Phantogram to be on the next Flaming Lips album

In an article from Pitchfork, Wayne Conye talks about the Flaming Lips’ next album, which includes a ton of collaborations, a few ultra-limited edition which will have actual blood samples from the collaborators, and what it’s like to be around Ke$ha while she’s on 10 hits of acid.

However, a little way into the article, this gem drops:

According to Coyne, one track that’s almost guaranteed to make it onto the new album features New York electro-pop outfit Phantogram. Coyne describes that one thusly: “It’s a real fuckin’ somber, strange song about lusting for success and the things that you want in your life.”

Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of that record.

First Look: Canstruction at the NYS Museum

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Opening tomorrow and running through April 26, at the NYS Museum, is an exhibit featuring over 40,000 donated canned goods. But it’s not just a stockpile of cans in some hasty attempt at a Warholian statement regarding repetition. This is much, much more than a pile of cans.

Over that past two days, 13 groups of 250 local architects, engineers, contractors and design students teamed up to carefully construct zoo animals using the donated cans as their medium. The result is unexpectedly mesmerizing.

This year marks the 2nd annual Capital Region Canstruction, whose cans are purchased by the teams with money from fundraising will benefit the Food Pantries for the Capital District. The idea is to help raise awareness towards helping feed those in need throughout the Capital Region in association with the American Institute of Architects’ Eastern New York chapter and the national program Canstruction, which is a nonprofit that holds annual design and building competitions.

Hit the jump to read more and see the full gallery.

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Tour of the Battenkill Announces Schedule of Events

America’s toughest one day bicycle race, The Tour of Battenkill, is almost here, and it’s local! Pros and amateurs both compete over a 62-mile course of rolling (massively hilly) terrain in the Battenkill Valley. The 2011 race had over 2500 amateur and pro riders competing from all over America and the world. There are sections of this race where you can offer drunk “motivational phrases” and watch riders regret signing up to race up 12% grade on dirt roads.

The schedule has been finalized and includes a ride for kids and families, as well as many vendors and even a non competitive ride with 3-time Tour de France champion Greg Lemond.

Hit the jump to see a few photos from past iterations of this event.

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Troy Bombers Construction to Begin Next Month

Matt spilled the beans on his blog yesterday in passing:

the Troy Bombers looks like construction will begin a month or so (very very exciting)

Troy’s already a hot-spot for lunch and this just adds another location to help forget that you’re still at work for another 4 hours or so. Everyone should be excited to have another option, especially if they do the mid-day taco buffet that they do at the Albany location, that I happen to miss out on everyday. Oh and now you can get a Jimbo on your lunch break.

photo lifted from flickr user areese


Interestingness in the local news vol 54

largest crackdown in the history of the AG’s organized crime task force lands 52 reputed gang members in jail

explosion that leveled a house last year in salem still under investigation of foul play

homie was so mad that he was asked to leave a bar after having sex it it he bit off the bartenders finger

kegs and eggs bro accused of stabbing was acquitted

busplus to have free rides on wednesday to celebrate birthday

pearl street pub now serving brunch on sundays

Andrew’s Music Monday: DJ New Jersey Drone, Melé, Sinjin Hawke

Yep, it’s Monday. Hopefully you’ll dig some of these music recommendations I’ve drummed up for you. First up, we’ve got DJ New Jersey Drone’s new EP. As described by the name, it’s a eclectic mix of club sounds and drone; probably close to what would happen if DJ Sliink and oOoOO worked on some tunes together. Really weird (in a good way) and definitely a new sound.

Next up is Melé’s new mix for Luckyme, which was posted some time last week. It’s got a ton of good dark rap in there mixed in with a healthy amount of straight club tunes and other obscurities. A great listen from front to back.

Lastly, is Sinjin Hawke’s guestmix for RINSE.FM. I absolutely LOVE The-Dream so this had me hooked from the very start. Flips quickly into many of Sinjin Hawke’s remixes which include Waka Flocka, The-Dream, DJ Khaled, etc. Another really great mix.

Price Chopper Launches ‘Shops4u’ Delivery Service

Extremely lazy recluses rejoice! With the impending doom that the new Central Ave Shop Rite will bring, other area grocery stores in the area are trying to get a quick head start. Shop Rite, which many people know, will deliver groceries that are ordered online. Price Chopper, somehow though to do the exact same thing! There is however both a delivery AND pickup fee, both of which are reduced for the time being.

For the full ‘shops4u experience’, head over to the Price Chopper website.