The Smoker’s Club Blazes Northern Lights

Every so often a collection of rappers amble up our neck of the woods, for some reason, and proceed to infuse an Upstate New York crowd with a culture shock. Wednesday night’s concert was no different.

The Smoker’s Club Tour showcased Southern freshman Big K.R.I.T., from Mississippi, Curren$y (a New Orlean’s rapper who has made a name for himself within the past few years on tracks with Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris and David Banner), an unknown weed-rapper Smoke DZA and the headliner Method Man, brought together for an incredibly eclectic and surprisingly hyper marijuana-themed vocal dissertation.

From the jump, it seemed that the opening acts were only on the stage to hype up the “Smoker’s Club” tour by constantly throwing merch into the crowd and yelling tone-deaf versions of weed-themed raps. The shtick wore a bit thin by 9:30 with Smoke DZA, but luckily Big K.R.I.T. took the stage and added some freshman Southern rap into the mixing pot. His set lasted thirty to forty minutes and was complete with posse in effect and DJ BombShell on the tables.

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Interestingness in the local news vol 36

Albany common council bans fracking [TU]

Schumer asks Google’s Eric Schmidt for a favor [TU]

$2,500 reward to snitch out the idiot who shot a bald eagle with a shotgun [TU]

The Bayou to pay $110,000 for destroying surveillance of police brutality, confirms bar owner/police sketchiness [TU]

Pagliacci’s closed [TU]

People still hate the idea of Sneaky Petes in North Albany [TU]

Car chase leads bus station leveled, ped hit [TU]

Court surprisingly rejects Porco appeal [TU]

Occupy Albany Set to Begin October 21st

Occupy Albany will commence an ongoing occupation of Lafayette Park. The gathering will begin at Noon on Friday, October 21. The first General Assembly of the occupation will convene at 5pm.

Lafayette Park is located directly adjacent to both the Capitol Building and City Hall, enabling us to simultaneously address the corporate influence in both state and city politics.

Read more and the lastest at the Occupy Albany facebook event.

OUTPOST1 interview: Dave Q

OUTPOST1, October edition, is this Friday! For this month, we’ve got Dave Q, one of the original heads responsible for America’s best and original dubstep party, Dub War. As per our usual OP1 pre-party protocol, Dave Q graciously sat down with us for a good ole fashioned Q + A.

Photo via Brooklyn Bass

Bonus: Be sure to check out (and download for free) the latest sounds of Dave Q here. Also scope October’s promo mix from Party With Tina here.

Get to know this month’s guest beneath the jump!

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Pioneer food market announces closure, effective immediately

From their facebook:

Effective October 15th 2011 the Board Of Directors of the Troy Community Food Cooperative, Inc. announced the closing of the Pioneer Food Market.
November 1, 2011 a meeting will be held at Christ Church United Methodist, 35 State Street, Troy, to discuss the closure decision with the board.
Thank you for your patronage!

With the recent positive one year report this is pretty crazy. Also sucks since I did half my grocery shopping there. Guess I’m glad I just paid off my share at Honest Weight.

To read more about the life and death about the Troy Coop, check All Over Albany.

Rampant Consumerism or How I got my iPhone 4S

So obviously everyone knows the coolest phone so far in the entire universe came out today, and everyone is freaking scrambling to give their money to Apple, who already has more money than the entire National Football League, times ten. Since I’m a famous blogger I am required to have this item (can you believe I can write this off?) because if I don’t, my blog(s) and maybe even I might be grouped in with those who use slow, outdated, not relevant at all totally last-gen cell phones. Maybe even people who use Dell computers outside of work.

This photo shows all the Apple people doing a meeting which apparently was to tell them to clap for way too long as soon as they opened the gate. To no ones surprise this was really awkward and made me cringe and look away and feel totally embarrassed.

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Quality events for this weekend vol. 23

If I missed something, leave it in the comments!

Friday October 14th

Rock of Ages, Proctors, 8pm [via]

Elisabeth Zunon Illustration Show & Book Signing, Albany Art Room, 6pm [via]

Ultrathin Electronic Escarpment (MoHu), The Furnace, 5pm, [fbook]

Troy Night Out (MoHu) 5pm, free [fbook]

First Friday Albany (MoHu), 5pm, free [fbook]

After School Special: The 2011 Alumni Show, SUNY Albany, 5pm [fbook]

Secret Release, General Kornwalis and Carry the Tradition, Hudson River Coffee House, 8pm, free [fbook]

“Women Who Rock” Dance Party, Quintessence, 10pm free [fbook]

“We Love House”, Daisy Bakers, 10pm $5 [fbook]

Saturday October 15th

Rock of Ages, Proctors, 2 and 8pm [via]

24 Hour SciFi and Fantastic Film Festival, Proctors [via]

Uncle Sam GP Cyclocross Race, Prospect Park [fbook]

Abraham Ferraro and Fernando Orellana, Albany Center Gallery, 5pm [fbook]

Troy Chowderfest, 11am [fbook]

Cold as Life, Born Low, Bogies, $10 [fbook]

Hellions of Troy Skate For A Cure, Zomboobies vs. Mummaries. 7pm, Rollarama, Suggested Donation [fbook]

Story Harvest: A Celebration of Art and Food from Seed to Table, The Sanctuary for Independent Media, 4pm [via]

Sunday October 16th

Rock of Ages, Proctors, 2pm and 7pm [via]

24 Hour SciFi and Fantastic Film Festival, Proctors [via]

The People’s MIC & B Boy B Girl BBQ, Grand Street Comm. Arts Center, 3:30pm [fbook]

Service Industry Night/Two-for-one with DJ Trumastr at McGearys, 8pm [fbook]