Don’t sleep: discount tickets to WCDB’s 34th Anniv. Fest

Fun fact, WCDB began broadcasting on March 1st, 1978 and will be celebrating its 34th birthday this year in the form of a 2-day festival hosted at Valentine’s March 2-3.

From this very moment until Sunday at 11:59pm, tickets are available here for a discounted price. Advance tickets are now available for $20 for the entire weekend, which averages out to $1.25 per each band’s live performance (!!!)

Among the 16 bands playing are Barons in the Attic celebrating their new CD release, as well as The Parlor (formerly We Are Jeneric), Avi Buffalo, Titus Andronicus, Brian Dewan, Sgt Dunbar and the Hobo Banned, and Matthew Carefully, to name a few.

Day passes will also be available, for $17/Saturday and $10/Friday, but you might as well save a few bucks and spend the whole weekend supporting local music and getting your money’s worth, right? Right. Also of note is that WCDB will be broadcasting live on 90.9fm straight from the club, as well as giving away concert tickets (check out upcoming shows here), t-shirts and vinyl.

Scope the full line-up and details over on their Facebook.

Bonus: Tonight during 6-8pm lock in for KAB’s slot with kc and knomad, followed by Looney 8-10 and Lo-Fi Lobo 10-12.

Quality events for this weekend vol. 35

Friday, February 10th

Funk and Soul In Your Cup w/Trumastr at The Hudson Rive Coffee House, 8pm [fbook]

Mirk at Red Square 8pm [fbook]

Vessels, Black John Wayne, The Power at Villa Valenti, 8pm [fbook]

Game Show Friday/Comedy Open Mic at Waterworks [fbook]

Saturday, Feburary 11th

Rusko, Savoy, Alex English, TrevMunz and Party With Tina at the Washington Ave Armory [fbook]

Marc Price from Family Ties at Savahanna’s [fbook]

Rusko after-party At Savahannas [fbook]

Singles Mingle: The “Not Valentine’s Day” Jam w/Trumastr at Quintessence [fbook]

The Lucky Jukebox Brigade, LATT, Friends of Yours, and Rosary Beard, at The Hudson Rive Coffee House [fbook]

Sunday, Feburary 12th

Poetry + PROSE, An Open Mic for Literary Enthusiasts, The Arts Center of the Capital Region [fbook]

Have a Heart Benefit Hardcore Show, Bogies [fbook]

Interestingness in the local news vol 45

cops looking for girl who sprayed a dude in the face with a soda bottle full of bleach [ynn]

kapl is unionizing, still cant bring in an ipod to work [tu]

madison corner deli is closed [tu]

city beer hall expands menu [tu]

ibi gives us a list for the best public places in saratoga to have car sex [idiotsbeingidiots]

Petition to Reject Albany’s Proposed Live Music Tax

Jeremy Routhier-James, a local musician has started a petition opposing the ‘Live Music Tax’. Sign it and pass it on!

Also, you should plan on attending the Common Council planning committee meeting which will discuss the proposed law February 15th at 5:00 pm, in a 2nd Floor Court Room at City Hall (24 Eagle Street). The meeting is open to the public and there’s a public comment period. If you have something to say, there’s your opportunity.

Interestingness in the local news vol 44

the ten year vamp show got mased/teargassed/somethinged [fridaypuppy]

guy got robbed of his guns at knifepoint [timesunion]

missing baby was dropped off at a church [timesunion]

dude duct taped a dog and left it on the side of the road bc he couldn’t afford a vet [timesunion]

ge had a superbowl ad [youtube]

daniel is building fussylittleballot3 to help guide people who may vote for mediocrity in the tu ‘best of’ poll [fussylittleblog]

dwi sweep nets 21 [troyrecord]

ibi posted a review and insight into chowderfest [idiotsbeingidiots]

Laughs on Lark Comedy Showcase Cancelled + An Open Letter

UPDATE: The Common Council planning committee is to discuss the proposed law February 15th at 5:30 pm, in a 2nd Floor Court Room at City Hall (24 Eagle Street). The meeting is open to the public and there’s a public comment period. If you have something to say, there’s your opportunity.

You can also now read more about this at AOA and the KnickLedger.

Many of you saw the article about the Hudson River Coffee House’s battle with mundane and arbitrary restrictions which hurt small businesses and the like. Last night I got this email from Matt Kelly who runs the Laughs on Lark Comedy Showcase, which is being affected by one of the aforementioned arbitrary ordinances. The letter follows.

An Open Letter to The Capital Region and Beyond

Many of you are familiar with, or have come to enjoy our monthly Laughs on Lark Comedy Showcase. We regret to inform you that we will have to cancel this month’s show, scheduled for Wednesday February 8th, our first cancellation since we started 20 months ago. It is not because we need to write new material, though we could use a few fresh jokes, or because of anxiety over the possibility of a Rick Santorum presidency, but because of a proposed Ordinance by the City of Albany regarding audio entertainment within taverns and restaurants. The ambiguity of the bill and the rush to enforce it prior to the Common City Council meeting scheduled to discuss it leave us no option but to pull the plug.

We started the show in August of 2010 in hopes of bringing a breathe of fresh air to the local entertainment community. Modeled after New York City alternative comedy rooms and with a showcase-format we’ve had 35+ different stand-up comedians, improv performers, special guests, and even a magician.

We love this neighborhood and judging by the increasing number of folks in attendance, you like us too. We believe strongly that businesses that promote and nourish local performers should be celebrated and not punished. Culture is what makes our community so spirited and lively, so imposing added restrictions on the shrinking number of establishments who embrace the artistic community is wrong. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to perform for so many of you and we hope to be back as soon as possible.

Matt Kelly & Jaye Mcbride

It really sucks to see people who are doing things in our city to make it a more diverse and fun place to live getting entangled in regulations to the point of discontinuation. I guess these law makers really take the name of this site literally, eh?

You can buy tacos off the internet. In Albany. From Lucky Tortilla’s. It’s the future.

Yes you’ve been able to use CampusFood or Mealeo or whatever to order whatever standard pizza/wing crap for ages. HOWEVER, this breaking technology allows you to have TACOS and BURRITOS delivered, FAST. Also the tacos are about $2 and the huge burritos about $6. And, surprise, they’re actually good.

It’s no Brooklyn or Austin, TX food truck (how hipster of me), but it will do. Remember, you are in Albany.

Bookmark this link, and thank me later.