KC’s Music Monday: Weekend Recap and Dimensions Festival Vol. 2

Despite how the cards fell that I got to see NO quality music when I was in London recently, Brooklyn this past weekend helped mend my heartache and revive my faith back to a healthy level.

TURRBOTAX® and reconstrvct flew in top notch DJs and producers from the UK to help celebrate their third and first anniversaries, respectably. Friday night, TURRBOTAX® hosted Oneman, Ikonika, Jam City alongside residents Rem Koolhaus, Contakt, Space Jam, C-Sick and Mayster for their last soirée at the Cove, which was decked out with balloons for their birthday affair. There was also a cake (!) and, of course, that infamous green lazer. The night was how I’d like to spend my birthday every year, to say the least, and lucky for us, TURRBOTAX® delivers every single month. Stay tuned for updates on their new location and next event announcement as they kick off year four.

Saturday night, reconstrvct flew in Coki, Jay 5ive, V.I.V.E.K., Seven and Tunnidge from London, alongside JoeNice, Truenature, Nihal and Hahn Solo, for an all-night assortment of deep warehouse vibes, a proper system courtesy of the Tsunami Bass Experience and an enthusiastic crowd hailing from all over the friggen country. If you were there, then you know. And regardless if you missed it or made it, Reconstrvct will be back in one month’s time on August 25th so add that to your iCal and scope details here. If you book your MegaBus enough in advance, you can do the trip for under $10 round trip. Also heads up – the Albany MegaBus stop in NYC is changing its pick up location to 34th St between 11th Ave and 12th Aves as of August 1st.

Before I dive into a sea of embeds for today’s edition, I just wanted to say a proper thank you to all involved working to make TURRBOTAX® and reconstrvct well worth any amount of travel (lucky for us it’s just a quick bus ride away) time after time again. Also, a reminder to those reading this: fantastic music is lurking around every corner and people will help point you in the right direction if you seek it. That’s what we’re here for.

All that being said, here’s this weeks collection for your office soundtrack. Hit the jump!

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Quality events for this weekend vol. 53

Friday July 27th

Troy Night Out: It’s the last Friday of the month, so that can only mean one thing. This month’s includes the previously blogged about WITCH KNOTS release and other events at the Arts Center, Critical Mass bicycle ride around Troy which will feature stops at a few local gardens, a comedy show at Kokopellis, and of course, the after party at Daisy Bakers, featuring McGillicuddy, Properly Chilled and Il.

Fourth Friday and Everything Classic: Trumastr and Nate Da Great will hold down this months party at Quintessence, playing all the tunes everyone knows and loves.

Friday Night Rock Social at Red Square: With The Growing Pains, The City Never Sleeps and Linear North.

Saturday July 28th

Capital Region Craft Brewers Festival: Another awesome event going on in Troy. This time it involves “sampling” beers from tons of craft brewers.

Troy Flea: Party Boat will be performing at this weeks installment of the vintage and craft market in Troy.

Traffic Light 80s Night at Fuze Box: Dj Auryn’s last 80s night with tons of prizes!

Sunday July 29th

Revenge, Doubledealer, Breakaway and Hardluck at Fuze Box: A truckload of heaviness to bring your weekend to a close.

Dillon Francis, Baauer and Clockwork coming to the Armory on November 8th

Title pretty much gives it all away. Really exciting to see big names coming to the Armory, especially Baauer who’s gone absolutely atomic in the past few months.

Here’s a taste of what to expect from each.

You can check out the facebook event, get presale tickets here, and regular tickets here.

Saratoga-based Druthers Brewing Company to open Wednesday August 1st

Saratoga’s newest brew-pub to open on Wednesday, August 1st, according to their twitter. Longtime Albany Pump Station brewmaster and fellow cyclist George di Piro is stated to be part-owner, so you can continue to expect a a similar high quality product from Geroge that you’ve had in the past.

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Review: Rick Ross – God Forgives I Don’t

Let me start off by saying I’ve been a huge Rick Ross fan since his Poe Boy days and it truly does bring me great pleasure to see him still be able evolve and put out great music.

