New Spot Review: The Capital City Gastropub

I don’t like to review places that either are “soft open” (which is basically a heads up everything is going to suck and be slow) or somewhere on it’s opening day/weekend when they haven’t really gotten into the “groove of things” yet. I did visit The Capital City Gastropub on opening weekend, to find out that on my return visit, many things had been ironed out; confirming my review-opening sentiments.

Since my first visit, the bar was installed, which adds a bunch more seats and “completes” the feel of the space. Also, the dining room lighting levels was much less “twin suns of tattooine” and much more “I’m at a restaurant”. Big, big improvement.

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Ticket Giveaway: Figure and the Killabits, Friday (11/11) at Northern Lights

Another ticket giveaway for all of you! This one is courtesy of Step Up Presents. They’ve got Figure and The Killabits with Dave Izzo and Trevmunz.

For those not “totally in the know” Figure and The Killabits are the huge rave rage nowadays. It’s what everyone is calling “dubstep”, but it’s actually a mix of electro and drum and bass among other things. No matter what you call it, it will be a big ass dance party with a huge sound system and about five or so suns worth of lighting, about ten feet away from a bar.

We have two pairs to give away. To enter, just leave a comment!

We’ll pick winners tomorrow before 5 so be sure to use a valid email that you check often.

Ticket Giveaway: 11/12: VHS or Beta, Columbus, Tony Quattro and DJ Prophet

This Saturday, the 12th at the Putnam Den, Skidisco has VHS or Beta, Columbus, Tony Quattro and DJ Prophet all playing for you! Here’s the event on facebook.

And they’re kind enough to hook it up with a ticket giveaway for you lovely folks.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post with a valid email.

Also it would be nice if you liked Skidisco and KAB on facebook to keep up with the latest shows and info.

(We will pick a winner by Saturday morning, so keep an eye on your email!)

Interestingness in the local news vol 38

aoa has the election highlights [aoa]

bunch of stuff going on tonight [Nippertown]

“albany is the new austin” [TU]

eldas getting free promotion by ripping off matty b [TU]

schenectady cop facing dwi charge [TU]

troy coop is liquidating assets friday at noon [TU]

if theres a bar fight in the student ghetto, does anyone hear it? [ynn]

teens broke into home, stole some beer. [st]

Knomad’s Music Monday: Ital Tek, Guy Andrews, Myrryrs

knomad in your interwebs for another Music Monday. The end of a year seems to be a busy time for new music, as artists often featured in January “who to watch” write-ups scramble to fulfill their editorialized destinies. I’d say they are trying to make money to buy their family holiday gifts, but do people really make money off music anymore?

As I digress, this week’s first feature is a minimix from Ital Tek. In this age of hyper-quick rises to stardom (and falls from grace for that matter) Ital Tek has managed to carve his own niche as a reliable producer exploring all the angles of this sound we call bass. First championed by Mary Anne Hobbes, Ital should now be on everyone’s radar.

His new EP Gonga, set to drop of 12.5.11 for planet mu, is sure to wake up anyone intrigued by the fringe sounds of juke, garage and house. Today he blessed us all by posting a short and sweet mix featuring portions of all 4 tracks, which you can stream here. (TAKE THE 5.5 MINUTES TO GET ACQUAINTED)

Gonga EP Promo Mix (Out Dec 5th Planet Mu Records) by ITAL TEK

I had the honor of hosting his North American debut this past September in Manhattan, before he ventured out to Seattle’s Decibel Fest. His set was enlightening, throwing caution to the wind and truly blurring genre boundaries, keeping our dance floor moving at 3AM friday morning (he even snuck in some quasimoto and some WTFs!?!?! were definitely heard around the room)

Next up is another genre blurring 2-track from scene new-comer Guy Andrews. Another native of Brighton (like Ital Tek), this release comes courtesy of Untold’s Hemlock recordings imprint. Managing to draw from 2-step, garage, d’n'b and dub techno, these two tracks are sure to please anyone who respects intricate drum programming as opposed to the easy out boom bap one two. Have a click and let the music speak for itself.

HEK014 A Guy Andrews – Shades by Hemlockrecordings

HEK014 AA Guy Andrews – Textures by Hemlockrecordings

To round out this week’s edition, immerse yourself into the new EP by Myrryrs, Nashville-based producer who you should start to get familiar with; you’ll find out why soon enough. Myrryrs stormed onto the scene with his “Feel U” EP for Discobelle, and this follow up is another collection of vocal oriented dance floor business. If you happened to tune into Keep Albany Boring radio last Friday on WCDB, you heard me start off with Teki Latex & Bambounou remix of Feel U.” Also, don’t sleep on the obey city remix featured here (who will be joining me, Wheez-ie, Doctor Jeep and Archie Pelago for my monthy party in Manhattan; On The Sly, 11.17)

BYRSLF008 | MYRRYRS – Blood Of A Slave EP by B.YRSLF division

Review: Drake — Take Care

There aren’t enough adjectives in the English language to describe how much of a vagina Drake is. However, this vagina with out question delivered a top-notch album.

Take Care is everything you thought it would be going to be, which is the male version of the Vagina Monologues. For some reason though, it’s relatable — maybe it’s because me and Drizzy both have an affinity for strippers we’ve made rich — maybe.

I wouldn’t listen to this shit if you’ve never been in a relationship because it will make you into a NO BOX HAVING EMO. I would give a break down of every song but it’d be pointless, as the album is truly best listened and described as a collective body of work.

Also, no one should play this album while the sun is out. This is an album that should only be played when you’re either drunk and lonely, drunk and reminiscing of the times spent with your ex, or the best of them all — drunk/high off the LEAN (lean use is not endorsed by Keep Albany Boring nor its affiliates, including but not limited to Kevin Ross).

Truly this is a solid album and I’d rate it a 4 out 5. And remember folks — don’t listen to this shit while the sun is out.

Twiddling thumbs, and more

Last Friday night, Pearl Street was popping. Numerous characters hopped in and out of bars throughout the night, taking advantage of Holiday drink specials and live acts. At Jillian’s, local blues veterans Sly Fox and the Hustlers opened up for emerging Vermont-based jam and funk band Twiddle.

Sly Fox had the slowly growing crowd mildly moving to their original songs but when they covered Jimi Hendrix’s “Stone Free” and a funky version of a James Brown song, familiarity provoked the dancing shoes to begin twist and shuffle.

Not long after eleven, the Killer from the Scream trilogies, a pirate-complete with red and white stripped cut-off pants and a Peter Pan hat, and two gentlemen dressed in flashy, glittery, and eccentric clothing started tuning their instruments. Without any prior knowledge, these characters could have just been seen as young hooligans, but their riffs and beats while just tuning and setting up justified their youthful talent.

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