The Shop, Troy

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I was thrilled when I got notice that The Shop (which is not The Shoppe, also in Troy’s downtown) has opened it’s doors.

The space itself is great. They did a superb job allowing the space’s past life as a hardware store shine through in its current incarnation. When I stopped by, they were putting the finishing touches on the space, but the drink and food menu were fleshed out and looking great. There is a front bar room for those looking to grab drinks with friends, and a separate back dining where you can sit and grab some food.

The bartender Nate fixed me The Forester, which is a homemade thyme-maple infused bourbon with Creme Yvette and lemon juice, and it was delicious. I also had a Tommy Gun (Tullamore Dew, Cointreau, apricot jam, and ginger infused simple syrup) which was excellent. The cocktail menu has a great selection of actual cocktails, not two-ingredient “cocktails” in a pint glass. Also on their drink menu are beer cocktails which are a nice way for beer drinkers to enjoy something new without jumping straight into the deep end. The Shop also boasts a beer list that includes nitro brews, many drafts, cans, bottles and of course wine as well.

Their Grand Opening is scheduled for 4:30pm on Halloween, which is also Troy Night Out. I strongly recommend checking this place out as soon as you can. It’s already a part of my to-do list whenever I’m in Troy. These bars with great cocktails are a new thing for the area and as someone who doesn’t drink beer, I couldn’t be happier.


Superior Merchandise Co. Pop Up Shop

Troy’s Superior Merchandise Co. has announced they’re having a pop up shop at the Tavern Resturant. The event will take place on this month’s Troy Night Out, which is also Halloween.

KAB did a preview of Superior Merchandise Co. earlier this year, and I’m happy to see things coming to fruition. This preview should give you a great taste of what’s to come with Superior Merchandise Co.

Check out the event page for more details. See you there!

Aquarium Drift

The Aquarium Drift by Ira Marcks

Local illustrator Ira Marcks is currently Kickstarting his latest fully illustrated novella about a sailor on a wild journey to the edge of the known world.

Ira is an artist and illustrator who has taught visual storytelling for over five years in the Capital Region. Through his own workshops and various classes he has definitely offered an awesome opportunity for those interested in any sort of illustrating. He has also successfully Kickstarted his last book, Witch Knots.

Even though the kickstarter has reached it’s goal there are many kickstarter only rewards that you have 48 hours to get in on.

And if you can’t get enough, Ira is also hosting the next Collage Night at Collar Works tomorrow, as well as currently showing some of his new works at Collar Works Gallery.


Intensive: October at EMPAC

On October 4, EMPAC is having what’s essentially their fall festival. The Intensive is showcasing four performances in a single day from their artist-in-residence program. These pieces include a band in a mirrored box, a talking car, a performance on a moving bus and a solo performance from Mick Barr.

Again, if you haven’t been to EMPAC recently, or ever, just pick one of these and go. It’s always awesome.

Check out the official descriptions on the event page and head over to EMPAC on the 10th to enjoy the performances.

Pecha Kucha kab

Tonight: Woodside Pecha Kucha

Tonight at CAC Woodside the latest installment of the Capital Region Pecha Kucha.

Pecha Kucha Nights are informal and fun gatherings where creative people get together and share their ideas, works, thoughts, holiday snaps — just about anything, really. Pecha Kucha 20×20 is a simple format where each presenter shows 20 images which they discuss for 20 seconds each.

These talks are a lot of fun, and with a bunch of presenters you can learn about a variety of topics in a night. And if something doesn’t interest you, it’s just a few minutes until the next presenter is on stage.

Find out about the presenters on the event page, and go enjoy the talks tonight!

Photo: Andrew Franciosa

Laurel Halo at EMPAC: Recap

This past Friday, upstate New York was gifted with another performance from an artist proudly of the Hyperdub roster. Laurel Halo is a brilliant producer and live electronic musician whose music gets you thinking as much you get lost in it.

I first saw Laurel Halo at TURRBOTAX®, a monthly club night in New York City that had first exposed me to some of my now-favorite producers over the past several years. In the city, it was a fully loaded dance set packed with the purest techno (read: actual techno) imaginable. Her performance at EMPAC on Friday was the complete opposite. Halo’s set was full of heavy, mysterious synths and samples that built towards one direction, and then shifted into a completely different, but not so distant direction. It was difficult to catch the rhythm or nod along but that seemed to be the clear intention of the artist.

Her set was a curious presentation of sound, as opposed to being engineered for a dance club setting like I had experienced in the past, and was somewhat expecting. I’d almost consider this set to be a total tease, knowing the type of music I’ve heard her capable of creating in the past. I enjoyed her performance with my eyes closed and my thoughts drifting, while seated in the venue’s main concert hall. There’s something to be said of being able to sit down to watch an artist with Halo’s talent and unique approach to sound. It was truly something different.

Halo’s music is meditative and pensive, while also aggressive, sharp, complicated and simple, all at once. It was all about the build with Halo controlling chaos and creating intricate patterns that seemed both illogical and perfectly on point. Whatever Halo is doing seriously works for her, as Friday’s performance had us all completely captivated.


Troy Restaurant Week starts today

Troy Restaurant Week kicks off today, and features different menu items between $5 and $30 in $5 increments. $5 will get you select lunch items, $10 will get you entress, $20 gets you into dinner territory and $30 gets you big dinners to share.

Check the restaurant week price and food list and be sure to check out the videos Erin Pihlaja had created in support of Troy Restaurant Week.

Grab a friend and go try a new restaurant over in Troy!