With that being said this Rick Ross album is no different than any other Ross album; it contains all the usual subject matter such as boisterous proclaims of wealth – this includes “Ten Jesus Pieces,” and “Maybachs on top of Maybachs with Audemar Piguet’s on top of Audemar Piguet’s,” (Yes that is the correct spelling of Audermar Piguet not Audimar which is how you spell it if you’re still hooked on phonics).

The deluxe version of the album, which I’m reviewing, contains 17 tracks and 15 of them are all stand-out tracks which any other artists would be lucky to have.

My favorite/most hated track has to be “Sixteen.” It’s a great song that features André 3000, however, as usual, that weird-ass looking dude fucks up the entire vibe of the song with his weirdness.

That “3 Kings” shit is just aight. Dr. Dre should give up rapping and just slang those garbage-ass headphones to the black youth, but Ross delivers a quality verse with Jigga man just stealing the entire song with memorable lines such as “I spent that Watch the Throne money on drapes.”

“Ten Jesus Pieces” is just simply amazing. “Maybach Music IV” sonically is the most compelling rap song I’ve ever heard. True story, shit is super cray cray. To be honest I don’t even want to review more just buy that shit bruh bruh. It’s amazing, seriously.

Albany Music Coalition to host songwriting workshop series

The Albany Music Coalition has announces a free (donations accepted) series of songwriting workshops which will take place at Fuzz Records. All sessions take place at 6:30pm starting on August 2nd. The schedule is as follows:

“Lyrics First”
August 2, with panelists:
Eric Margan (The Red Lions)
Eric Krans (The Parlor)
Jen O’Connor (The Parlor)

“Instrumentals First”
August 23, with panelists:
Tim Koch (Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo Banned)
Chris Tenerowicz (Aficionado)

“Structure & Arrangement”
September 13, with panelists:
Meagan Duffy (Hand Habits)
Michael Eck (Ramblin Jug Stompers)
Matthew Loiacono (Matthew Carefully, Rosary Beard)

AMC says more panels may be coming down the pipes, which is awesome. You are encouraged to bring an instrument if you would like, but it’s not a requirement. It would be really awesome if this expanded to include electronic music as I know many people who struggle with software. This is such an awesome opportunity to see how your favorite local musicians work and have them teach you at the same time.

Read the full press release on the Albany Music Coalition website.

tonys-birthday-fuzz-records-0016 copy

Tony’s Birthday Bash at Fuzz Records: Recap & Photos

tonys-birthday-fuzz-records-0016 copy
tonys-birthday-fuzz-records-0016 copy thumbnail
tonys-birthday-fuzz-records-0001 thumbnail
tonys-birthday-fuzz-records-0002 thumbnail
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tonys-birthday-fuzz-records-0008 thumbnail
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tonys-birthday-fuzz-records-0016 thumbnail
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tonys-birthday-fuzz-records-0018 thumbnail
tonys-birthday-fuzz-records-0019 thumbnail
tonys-birthday-fuzz-records-0020 thumbnail
tonys-birthday-fuzz-records-0021 thumbnail

Everyone has a different idea of the ideal way to celebrate their birthday. For some, it’s consuming copious amounts of alcohol at Matt Baumgartner’s bars until you win that free t-shirt proclaiming victory. For others, it could be a huge party pulling out all the stops, excessively lasting for several days or an annual milestone gone by barely acknowledged. For Tony Bucci, of Caleb Lionheart, it was ordering a caprese salad at lunch and playing music alongside friends, for friends.

Sunday night, Fuzz Records on Lark played host to Terry Connell (of Ship Me Overseas), Michael Tash (of Orphan Legs), Nick Warchol (of Aficionado, for his first acoustic performance ever), a guest appearance from Caroline Corrigan and the birthday boy himself.

The shop itself is an inviting and friendly atmosphere for live music, and last night, was adorned with festive balloons and a birthday banner, with homemade cake and cupcakes for the not-shy and willing. All performances were great and heartfelt, and it was fun to see the musicians jump in for a certain song or two during another’s individual set. A perfect way to celebrate.

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