Troy Bombers Construction to Begin Next Month

Matt spilled the beans on his blog yesterday in passing:

the Troy Bombers looks like construction will begin a month or so (very very exciting)

Troy’s already a hot-spot for lunch and this just adds another location to help forget that you’re still at work for another 4 hours or so. Everyone should be excited to have another option, especially if they do the mid-day taco buffet that they do at the Albany location, that I happen to miss out on everyday. Oh and now you can get a Jimbo on your lunch break.

photo lifted from flickr user areese


Interestingness in the local news vol 54

largest crackdown in the history of the AG’s organized crime task force lands 52 reputed gang members in jail

explosion that leveled a house last year in salem still under investigation of foul play

homie was so mad that he was asked to leave a bar after having sex it it he bit off the bartenders finger

kegs and eggs bro accused of stabbing was acquitted

busplus to have free rides on wednesday to celebrate birthday

pearl street pub now serving brunch on sundays

Andrew’s Music Monday: DJ New Jersey Drone, Melé, Sinjin Hawke

Yep, it’s Monday. Hopefully you’ll dig some of these music recommendations I’ve drummed up for you. First up, we’ve got DJ New Jersey Drone’s new EP. As described by the name, it’s a eclectic mix of club sounds and drone; probably close to what would happen if DJ Sliink and oOoOO worked on some tunes together. Really weird (in a good way) and definitely a new sound.

Next up is Melé’s new mix for Luckyme, which was posted some time last week. It’s got a ton of good dark rap in there mixed in with a healthy amount of straight club tunes and other obscurities. A great listen from front to back.

Lastly, is Sinjin Hawke’s guestmix for RINSE.FM. I absolutely LOVE The-Dream so this had me hooked from the very start. Flips quickly into many of Sinjin Hawke’s remixes which include Waka Flocka, The-Dream, DJ Khaled, etc. Another really great mix.

Price Chopper Launches ‘Shops4u’ Delivery Service

Extremely lazy recluses rejoice! With the impending doom that the new Central Ave Shop Rite will bring, other area grocery stores in the area are trying to get a quick head start. Shop Rite, which many people know, will deliver groceries that are ordered online. Price Chopper, somehow though to do the exact same thing! There is however both a delivery AND pickup fee, both of which are reduced for the time being.

For the full ‘shops4u experience’, head over to the Price Chopper website.

Jersey Shore Season 6 to be Filmed in Lake George

The Examiner is reporting, no sources whatsoever, typos and all, that the next Jersey Shore season will be filmed in Lake George June 2nd to August 31st.

What do you think? Are they ‘blogging 4 hits’? Is this even blogable?
Is this an early ‘April Fools’ joke? Did they ‘get you’?
We’re they attracted to LG because of their splatter t-shirts?
Is Jersey Shore ‘totes over’?
Will there be enough ‘new poon’ for them to ‘tear thru’?
Will you try to ‘smush’ Pauly D?
Will you babysit mini-Snooki?
Will you be mad if Snooki wins the MegaMillions?

UPDATE: A nice commenter man leaves us with some insight:

Monday is April Fool’s day. The source publication, The Glens Falls Chronicle, usually posts an “April Fool’s Story” in the issue preceding April 1.

Has this been ‘debunked’? Is the Examiner ‘mad stupid’?
Did I just want any excuse to use that photo?

Quality events for this weekend vol. 40

Friday, March 30th

March Troy Night Out: All the local businesses in Troy are opened late, many with music or art. Take a walk around, it’s not that cold anymore!

GHOSTxSHIP, War Hound, Knuckle Up! Guardian and more at Bogies: Hardcore show at Bogies for those who listen to music made with actual instruments.

Foxy Shazam at Valentines: Last time I saw these guys the singer ate a burning cigarette. Bunch of locals on the bill too.

STUFF YOUR FACE WITH BASS: Life’s A Beach: Big multi-room rager at the Armory. Almost all local DJs on the bill.

Final Friday & Everything Classic: Official AVID After-Party for SYFWB 3: Guests Party With Tina will be playing The Fuze Box along with Trumastr and Nate Da Great. All genres to get you moving.

Saturday, March 31st

DJ Scratch Off: $250 prize to the DJ whose got the most scratching prowess.

Albany All Stars Roller Derby: Watch girls go in circles and hurt one another. And drink.

Alta Mira CD Release Show: At Valentines, with guests Ben KN and Matt Durfee.

Onra and Teengirl Fantasy: Playing the small gym at Skidmore. Huge billing with two top notch acts.

Sunday, April 1st

Jazz Sunday: Part of a monthly residency at Jillian’s with Albany’s own jazz/rock blend band, the Chronicles. These guys are awesome.

Us From Outside: Another hardcore show at Bogies for those who want to listen to more music made with actual instruments.

First Look: Shogun

The past couple of months have drawn attention to that particular stretch of sidewalk from the corner of Lark to Madison, with Lark Tavern reopening (as not the Lark Tavern but as Any Other Bar in Random Small Town USA) and the former Art Room building next door going under a mysterious facelift. On Tuesday, the renovations were unveiled and the Albany location of Shogun was officially open to the public for business.

As stated in past reviews, going to a new business during their soft opening or opening day/week can potentially result in you not wanting to return again. Sometimes it’s smart to wait until a business gets in the groove of things, iron out any kinks, etc. but we were all pretty excited that the Lark St. neighborhood is now home to a sushi spot that we decided to check it out on its opening day.

Here’s the full gallery from Andrew and check out the rest of KC’s review beneath the cut.

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