Review: The Men, Open Your Heart

So, wait – everyone’s fine with this?

Brooklyn’s the Men have been attracting some media attention lately. Not internet attention – the real kind; the square kind. The New York Times kind: in a write-up of their March 7 Williamsburg loft show, reporter Ben Ratliff vacillates between lauding the Men and disparaging them, although in the end he opts for the former. To Ratliff, they don’t stand up to close analysis. “You can wonder why the men in the Men don’t want to be better: better singers, better players, better riff writers,” he writes. “Reduce this band to its parts, and all the charm drains out of it.” Elsewhere, he notes that their songs “run beyond their natural length and just keep going” and describes their performance as “slovenly.”

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Quality events for this week vol. 1

Front Parlor Storytelling at the Olde English Pub. “Sticks and Stones” is the theme and you can sign up to tell a 5 minute story, or just listen. And drink. [link]

I Call Fives and others at Bogies. Bunch of pop-punk bands to give you a mid-week lift. [link]

Dr. Dog at Northern Lights. Doesn’t need much of an introduction, does it? [link]

Comedy Night with Tony Jackson and Gavin McInnes at the Fuze Box. Cool to see the Fuze doing more than just 80’s night in the recent past. Also, this will be filmed for Gavin McInnes’ comedy tour DVD. [link]

2012 Knickerbocker Film Festival begins at the Spectrum 8 Theaters. [link]

Capital Comedy Underground at Savhanna’s. Basically open mic for comics. [link]

If I missed something yell at me in the comments.

Never Forget: Albany 2011 Kegs and Eggs

Apparently NYU students did some partying to be compared to Albany’s finest. But on this St. Patrick’s day, never forget. Even though now Spring Break will now always happen to fall on St. Pat’s weekend, we can all still drive back to Albany from Long Island and prove how much we’ve been hitting the gym.

Quality events for this weekend vol. 39

Friday, March 16

Incendiary, This Is Hell, Loma Prieta, Birds in Row, Concrete, Infidels at the State St Church in Schenectady [fbook]

Disposable Rocket Band, Goldtooth, The Lucky Jukebox Brigade at 51 3rd St Troy [fbook]

We Love House at Daisy Bakers, Troy [fbook]

Bass Fix at Red Square [fbook]

OUTPOST1: OUTPOST1: Brother Suarez, Tall Matt, Jay Travis b2b Brad Lee, Party With Tina and Knomad [fbook]

Saturday, March 17

Albany St Patrick’s Day Parate Starts at 2 at Quail and Central. [via]

Sean Rowe and Babe City at Steamer 10 [fbook]

A Taste of House, Troy [fbook]

SPAM Burlesque at Valentines, 11pm [via]

Windham to Host International Mountain Bike Cup for 3rd Year

This is sweet. If you don’t know what downhill is, go YouTube it immediately. It’s going awesome to have such a huge event so close to us.

From the press release:

For the third year in a row, the world’s best professional mountain bikers will converge on Windham Mountain as the town hosts the eighth in a series of 10 World Cup events held all over the world. The 2012 edition of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup presented by Shimano makes 10 stops worldwide with the Windham event taking place from June 30 through July 1.

For more info hit

Photo from SNAProductions

Albany Music Coalition Press Event Tomorrow Night

The postponed Albany Music Coalition event at the Foundry in Cohoes is tomorrow, March 15 at 6:30 pm. The AMC’s goal is to be a resource to the areas vast music community, in addition to hosting and helping to promote performances, and other related events.

Here’s the event on the Foundry’s site.

Interestingness in the local news vol 52

amtrak improvements to start this year [tu]

saratoga man indented to murder obama and school children [tu]

a coach bit off another coaches ear [tu]

carhartt opening retail store in crossgates [tu]

lark st natural foods is open [tu]

lark tavern sign that’s already up still isnt approved by the historic resources commission [tu]

reds is now park view pub [tu]

albany passes bullshit cabaret law [tu]

shogun on madison/lark to open march 27th [tu]

the ‘on deck’ art show now has it’s decks up for bid [via]

former skidmore student on the walking dead [youidiot]