Bike share trial now live in Troy

From Capital Moves:

There will be 25 bicycles available for use between 10am and 8pm at one or more locations in each City. Locations are planned to include Jay Street at State Street in Schenectady, Riverfront Park in Troy, Broadway at Division Street in Saratoga Springs, and Washington Park in Albany. Once registered, participants will receive an ID number allowing them to use the bikes for the rest of the month. There will be no cost to participants, although a credit card will need to be on file as security for the bikes. In addition, participants will need to sign a waiver and provide positive identification.

The Troy trial runs until Saturday July 26th, and the Albany trial runs August 9 – 15. Get out there and ride around. Having these in our cities permanently would be really awesome so show them that the demand is there for this!

Photo: Tom Simpson/flickr


Early bird tickets currently available for RESTFEST

RESTFEST hasn’t announced all the bands who will be playing yet, but if you’ll most likely end up going you should swoop one of their early bird tickets, which is $25 for a weekend pass. This year’s RESTFEST will take place on August 15 and 16 at CAC Woodside in Troy.

Currently announced bands are No Kill, The Firs, Juston Stens and The Get Real Gang, Pony in the Pancake, Wild Adriatic, Hammer Hawk, Titanics, The North and South Dakotas, Rival Galaxies, The Slaughterhouse Chorus, Bear Grass, and Eastbound Jesus.

For more info visit

‘Cult Classics’ Burlesque 1-Year Anniversary

As you’ve probably seen over the past year, C. Amanda Boutahorse has been running a burlesque series called Cult Classics. Each show features a tribute to a different cult classic movie. This Friday is the one year anniversary of Cult Classics, and it will be celebrated with a burlesque tribute to the mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap.

Performers include Noelle Reign, Heather Whatever, Betty Bonneville, Persephone Pomme, C. Amanda Boutahorse, Chardonnay Latease, Lulu Madly, Baby Dead Girl, and Nikita Rose.

Doors at 8, Show at 9 at the Hangar at 675 River Street in Troy. Check out all the details on the event page.

Rare Form Brewing opening today

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Rare Form Brewing Company, located at 90 Congress Street in Troy will open their doors today at 4:30pm. The project started many months ago with a shell of a building which has been completely transformed into a gorgeous brewery. Jenny Kemp and Kevin Mullen with the help from a few friends have tackled almost all the work themselves, even the plumbing and electric. There’s a lot attention to detail in the brewery, such as the lights on the taps, the Rare Form colors on the bar, the custom tap handles, growlers and more.

The building that houses Rare Form has more going on than just the brewery. It will have four storefronts, with the other three being a deli, art gallery, and a restaurant/cocktail bar. Collar Works, the art gallery also opens today.

Check out Rare Form tonight during Troy Night Out and be sure to “test” all their beverages for science.


Tonight: Pasties, Pencils & Pints with Pam Demonium

Tonight at The Hanger in Troy is this month’s installment of Pasties, Pencils & Pints. PP&P is a figure drawing event that features burlesque performers. Also, don’t forget that you’re encouraged to have a few drinks to loosen up as you settle into your sketchpad.

Learn more on the event page and get your sketchpad ready.

the malt room

Lucas Confectionery and Brown’s Brewing on WAMC

Vic and Heather from The Confectionery as well as Kelly, Greg and Paul from Brown’s Brewing joined WAMC to talk about their operations. Heather gives you a great background and insight into the process and ideas behind their businesses. Vic talks a bit about the seemingly widespread adaptive reuse of the buildings in downtown Troy. Greg and Paul chat about the success of Brown’s Brewing, the location, and craft beer.

Set aside the 20 minutes and give the segment a listen.


‘Grown Up Egg Hunt’ this weekend (updated)

This coming Saturday, an expected 250 or so people will be hunting for eggs in Troy’s Prospect Park. The eggs are full of donated candy, gift certificates to local businesses, and alcohol vouchers.

The hunt isn’t without good purpose either, as the proceeds go to charities each year.

Registration is $15 and begins at 2:30pm with the hunt starting at 3:30pm. More details are available via the facebook event.

Update due to weather:

Due to the weather, the 3rd Annual Grown Up Egg Hunt will be at the Troy Atrium on 3rd Street. The registration and main tables will be at the end near the corner of Broadway and 4th Street. The hunt itself and other activities will take place throughout the Atrium – including the Frear Stairwell – following the Troy Farmer’s Market today.