OVER: Ticket Giveaway: WCDB’s 34th Anniversary Music Festival

This upcoming Friday and Saturday, WCDB will be celebrating its 34th year of existence at Valentine’s Music Hall. The two-day affair features 14 bands, ticket/merch/vinyl giveaways and live broadcasting from the venue. For more information such as ticket pricing and set times, check over on the Facebook event.

Thanks to WCDB, we’ve got a pair of tickets to giveaway! To enter, leave a comment on this post.

Common sense: When commenting, use an email that goes to your phone or put your phone number in that box (I’ll text you), I gotta be able to let you know if you’ve won otherwise someone else will be getting your tickets. Don’t enter if you can’t go, etc.

The contest will end tomorrow (Monday) at 11am, so if you’ve entered check your e-mail or phone around then. Don’t sleep on this!

Twerk Team tonight in Troy

Many of you have explored the depths of that good old YouTube website and I’m sure have found the Twerk Teams videos before. If you haven’t it’s a group of fine young ladies who take videos of their “new age choreography” and upload it onto the internet for everyone to enjoy.

It’s at Irish Mist in Troy, and starts at 9:30. Here’s the official flyer.

Hit the jump to see what it’s all about. (NSFW)

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Quality events for this weekend vol. 36

Friday Feb 24

Troy Night Out [fbook]

TNO After Party [fbook]

Company of Thieves at Jillians [fbook]

Secret Release, General Kornwalis and Mr. Kissner, and Datt at the HRCH [fbook]

STAND UP! For the Comedic Arts Fundraiser Show at Waterworks [fbook]

Saturday Feb 25

After The Fall, Caleb Lionheart, Caseracer, & Miss My Chance at Ozone [fbook]

Maija DiGiorgio (Comedy) at Savahannas [fbook]

Hoax, Sqrm, Won’t Belong, No Children and Longcat at Valentines [fbook]

Hungry Hip Hop Junkie In The City at Quintessence w/Nate Da Great, Trumaster, Sev and JB [fbook]

JunGALA w/Dubbel Dutch and Samo Sound Boy in New Paltz [fbook]

Interestingness in the local news vol 49

suny’s muslim groups spied on by the nypd [tu]

a mom set a pile on clothes on fire an apartment with kids in it then bounced [tu]

bros fight outside of a bro bar in bro central [tu]

polish deli coming to lark (this excites the westchester in me) [tu]

a bill is looking to ban shark fins [tu]

sla releases map to places with liquor licenses (i still want to get 1 drink at every bar on the list — who wants to join) [tu]

the copy shop on state and pearl (next to savahannas) is turning into a vodka bar [tu]

loans approved for a troy bombers [tu]

nys govt to sell surpluses on ebay [tu]

live music tax discussion moved one week to next weds [tu]

my dudes in ‘karate’ getting support from the idiots (i agree too — they’re young and really, really good) [idiotsbeingidiots]

KAB x JunGALA Interview: Samo Sound Boy

This Saturday, it comes recommended to make the pilgrimage from Albany to New Paltz (it really is just a straight shoot down 87 after all) to catch Dubbel Dutch and Samo Sound Boy play out in celebration of the two-year anniversary of JunGALA at Cabaloosa’s.

Simply put, this booking feels like planets aligned, especially considering that it is a two-year celebration (big ups New Paltz!) and also how last year when Samo was billed to play JunGALA, we were hit with a cancelation due to brutality in the form of Hurricane Irene. Thankfully the good folks involved with JunGALA and Broken Teeth Crew worked out bringing him back around and, no less, at a time when his label Body High is really beginning to turn heads.

Recently, Alexander Wang featured a track from the label’s own DJ Funeral during its runway show (!!!) and next week (Feb. 28) DJ Sliink’s Vibrate EP comes out on Body High! Sliink absolutely did the damn thing in the club last week and I’m stoked to catch Samo, (co-founder of the label alongside Jerome of the LOL Boys) just a week later. Also of note, this will be Dubbel Dutch’s second time gracing JunGALA so you can stop kicking yourself if you missed him play out locally last time (like I’ve been).

Samo Sound Boy, of Trouble & Bass, is a Los Angeles based producer and DJ whose powerful live sets and original productions have brought him to the forefront of today’s global club scene. With his second EP released through Palms Out Sounds, another for Trouble and Bass, and forthcoming remixes for the likes of Tim Dolla, Bassanova, and NGUZUNGUZU, Samo is only getting started spreading his club aesthetic that Chicago journalist Dave Quam described as: “Weird, banging, and beautiful. Like a shortwave radio recording of all the best stations at once.”

Hit the jump below to get better acquainted with Samo Sound Boy!

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Music Coalition helping Albany get it together

Recently, some friends and musically-inclined, like-minded people decided to join forces to create the Albany Music Coalition. The goal in mind is to provide an interactive forum for local musicians to share ideas and coordinate efforts, in providing the community with information regarding our diverse, local music scene.

The Coalition aims to serve as an informative resource for the Capital Region, as well as host and publicize performances, creative gatherings and educational programs.

The coalition has several founding members, some in bands (like Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo Banned, Slender Shoulders and B3nson Records) and others advocates and enthusiasts for our local music happenings. Some thoughts for the formation of the Coalition include how some events coincide on the same nights and ideas of music festivals or shows simmer out due to a lack of community, and the Coalition aims to maximize effort and organization between common goals and projects from the very start.

It is also formed as a way to connect area musicians, record labels, venues and media. Fans and interested parties will be able to subscribe to a mailing list to receive a monthly calendar of events throughout the Capital Region and also will highlight the Coalition’s own concerts and community events, including seminars and discussions on topics such as the creative process and marketing.

The unification of putting a diverse range of resources into one source is something that I think our community really could use. Facebook event invites only go so far and having a Coalition of people working together to help promote and water our music scene is rather uplifting. The Coalition will act as a volunteer operated organization, offering free membership until 2013, where then the plan is to implement a low-cost membership fee to help support and expand activities and services. Things will be kicking off in April with its first concert to help raise funds to achieve non-profit status and officially launch the organization.

For more information, see their website.

OVER: Ticket Giveaway: August Burns Red at Northern Lights

Thanks to Step Up Presents, we’ve got another pair of tickets to giveaway! This time it’s for a show at Northern Lights this upcoming Monday (2/27) featuring August Burns Red as the headliner with support from Silverstein, Texas in July and I the Breather.

To enter: Leave a comment on this post!

Common sense: When commenting, use an email that goes to your phone or put your phone number in that box (I’ll text you), I gotta be able to let you know if you’ve won otherwise someone else will be getting your tickets. Don’t enter if you can’t go, etc.

The contest will end this Friday at 2pm, so if you’ve entered check your email (or phone) around then! Good luck, have at it!