The Lucas Confectionery, 2012

Heather LaVine and Vic Christopher win Eater’s 2016 Young Gun Award

From Eater:

Each year, Eater puts on its search for the most inspiring young talent in the industry. We issue a public call for nominations, run selections by trusted industry experts, and then congratulate a new team of extraordinarily talented restaurant industry trailblazers. The winners are leading the charge for development and progress while making a mark in their respective fields. Eater Young Guns recognizes these individuals for their hard work and toasts their future plans.

Eater has also posted a wonderful vignette on Heather and Vic which goes deep into their history, the beginning of the Lucas Confectionery, how we still don’t have Uber somehow, and the reason behind the things they’re doing.

It’s wonderful to have these two recognized for the boundary pushing they’re doing in Troy, and the impact they’ve had on the culinary and wine scene in the area. These are the people who are actively making it better to live here, and it’s great to know that it’s not just the locals noticing.

The featured photos is The Lucas Confectionery, 2012

superior neon

Drop Coffee Takeover at Superior Merchandise

Starting July 2, Drop Coffee will be taking over all things coffee at Superior Merchandise. Similar to a tap-takeover, SMCo. will be serving Drop Coffee’s entire line by pour over, batch brew, iced coffee, and espresso until they run out.

Some background from Kinfolk’s excellent interview with Drop co-owner Joanna Alm:

What do you take into consideration while roasting your coffee?

We strive to bring out all the good natural flavors of the coffee in the roasting process without adding any roast tones. It’s crucial for us to keep all the natural flavor of the coffee throughout each step of the production chain, from the cherry to the final cup, regardless of the brew method. This is a bit controversial on the coffee market, but it’s the only way to achieve our aim to get most out of the product.

Drop Coffee is has ranked top four in the world the past three years at the World Coffee Roasting Championship. Coffee from Drop is generally difficult procure in America, and even more rare to see their entire line being offered in multiple brew methods, as well as retail bags you can bring home (which are gorgeous boxes).

SMCo. will have the Roaster Takeover as a recurring series, and I’m extremely excited to have these hard to find coffees being offered so close to home. This commitment to raising the bar and pushing the boundaries of what cafes do and offer is one of the reasons why SMCo. is the best coffee shop in our area.


SubBassProtoTon at EMPAC


Although the SubBassProtoTon was used as a musical instrument for Atoui’s WITHIN, the box is more properly understood as a science-museum-style installation that allows visitors to explore some fundamental principles of sound while actually being immersed in the instrument itself. Anyone who interacts with the ProtoTon, regardless of age and musical or scientific aptitude, can come to understand the basic dynamic of sound behind instruments as diverse as the organ, flute, or ocarina, and enjoy the gentle massage that comes from standing inside these instruments’ vibrations.

If you’re around EMPAC at all this summer, this is definitely worth stopping by to check out.


Rideshare Rally Wednesday at Takk House

On Wednesday at 5:30pm at Takk House in Troy, a group of local business owners and members of the community will be hosting a panel discussion in support of ridesharing legislation currently under consideration.

Josh Gold, New York policy advisor for Uber, and a representative from Lyft will be in attendance, in addition to elected leaders from across the region. The intent of the rally will be to drum up public awareness and support to urge state lawmakers to pass the legislation this session.

Such legislation, should it pass, would provide a direct benefit to Capital Region economic development and recreation initiatives.

Refreshments will be provided by Wolff’s Biergarten, Lucas Confectionery, and other local businesses. Attendance is open to the public.

Learn more, ask questions, RSVP and invite your friends on the Facebook event page.