Review: Sev Statik – Sophy EP


Perhaps one of my favorite parts about listening to (and consequently supporting) music created in the 518 is the opportunity for intimacy as listener. Simply knowing that the music was created locally, from its inspiration to its conception to its recording process to its release, automatically makes it more appealing to me. It’s impossible to say but maybe I’m unlike other people or maybe I’m like every other listener in that regard. Simply, if I enjoy or connect with the music, I want to know more about the musician. And vice versa. That desire for curiosity happens less often for me in the mainstream music sphere and that’s why I place value and emphasis on focusing on discovering music on independent, underground and local levels.

It’s all subjective, of course, and that’s why a big part of me fights the urge every blog post to not simply say “Here’s music I recently found and here’s the download link. Listen.” Perhaps some people would prefer that method of writing about music but to me there’s value in spending more time crafting reviews and I hope at the very least, you do take a minute to listen.

A recent example comes from the latest release from hip hop artist Sev Statik. His EP, Sophy, is out today on Sub-Bombin Records and is available for free download. The EP is entirely produced by PJ Katz of Pig Food Records, features a track with Animal Cracker and cuts by J-Live. The EP is in advance of a full length record which will be released later this year. By the people, for the people.

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Local record collective BUILT4BBQ releases compilation

Local band guys BUILT4BBQ just released a great sampler album titles The Appetizer featuring tons of local talent including songs from two good friends of mine. Included on the record is a good range of sounds, including punk, country, folk, blues, psychedelic rock, garage, etc.

The Slaughterhouse Chorus and The End Men, the guys behind BUILT4BBQ, bring the show on the road this week for a 10-date U.S. tour known as “No Tour For Old Men”. The tour starts in Brooklyn and finishes up at Valentines in Albany on March 30. More details at

Listen below or head to the bandcamp for more info.

The best record shop in Albany


The best record shop in Albany is Fuzz Records on Lark Street. The shop owners are your tastemakers, and there’s not an overwhelming amount of records to go through, meaning that any record you find there is of quality and carefully selected. That being said, if a record you are looking for isn’t there, they will happily order it for you. Occasionally, they will host shows which are intimate performances by default due to the size of the shop, which makes for a unique live music experience. The shop is also beginning its own record label, with its first vinyl pressing set for release in April.

However, if you are in the mood for digging, Last Vestige on Quail Street is your spot.

Fuzz Records, 209 Lark St, Albany, NY

RAILBIRD with Kite Person, Mitochi and Rawhead: Photos and Recap

railbird-subbombin-valentines-01 thumbnail
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This past Saturday, we stopped by Valentine’s to check out the Sub-Bombin Records showcase along with a headlining performance by RAILBIRD.

Artists from the Sub-Bombin Record label were a complementary build up to RAILBIRD’s performance, with Rawhead starting the night off. His unique blend of beatistry made for a really enjoyable opening act, where people in the crowd could both carry a conversation with their friends if they wanted and soak in the instrumentals. I, for one, could listen to his music all night and despite being personally familiar with his recorded work such as his most recent Psychopomp EP or his Beatwise & Alchemy series, his live act has a spontaneous quality to it and is perhaps unintentionally mood-setting. I love what he does. Which is another reason why I wasn’t planning on writing about this particular show – I love what all of these artists do.

Mitochi is cut from a similar cloth as Rawhead in terms of organic and electronic components are concerned, but brings his own approach to the table and again, I love it. Mitochi recently dropped a new track, “Whatchu Talkin’ Bout Willis” earlier this month and his debut album Cryptic Cosmic was released last August on Sub-Bombin. Be sure to check it out.

Kite Person is a relatively new project that is a collaboration between Greg Tabbano and Rawhead and is absolutely worth checking out if you haven’t already. Their electronic approach to dark pop music makes for a really interesting listening experience, especially in the live setting. Their debut Tonight We Run came out this past December and like I said in my earlier review, they can fit on a bill with both DJs and bands, and they really accented the night wonderfully prior to RAILBIRD’s performance this past Saturday.

RAILBIRD is one of my favorite acts to see live and I actually haven’t missed any of their local performances in the past year or so. They play every now and then and should definitely be on your radar so you don’t miss them when they come by again. Their latest EP, Lucky, dropped this past November and it was great to hear part of it performed live again. On Saturday, they played a new song for the first time heard by other ears and it was very much in their style. I appreciated how the lead singer said that it is still being tweaked and will likely sound different the next time they perform it.

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Tickets for Dirty Projectors at Skidmore College now on sale

Tickets are now on sale for the show on April 13th, 2013 at 8:00pm. Tickets are $20 for the general public.

I’m glad to see Skidmore opening up their shows to the general public. It’s really frustrating when you know that there’s an awesome show happening but you’re prohibited from attending. I sure hope this is the norm now and not a one off.

I was turned onto Amber Coffman and the Dirty Projectors by the following Major Lazer song. As if I already wasn’t over this winter weather, listening to the follow song again really reinforces how bad I can’t wait for it to be spring.

Quality events for this weekend vol. 77

Friday March 15th

TWIZTID at the Upstate Concert Hall: You can’t spell Twiztid with out TWIZ.

Stellar Young, This Old Ghost and Kid Jerusalem at Bayou Cafe: A different type of dance party, this one features instruments!

Revenge of the Party at the UAG: I’m DJing, a bunch of other people are DJing. It’s a party.

80s Night Returns at Fuzebox: After what seems like a ten second break, 80s night is back!

St. Patty’s Day Dance Party w/ DJ White Lotus at Elda’s: Music, dancing and probably a lot of the color green.

Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols and Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls at the Linda: Acoustic versions of punk classics from some of the originators.

Saturday March 16th

Albany Music Coalition Presents a Studio Recording Demonstration at Cotton Hill Studios: Awesome hands on way to learn about recording music. Registration required.

Konshens at the Polish Community Center: Huge Jamaican dancehall artist with a ton of local support. Do Sum’n.

Demetri Martin at the Egg: A night of comedy in the weirdest building around.

Brunch fundraiser for at the Albany Free School: Help raise support for Ladyfest Upstate and the Albany Free School food program.

RAILBIRD, Rawhead, Mitochi and Kite Person at Valentine’s: RAILBIRD back by a Sub-bombin Records showcase. Which pretty much means it’s going to rule.

St. Pat’s Parade and Dance Party at Fuze Box: It’s that time of year again!

Sunday March 17th

Annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at Brown’s: 20th Anniversary AND St. Patrick’s Day all in one shot.

There’s some great current exhibits at the NYS Museum to see and it’s a great way to spend your Sunday.