Quality events for this weekend vol. 25

Friday the 4th

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1st Friday November, 5pm [fbook]

Haiti Party Music Festival: BIRTHDAYS, Matthew Carefully, Rawhead, DJ Midas, Colorful Tones, William Hale, and the Black Ships, 6pm, $7 [fbook] Bonus: KC’s review of Rawhead’s Psychopomp in this week’s Metroland

American Babies, Red Square, 8pm, $12 [via]

SWEAT LODGE: Matt Shadetek, Atropolis, Taliesin, Lamin Fofana at the Cove [NYC] [fbook]

Saturday the 5th

Grassroots Community Music & Arts Festival → scope the details, lots going on [fbook]

Dance Movies Commission premieres at EMPAC, 7pm, $6 [fbook]

*Daylight Savings Reminder* Change your clocks back 1hr, (i.e. party later, sleep in later)

Sunday the 6th

Grassroots Community Music & Arts Festival → Day 2 [fbook]

S.I.N. Service Industry Night with Trumastr at McGeary’s [fbook]

Quality events for tonight: Deadmau5 After-party & The Red Lions

Tonight at Fuze Box is the Deadmau5 after party with myself, Looney, DJ NV & Truemastr.

I’m sure some people aren’t inclined to pay an absurd amount of money to go stand in the armory with a million bros profusely sweating just to hear some “serious bangers”, so come a half a block down and enjoy some lovely tracks by DJs that don’t need a mask or a number in their name to get you moving.

Here’s the fbook event for the rest of the details.

Also, if you don’t only listen to bleepy-bloops, I’d strongly recommend you head over to The Attic (289 Delaware) before Fuze and catch The Red Lions with The Fling and Rosary Beard. More details on the fbook event.

Interestingness in the local news vol 37

rise against’s video has footage from norther nights [nt]

guy died after getting hit by by someone fleeing police in a stolen suv [TU]

‘perfect 10′ at crossgates raided for selling counterfeits [ynn]

saratoga bowl unearthed [st]

john dejohn and other business owners on pearl acting like children [TU]

rubbin butts closes [TU]

troopers outed for lying about their crash, big surprise [TU]

RADICAL! at Coney Island, NY

My good friend and one of the area’s most prolific artists, RADICAL!, has been traveling a bit, especially to NYC to paint! Here’s a timelapse from his piece for the MaNY Project. Love it.

RADICAL! at Coney Island, NY from MaNY Project on Vimeo.

Album Review: Real Estate’s Days

The transition from fall to winter usually has most people complaining about the transition from fall to winter. There is hope for all you premature Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferers. It comes in the form of Real Estate’s sophomore album Days. The lo-fi surf/beach-pop band is back with a more cohesive and introspective look into the simpler times through lyrics blending the poetics of Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein.

Days begins with the track “Easy”, and the line, “Back when we had it so easy…” in front of the bubbly reincarnations of Beach Boy-esque instrumentation. Singer/guitarist Martin Courtney sets the tone for the whole album with his melodic, simple, yet poetic harmonies, sung it seems, from the warmth of a beach chair.

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Ticket Giveaway: Francis and the Lights: The White Room

Thanks to EMPAC, we’ve got another lovely giveaway for ya.

From the EMPAC website:

Reclusive singer, songwriter, and pianist Francis Farewell Starlite will be in residence to create a new pop music spectacle—The White Room. White Room references the small, white, environmentally controlled chamber used by NASA astronauts to make final preparations before entering the spacecraft, such as donning parachute packs, putting on helmets, and detaching portable air conditioning units. First used in Project Gemini, its use continued through subsequent programs up to and including the Space Shuttle program.

photo: eric ameres

He’s toured with/produced Drake, opened for MGMT, Ke$ha, La Roux, and Mark Ronson. Dang.

To win tickets for the Saturday show, just leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner at random at 4pm on Saturday. Don’t enter if you can’t attend and use a valid email for the comment, I’ll email you if you won!