Twenty-Two Second Street Wine Co.

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Twenty-Two Second Street Wine Co. will open it’s doors for business today at 3pm. Heather Lavine and Vic Christopher’s latest project aims to be the wine shop everyone wishes was in their neighborhood. The store will stock around 150 wines focusing on small natural and organic producers. Bottles start at $7 and go up from there.

I stopped by the space yesterday to check it out, and since last winter it’s come a long way. I’m a wine newbie but one of my favorite parts of going to the Lucas Confectionery is that I can rely on their expertise to guide me to find a wine I enjoy, and I’m sure I can expect the same form the new store. A lot of times wine is overwhelming and purposefully inaccessible, but with helpful staff and an intentional selection I’m sure I’ll be in and out of there frequently.

Learn more on their facebook page and stop by ater 3pm today.


Tim Hecker at EMPAC: Ticket Giveaway

EMPAC has another awesome performance on the horizon. Tim Hecker is set to perform on Friday, November 13 and EMPAC has been kind enough to offer a pair of tickets to give away. Enter below!

From the event page:

Canadian electronic musician Tim Hecker returns to forge a new performance of sound and light. Hecker was last in residence at EMPAC in 2012, during which time he recorded a portion of his critically acclaimed album Virgins.

Credited for helping lead and popularize the genre of experimental electronics, his works have been described as “structured ambient,” “tectonic color plates,” and “cathedral electronic music.” More to the point, he has focused on exploring the intersection of noise, dissonance, and melody, fostering an approach to musicmaking that is both physical and emotive. Drawing on traditions of metal, techno, classical, and musique concrete, his sound has found itself at home in the liminal space between traditional genres, audiences, and performing contexts.

Test your luck and enter to win below. And if you’re not the contest type, feel free to simply pick up tickets on the event page.

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Oneohtrix Point Never at EMPAC: Ticket Giveaway

EMPAC has another awesome electronic music show on the horizon. Oneohtrix Point Never is set to perform on Friday, October 16 and EMPAC has been kind enough to offer a pair of tickets to give away. Enter below!

From the event page:

Lopatin is known for creating intricate electronic music that is characterized by its emphasis on melody and hypnotic pacing, conceptually stylized structures, and extreme use of audio-processing techniques. Early incarnations of Oneohtrix Point Never date back to the mid 2000s and drew heavily on the stylistic forms of cutout-bin ambient and new age records, combined with the structure and abrasiveness of noise music.

Newer work has focused on sample-based constructions, while R Plus Seven drew on procedural poetry and ersatz instrumentation to produce a cryptic meditation on the materiality of sound itself. In addition to his own studio work in 2014/2015, Lopatin toured with Nine Inch Nails, produced Antony’s forthcoming album, and exhibited an installation in collaboration with Boyce at MoMA PS1.

Test your luck and enter to win below. And if you’re not the contest type, feel free to simply pick up tickets on the event page.

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Xs to Os Vegan Bakery closing its doors Saturday

From the announcement on facebook:

We have some rather unfortunate and abrupt news to share. Due to some major equipment issues and a few financial hardships, we will be closing X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery on Saturday, September 12th. I love this place so very much, but had to come to a very hard decision today as our oven is on it’s last leg (after a string of horrible things). I’ve done this bakery for almost 8 years, 2 years in my house and 6 in our shop, but haven’t really been able to pay myself much. It’s been a definite struggle to stay afloat financially with the small income I’ve been able to give myself because I just wanted it all to go back into the business. Sadly, I can’t live that way and it doesn’t make for a sustainable business either.
I’ve poured my heart and my soul into this lovely place and so many of you have helped make it wonderful. This bakery has had the most amazing people working in it…creative, loving, and wonderful souls and for that I am eternally grateful. I am grateful to you, our wonderful customers who have made it a real place in our community and have helped show that vegan treats are delicious. It has been extremely wonderful making so many awesome baked goods for our community and we thank you so very much for being a part of that.

A very sad day for a Capital Region vegan institution. If you know anyone with money and the desire to run a vegan bakery, get in touch.


Coffee Tasting at Superior Merchandise Co.

Straight out of the gate, SMCo.‘s coffee program is offering a great (and free) public tasting. They’re brewing the same coffee as espresso and drip to show the taste difference based on brew methods.

The goal of this tasting is to illustrate how different brew methods can extract different qualities from the same coffee. Attendees will be invited to taste Supersonic’s Concorde blend brewed as drip coffee and as espresso.

Supersonic Coffee is a forward thinking team keeping an eye on the future as they roast meticulously sourced green coffees with next-level equipment and tie it all together with space age packaging.

In addition to beans from a rotating, evolving set of coffee roasters from across the globe, Superior Merchandise Company offers craft beer & wine alongside a carefully curated selection of home goods.

Check out the event on facebook and mark your calendar for Sunday the 13th at 12:30.