Pig Food Records announces Ear Food Volume 1

Our friends at Pig Food Records have put together a video in advance of their upcoming release, Ear Food Volume 1. The beat tape showcases the masterful production of PJ Katz with 23 brand new instrumentals. Katz’s latest release was ’92 Renault Music, this past October, which is also available via PFR.

Katz’s Ear Food Volume 1 will be exclusively available locally at Seasons Skate Shop, Fuzz Records, Some Girls boutique and at Tree Shurts 5th annual 420 party at Red Square.

Get into it:

Downtown Albany BID looking to restore ghost signs

Michael DeMasi for the Business Review:

The BID is inviting local and regional artists to repaint the signs for the exhibit, called All Signs Point to Downtown.

“We’ve had some great response” BID Executive Director Georgette Steffens said. “People just have this affection for the retail center that downtown used to be.”

So far, the BID has permission from about a half-dozen property owners to paint ghost signs, and is trying to get a few more to agree to give painters access to the buildings.

This is awesome. Not only is this digging deep into Albany history and restoring it, but it’s also satisfying to the design and type nerd that I am. I think many others will also be very happy to see these signs come back to life.

See more ghost signs in Chuck Miller’s Ghost Signs of the Capital District set.

The Charles F. Lucas Confectionery Expansion: Photos

confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0001 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0004 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0005 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0006 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0009 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0010 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0011 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0012 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0013 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0014 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0015 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0016 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0017 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0018 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0019 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0021 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0022 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0025 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0026 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0027 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0028 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0029 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0030 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-feat thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0002 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0003 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0007 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0008 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0020 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0023 thumbnail
confectonery-expansion-troy-photos-kab-0024 thumbnail

Yesterday morning, Vic Christopher and Heather Levine exploded all the local news outlets with the news that they are expanding their exceedingly successful wine bar. It’s so successful that many people want to rent the space for parties or private functions, but there’s no way to do so without interrupting the entire flow of the current operation. On a busy weekend night, the single unisex bathroom doesn’t help either.

So, onto the next. Vic and Heather have already bought the property at 207 Broadway. Luckily for them, the back connects to the back of the current space, at 12 Second Street. This will make for a second entrance, an outdoor patio, and another, separate room for private functions. In addition to that, they’ve now storefronts facing Broadway. Vic imagines a little grocery going in, with maybe a smaller café version of the Confectionery operating a few days a week. But in his words, “I’m not a planner, I’m a do-er”, so we’ll see what it is when it opens. Nice little gift for the people Troy.

I stopped by earlier today and took a few photos to give you an idea of the scope of this project. Before looking at the photos, remember that all the others who have seen this building were interestsed in turning it into a parking lot.

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KC’s Music Monday: Is it spring yet?


Pretty sure the #1 question on everyone’s minds lately is… is it spring yet? I’d like to take this opportunity to speak for everyone and say we’re all more than ready for winter to be over. I want to trade my snow day indoor soundtrack for one more suited for hanging out in the park. Summer time jams. Let’s go.

Regardless of what’s going on with Mother Nature, check out some music beneath the cut!

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Albany Poet’s 2013 Word Fest accepting sign-ups for its annual open mic


In celebration of National Poetry Month, the Albany Poets will be hosting its annual Word Fest this year from Sunday, April 14th through Saturday, April 20th.

Please see their website for the full schedule of events. Some highlights include the launching of their new literary journal, Up The River, on Sunday, April 14th at McGeary’s, a haiku battle at Valentine’s on the 15th and their annual open mic, taking place at the UAG on Friday the 19th. Sign ups for the open mic are online and the open mic is open to all poets and spoken word artists with a 10-minute time limit being the only constraint.

Additionally, all throughout the week, Albany Poets will be publishing local poetry on their website as part of the Word Fest Online Open Mic. Poets who wish to participate are encouraged to send their poems with “Online Open Mic” in the subject line, starting Sunday, April 7.

The 2013 Albany Word Fest is sponsored by Albany Poets, Hudson Valley Writers Guild, Frequency North, Urban Guerrilla Theatre, Valentines, McGeary’s, and the very generous donations of supporters of the arts in upstate New York.

Photo courtesy of Albany Poets