Plans unveiled for Heather Lavine and Vic Christopher’s new restaurant

After the wild success of the Tavern Noodle Pop-up, there has been a lot of questions as to what’s going to fill that space full time. Vic and Heather announced yesterday that they’re going to be opening a restaurant called Peck’s Arcade. Peck’s Arcade will focus on small plates, with drawing from eclectic global tastes.

Their previewed menu includes six small plates, two mains, and two pasta dishes, alongside a cocktail menu with four choices. The wine menu may be shared with the Confectionery or very close to what they offer.

For consistency, Peck’s Arcade will be open Wednesday through Saturday, which will allow the same team to work together each night.

You can check out the space tonight (December 18) during the second Tavern Noodle Pop-up at 5pm. Learn more on the Peck’s Arcade website, and the Peck’s Arcade facebook.

PSA: Tavern Noodle is back, tonight only, at 5pm

That’s all. Read more (not really) on facebook.


VICE NEWS: “America’s Highest Paid College President is Dragging Her School Into Crippling Debt”


“The real issue is that RPI is in terrible financial shape and students are getting shortchanged,” former RPI physics professor Jim Napolitano, a 1977 RPI alum who worked at the school for 22 years, told VICE News. He said Jackson had also stripped the faculty of their influence, when the school’s provost suspended the Faculty Senate in 2007 after staff held a no-confidence vote to express their dismay with her leadership.

The school is now in $828 million of debt – three times what it was when Jackson entered in 1999, Moody’s Credit Ratings show. The money has been borrowed to build impressive new facilities, grow and enhance graduate research, and strive towards other goals in Jackson’s ambitious Rensselaer Plan – but Napolitano and other former staff members told VICE News that undergraduate classes had grown in size, with professors pushed to increasingly focus on research as more undergrad students enrolled in the school.



Cocktails with Creatives

On Thursday December 4, The Upstate NY AIGA will be hosting a Cocktails with Creatives event at The Shop in Troy (and also simulatenously at Small Plates in Syracuse).

From the event page:

Whether you’re a designer yourself, work with them, or just want to get to know a few, this is a great opportunity to connect with your community!

This is a great opportunity for all creative people to meet others in their area all while enjoying a great new bar in Troy. Registration for the event is free, but space is limited, so go register!

tavern noodle

Tavern Noodle Ramen Pop-up

On Sunday, December 7 at 11am, The Tavern will open it’s doors as Tavern Noodle, a Ramen Pop-up restaurant.

Since there is nowhere to get ramen locally, it’s pretty common to mention ramen and have people assume you’re talking about the broke college kid food, which unfortunately is most people’s only experience with ramen. The following video should give you a good idea of what actual ramen is and a primer of what to expect from Tavern Noodle.

Check out the menu, and if you’re even a little curious to try a real bowl of ramen, go get one on Sunday. If there’s enough of a demand, who knows, maybe we will get an actual ramen spot.



Pharmakon at EMPAC: Ticket Giveaway

This Friday, EMPAC is hosting Pharmakon, an industrial project by noise artist Margaret Chardiet. EMPAC has been kind enough to offer up two tickets for us to give away to the show.


An intensely intimate and confrontational performance by Pharmakon, a death industrial music project from Margaret Chardiet. Chardiet describes her drive to make noise music as a kind of exorcism, making it possible to express her “deep-seated need/drive/urge/possession to reach other people and make them FEEL something [specifically] in uncomfortable/confrontational ways.” In addition to being one of the few females working in a male dominated noise scene, Chardiet stands out for her meticulous rigor and attention to form, with every performed element methodically planned out in advance for maximum emotional impact.

If you’re looking to learn more, DummyMag has a great interview with Chardiet from last year, and EMPAC’s event page has more info as well. If you’re not the contest type, tickets are $18 and currently available through EMPAC.

Enter the contest below. Good luck!

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Holiday Market at Superior Merchandise Co.

On Black Friday, Superior Merchandise Co. will be hosting a holiday market at 147 Fourth St that will hopefully allow you to avoid the malls and stripmalls while shopping a great selection of high quality goods.

The market includes good from Superior Merchandise Co., Flower Scout, Owlkill Studio, Fort Orange General Store, Sarah K. Benning, The Rise and Shine Company, The Foxes Keep, Pepco Studio, Junie B Love and Don’t Worry About it Records. There will also be a photobooth from Takk House and treats from Momofuku Milk Bar.

Read more on the facebook event and be sure to head over to SMCo. on Black Friday.

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