EMPAC announces fall schedule

EMPAC has just announced their schedule for Fall 2015.

The season includes:

Sep 2: Programming EMPAC: The First 4,158 Days (Book Launch)

Sep 2: On Screen/Sound: No. 1 (Tron)

Sep 9: On Screen/Sound: No.2 (Shorts)

Sep 10: Ant Hampton “The Extra People”

Sep 17: Flatform “dotQuantum”

Sep 23: On Screen/Sound: No. 3 (All Magic Sands [Chappaqua])

Sep 24: Tarek Atoui “WITHIN 2”

Sep 30: On Screen/Sound: No. 4 (L’inhumaine)

Oct 1: Jennifer West and Michael Ned Holte “In Conversation: Film Memory”

Oct 2: vhvl + Daedelus + Ikonika

Oct 8: Mark Fell “Recursive Frame Analysis”

Oct 9: Mark Fell “Recursive Frame Analysis”

Oct 15: France Jobin

Oct 22: Robert Hamilton “The Machine is the Message: How Technology Will Fundamentally Change Music”

Oct 28: On Screen/Sound: No. 5 (Mishima)

Oct 30: Elizabeth Orr “Mount Rushmore”

Nov 4: On Screen/Sound: No. 6 (Light Music)

Nov 5: Eternity and Megalomania: The Politics and Mechanics of Archiving (Johannes Goebel)

Nov 12: Tim Hecker

Nov 13: Silas Riener and Anne Carson “THINGING: Dance and Translation and the Work of Anne Carson”

Nov 18: On Screen/Sound: No. 7 (Blow Out)

Dec 2: On Screen/Sound: No. 8 (Gold Diggers of 1933)

Dec 3: Mary Halvorson + Colin Marston

Dec 11: Holly Herndon

I’m super excited for the vhvl/Daedelus/Ikonika show, as well as Tim Hecker. Try to make it to as many of these as you can. EMPAC is really fun and their programming is always on point.


Troy Flea

Troy Flea is a new seasonal flea market taking place every Sunday from July to October. The flea begins this Sunday, July 19 and runs from 11am-4pm at Troy’s Riverfront Park.

The Flea is organized by Jessica McEnaney, the proprietor of the vintage shop Dang That’s Cherry. Dang That’s Cherry recently moved from Downtown Troy to 112th St in Lansingburgh, and they have everything from records, vintage fashion, furniture and more.

Check out the flea market after brunch or yoga in the park!

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Albany Distilling expands into Takk House’s bar

Takk House teased last week that they had something in the wings, and today they announced that Albany Distilling is moving into their bar space.

From their facebook post:

Finally! We can shout this from the roof tops! We are sooo thrilled to announce that The Albany Distilling Company, Inc. and Takk House are going into a wonderful collaboration! They are moving in! Welcome to Troy ADCo! We are so happy to have you. You will now be able to hang out in our bar/parlor 1-2 times a month during special popup hours and enjoy a specialty cocktail and entertainment. We are calling these events “Shake-ups” and the first one is 7/11 after the Troy Pig Out. More details soon! We hope to see you at our very first collaborative event launch. Please help us in welcoming ADCo to the neighborhood! CHEERS!!

It’s going to be awesome to stop by once or twice a month and grab some cocktails made with local spirits, and will allow a bunch of people to see the awesome space inside of Takk House.

Peck’s Arcade Movie

After eating at Peck’s Arcade a few times and seeing all that goes into each night, I wanted to create a video giving everyone a look behind the scenes. I hope this video does that and also gives you a feeling of the space if you haven’t been yet. I can’t recommend this place enough, if you haven’t been, make a reservation as soon as you can.


Hackathon aimed at first timers, girls and women at The Arts Center

River Jam is a free, introductory game making “hackathon” for girls and women at The Arts Center, and is part of the #include series. The first event takes place June 20.

You can work alone or with others to make your idea for a game or app come to life in 48 hours with no previous technical background necessary (this is aimed at first timers after all). They will have experienced mentors available for help.

River Jam is a free, introductory “learn to make a game in 48 hours” event that is geared primarily toward people that have never made a game before, especially girls and women that have an idea for a game or app and want some help figuring out how to bring it to life. No technical background is required in order to participate, and we will have professional mentors on hand to help guide participants. Additional information is available at if you’re curious to learn more.