Xs to Os Vegan Bakery closing its doors Saturday

From the announcement on facebook:

We have some rather unfortunate and abrupt news to share. Due to some major equipment issues and a few financial hardships, we will be closing X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery on Saturday, September 12th. I love this place so very much, but had to come to a very hard decision today as our oven is on it’s last leg (after a string of horrible things). I’ve done this bakery for almost 8 years, 2 years in my house and 6 in our shop, but haven’t really been able to pay myself much. It’s been a definite struggle to stay afloat financially with the small income I’ve been able to give myself because I just wanted it all to go back into the business. Sadly, I can’t live that way and it doesn’t make for a sustainable business either.
I’ve poured my heart and my soul into this lovely place and so many of you have helped make it wonderful. This bakery has had the most amazing people working in it…creative, loving, and wonderful souls and for that I am eternally grateful. I am grateful to you, our wonderful customers who have made it a real place in our community and have helped show that vegan treats are delicious. It has been extremely wonderful making so many awesome baked goods for our community and we thank you so very much for being a part of that.

A very sad day for a Capital Region vegan institution. If you know anyone with money and the desire to run a vegan bakery, get in touch.


Coffee Tasting at Superior Merchandise Co.

Straight out of the gate, SMCo.‘s coffee program is offering a great (and free) public tasting. They’re brewing the same coffee as espresso and drip to show the taste difference based on brew methods.

The goal of this tasting is to illustrate how different brew methods can extract different qualities from the same coffee. Attendees will be invited to taste Supersonic’s Concorde blend brewed as drip coffee and as espresso.

Supersonic Coffee is a forward thinking team keeping an eye on the future as they roast meticulously sourced green coffees with next-level equipment and tie it all together with space age packaging.

In addition to beans from a rotating, evolving set of coffee roasters from across the globe, Superior Merchandise Company offers craft beer & wine alongside a carefully curated selection of home goods.

Check out the event on facebook and mark your calendar for Sunday the 13th at 12:30.

Tavern Noodle returning for Troy restaurant week

Troy restaurant week is coming back and runs from September 14 to 20.

Tavern Noodle will be taking over Peck’s Arcade from September 16 to 19. The last two times Tavern Noodle occupied the space, everything sold out quickly and for good reason: the food is great.

From the press release:

Tavern Noodle will feature an array of Asian Soul Food dishes, including hot noodles, small plates and steamed buns. The four-day pop-up will be taking place from Wednesday, September 16th through Saturday, September 19th, beginning at 5:00 P.M. each night, at 211 Broadway in Troy. Reservations will not be accepted.

Keep up with the news on Tavern Noodle by following along on twitter @TavernNoodle, and check out the rest of the offerings for Troy restaurant week.

Shop Visit: Superior Merchandise Co.

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Superior Merchandise Co. has been years in the making. I had first heard rumblings and checked out the space SMCo. occupies in January 2014. Almost two years later, their doors are opening for real this Saturday, September 5.

SMCo. is a design shop, beer and wine bar, and specialty coffee shop in Troy, at 147 Fourth Street. They have a ton of really great items for sale, such as bags, shirts, housewares, coffee brewing supplies, cocktail ingredients, shop branded miscellany, and of course, coffee, beer and wine.

I’m excited for their coffee and coffee program. There will be a rotating selection of roasters cycling through SMCo. You can drink coffees from some of the best roasters in the country without having to do anything except order and drink it. If you’re not a coffee drinker, they’ve got some interesting tea blends as well as house-made infused simple syrups to go along with their iced teas.

And for those who need to wind down instead of wake up, they’ve got a small-but-diverse list of beers, wine and cider that are also on rotation. For now, they’ve got two beers on tap (Grimm Rainbow Dome and 2 Roads Worker’s Comp), a 8 beers in cans (Mikkeller Keeper Pils, Mikkeller Wit Fit, Evil Twin Bikini Beer, Stillwater Of Love + Regret, Mikkeller Citra Session IPA, To Øl Fuck Art – The Heathens Are Coming, 2 Roads Honespot Road, and White Hag White Sow Milk Stout), a cider (Nine Pin), and a selection of canned Underwood wine (Pino Noir, Pinot Gris, and Rosé).

Flower Scout will have her own little piece of the shop. This is the first retail location for Flower Scout and anyone will be able to stop in and grab a bouquet, year round.

Their grand opening party is Saturday. The official ribbon cutting will take place at noon, and at 8pm The Creepy Club will be performing some tunes. Stop by when you can and check out what they’ve been up to for the past two years.

Superior Merchandise Co. is open Tuesday through Sunday 8am to 8pm (or later) and is located at 147 Fourth Street, Troy, NY. You can keep up with them on Instagram or Facebook.


EMPAC’s Fall season kicks off Wednesday

On Wednesday, EMPAC is kicking off their Fall season. At 5:30pm, there will be a book launch for Programming EMPAC: The First 4,158 Days.

Our new book, Programming EMPAC: The First 4,158 Days, presents a vivid mosaic of all the events, projects, and works developed and presented here at the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center from 2014 back to inception.

The full schedule is on the Programming EMPAC event page.

At 7pm, the season officially kicks off with the first of eight screenings from the On Screen/Sound film series. This free screening features shorts highlighting sound design and will end with a screening of the 1982 sci-fi cult-classic Tron.


Superior Merchandise Co. Announces Grand Opening

Do you remember when I stopped by 147 Fourth Street in January of 2014? Well, Superior Merchandise Co. is now actualized and is opening on September 5.

From the event page:

Superior Merchandise Co. is a design shop and specialty coffee bar located in downtown Troy, New York. We’re focused on offering our customers the very best in quality across the full spectrum of what we do. We’re proud to feature exceptionally well designed goods from a variety of artists and makers, specialty coffee from the best roasters across the country, as well as craft beer and wine. We believe that curation is the cure for common retail and we strive to present our customers with a thoughtful selection of merchandise that will improve their quality of life, or at least make each day a little better. SMCo also acts as a community gathering space, offering live music, work shops, tastings and other fun events.

Please join us Saturday, September 5th for our GRAND OPENING! The ceremonial ribbon cutting will take place at NOON and the party starts after. Come shop our selection of beautiful home goods and have a coffee or couple of beers on our sunny back patio!

Check out the Facebook event for the grand opening and mark your calendar for September 5!