Must Shrug TV: Why It May Be Time to Let Community Go

NBC announced its midseason schedule yesterday; Community is not on it. I fear it’s not long for this world – something I hate to say that about my favorite current TV series, but I have to accept it. So much of the show works. It’s well-acted and well-written; the study group at the show’s core comprises a genuine ensemble of multi-faceted characters. Episodes teeter on a knife’s edge between absurd comedy and heartfelt drama without slipping into the excesses of either.

Community’s signature move is its theme episodes: full-length parodies of mafia movies, say, or of Westerns. One even spoofs the single-camera sitcom itself, in the form of a mock-mockumentary. Done poorly, these would be time-sucking detours, but writers and the cast have so thoroughly developed the characters’ relationships that even a show that overreaches or misses the mark enhances the series as a whole. There are bad episodes of Community, to be sure, but no unnecessary ones. It’s the first show in years where I make sure never to miss an episode.

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Frequency North Presents Megan Abbott

The second reading of the College of Saint Rose’s Visiting Writer series, “Frequency North”, now in its seventh season, presented contemporary writer Megan Abbott this past Thursday. Megan Abbott is the author of, most recently, The End of Everything, hot off her radio-appearance on WAMC’s “The Round Table”.

The event’s host, and occasionally bearded-due-to-sabbatical professor Daniel Nester, introduced Abbott first as a friend, (they attended graduate school at NYU together), then as a fellow writer by highlighting her most recent awards and her, now, five acclaimed novels. Most notably her 2007 novel Queenpin which received the Barry Award for best paperback novel and the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allen Poe Award.

Photo courtesy of Pattinase

Before reading the first chapter from her new novel, The End of Everything, Abbott took about thirty minutes to preface her work and to discuss her shift from boiler-plate, historically-supported noir to a more creative, childish perspective on mysteries and crime. She introduces her narrator Lizzie, a thirteen-year-old girl stuck witnessing and investigating a Michigan suburb in the 1980s. Abbott admits to knowing the setting intimately by reliving some childhood memories that, in hindsight, resemble the delicate details established by her wordy prose and her comfortable machine-gun reading style.

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Assist with a documentary about male genitalia

Normally, due to my vanilla e-mail settings, an e-mail looking for help with researching the male reproductive organs would end up immediately in my spam folder. But interestingly enough, this e-mail caught my attention. This legitimate research opportunity was sent from a friend of mine and is verifiably not spam. Below see his request for an internship opportunity assisting with a documentary about dicks.

Copy pasta:

I’m looking for an intern to perform research for a documentary I’m working on. The documentary is about cultural and personal fixations on penis size and performance. Research will be on a wide range of topics- from the roots of these fixations (porn, religion, etc.) to the ways it affects people (sex, relationships, self worth, penis enhancement devices/supplements). I have the full range of initial research topics ready so intern won’t need to brainstorm right away. 

I need someone to find news articles, video clips, medical/academic reports and potential interview subjects for the movie. Right now I’m looking for someone who can work 5 hours a week and who can meet up in Albany for a 15-30 minute face-to-face meeting once every week or two. Internship is unpaid but I’m happy to talk with local colleges about getting a student some credit for the work. I have a business/tax ID and all that so getting credit is feasible. Either way, it’s just doing research on dicks so it’ll be way more fun than whatever other internships are out there right now.

If interested, send along your inquiries/resumes/CVs/whatever to

OTS x OP1: Interview with Wheez-ie

Bringing our interview series threefold for this month’s deluxe combo of on the sly X OUTPOST1, comes from Wheez-ie. Hailing from Houston TX, Wheez-ie’s been rippling the bass music pool with two EP releases this year, All Worked Up on Well Rounded Individuals and Keep Yer Chin Up on Embassy Recordings, (scope the write up on XLR8R here).

To quote Andrew, who sums it up nicely: “every track from this dude is fire, and if DaveQ from last month left you with a little bit of a hankering for more juke at OUTPOST1, here you go. Fuck, even Joe Nice told me to book him!”

Photo: Geoff White
What U Want by Wheez-ie

Let’s cut to the chase and get to the interview! Hit the jump.

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OP1 x OTS: Interview with Doctor Jeep vol. 2

Doctor Jeep is the first out-of-towner to grace OUTPOST1 twice and for absolute good reason – July’s OP1 was top notch. Back in July, we featured a full blown Q+A and mix. Cue the mix nostalgia here and to re-familiarize everyone, I asked him a couple q’s to catch up with him. In a nutshell, since July, he’s been super busy working on his own productions, playing out with dudes like SBTRKT and being a full-time student at Northeastern. Jeep baby, how do you do it!

His latest tracks, “Monica” and “Whoomp!”, have been rinsed in during KAB radio on WCDB the past couple of weeks and depending on travel time Friday, he’ll be back on the airwaves prior to OP1.

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Interestingness in the local news vol 39

pine hills blog organizes meeting for the community [TU]

the view from 17 chapel [TU]

no plans for central warehouse [TU]

the cool arcade building is forclosed upon [TU]

17 year old almost jumped off a bridge over 890 [TU]

more arrested at occupy albany [TU]

mother/daughter report robbery but PLOT TWIST they were the robbers [TU]

guys body dumped in sewer, never found, and his credit card was used after he went missing [TU]

Music Monday: Interview with Archie Pelago

To celebrate and give thanks to our November harvest of a varied and plentiful spread of bass-oriented tastes and textures, OUTPOST1 has teamed up with on the sly to bring you a double portion of Wheez-ie, Doctor Jeep and additional support from respective residents and guests.

Thursday it all pops off, with knomad‘s on the sly down in NY at (le) poisson rouge. The full bill for OTS features Wheez-ie, Doctor Jeep, Archie Pelago (live), Obey City and knomad. knomad put together a packed punch mix featuring tracks from past, present and future on the sly x OUTPOST1 artists, as embedded below.

First up in our interviews for the tail end of this week’s events, is Archie Pelago, a live/production outfit based out of Brooklyn. As guests playing at Thursday’s on the sly, I took the opportunity to sit down with these guys and learn more about their collective adventures as Archie Pelago. I first heard them live at TURRBOTAX® this past summer and was excited to learn that these musicians take on their own formula, combining electronic dance music with organic instrumentation, and putting it into the beloved club environment.

Copy pasta from their bio: The Brooklyn-based trio is comprised of Cosmo D (cello/ableton wizard), Kroba (sax/fx) and Hirshi (dj/trumpet). Joining forces in late summer of 2010, Archie Pelago has been committed to producing powerful tunes inspired by contemporary bass music culture.

Scope the latest from their soundcloud above and check out our Q+A beneath the jump.

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