyson Smith’s opening at Fuzz Records, Aleister at The Machine, and Just Relax at the UAG.

Session Americana at The Low Beat: Playing our fair city, all the way from Boston.

Deer Tick and Toy Soldiers at the Hollow: An Albany favorite. Go early and eat at the Hollow if you haven’t already.

B Sides and Rare Grooves at Justin’s: True’s got ya.

Saturday March 8

Latin Fusion Dance Party at the Linda: Get your dancing shoes on.

The Schoemer Formation and Two Guys at Spotty Dog in Hudson: Jams at the coolest bar ever.

Mike Doughty at Helsinki Hudson: For those of you who missed him at the Linda.

EIGHTIES at The Low Beat: You know.

Sunday March 9

Sunday Scratch Session at McGeary’s: Bunch of great local DJs playing what they want for once. Also two for one.

All Weekend

Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts and Animated Shorts at the Spectrum: After hearing about them all last week, go see em.

The NYS Museum: Bunch of new exhibits and it’s right in your back yard.

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Grease, Temple of Doom and Saturday Night Fever at the Madison Theater: Only five bucks!

Ice Skating at the Plaza: Last weekend! Free, open 11a-8p, weather permitting.

Day trip to MASS MoCA: Just go.

Quality events for this weekend vol. 122

Friday February 28

Nine Pin Cider Works Grand Opening: First day for the first farm cidery in New York.

Pecha Kucha at Opalka Gallery: 20 slides in 20 seconds. To the point. Sounds rad.

Troy Night Out: It’s the 8th Birthday of TNO! Go out and get weird.

4th Street Funnies at Kokopellis: Comedy show with headliner Marc Brown from DC alongside great locals.

C. Amanda Boutahorse’s Cult Classics: A Tribute to CLERKS!: Clerks themed burlesque.

At First Glance at the Arts Center: Free modern dance performance.

The Cretin Hop at Fuze Box: Shit gets weird. Free from 9-10p.

Mardi Gras at 90 State: Mazzone party with DJ Playground at a super fancy downtown spot.

Fourth Friday and Everything Classic at Justin’s: True and Nate holding down your Friday night as Greatmastr.

Blockhouses (ex-Figgs), The Piggies, Party Boat at The Low Beat: Jetpack promo’s one year birthday party. Celebrate.

Saturday March 1

Boil Acoustic, Vertebrae, Capitle, Chloroform Party, Phantom Signals at the Low Beat: Rock out, dawgs.

Northern Faces with Hand Habits and MaryLeigh Roohan at the Hollow: Jam city. Not to be missed.

My Life Inside The Room with ‘Mark’ at The Linda: Greg Sestero who played Mark in one of the worst movies ever talks about his experience with Tommy Wiseau’s masterpiece.

Albany All Stars Roller Derby at the Armory: AAS vs the Finger Lakes Lunachicks.

Ryder & Hazel with the Dust Bowl Faeries and Swamp Baby at Steamer 10: Projections, taxidermy and music.

EIGHTIES at the Low Beat: You know what it is.

Sunday March 2

Fundraiser for Corey Aldrich at the Lucas Confectionery: Corey had an awful accident and friends are having a silent auction and night of performance to help get him back on his feet.

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry at the NYS Museum: Inside story of China’s most famous artist.

All Weekend

The NYS Museum: Bunch of new exhibits including a great photography exhibit “60 from the 60s”.

Shrek 1 & 2, American Beauty, Lawrence of Arabia and Gandhi at the Madison Theater: Only five bucks!

Ice Skating at the Plaza: Free, open 11a-8p, weather permitting.

Day trip to MASS MoCA: Just go.

Artist Spotlight: Persephone Pomme

kab photo 1

This past summer (which feels like it was ages away, while this summer’s also feeling like it’s ages away), I sat down with C. Amanda Boutahorse to talk about the art of burlesque, how she got into it and where you can find burlesque in Albany.

Since our interview, C. Amanda Boutahorse has put on a handful of events in her series Cult Classics and tonight is hosting a tribute to Kevin Smith’s very first film, Clerks, in celebration of the 20 year anniversary of its release. Tonight’s events will feature acts from Persephone Pomme, Pam Demonium, Brodie Lazzo, Corvina Underwood Nottingham Tate, C. Amanda Boutahorse, William Hughes, Lulu Madly, Baby Dead Girl with GoGo by Noelle Reign. You can find details and RSVP via Facebook and hit the jump to check out a Q+A with a relatively new performer to the world of burlesque, Persephone Pomme!

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