And North on After The Jump

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And North founder Emma Tuccillo was recently featured on a podcast I love, After The Jump. Emma talks about her website And North which bills itself as a curated guide to upstate New York (which we’d most likely call the Hudson Valley – but that’s neither here nor there).

Listen to the episode on HRN and check out And North for some great day-trip inspriation and ideas.


Early bird tickets available for Level Up Conference

Level Up, a creative tech conference taking place on October 8 and 9 in Saratoga has put for sale their first set of tickets. If you’re likely to attend such a conference, you can save $50 by purchasing your tickets before tomorrow.

Speakers for Level Up include talented designers from Amazon, SoundCloud, Quora, Seven Heads Design, Appropriate, Inc., UserScape and more.

Learn more about Level Up on their website.

Giant Gorilla Dog Thing – Hematoma

Jesus. These guys keep raising the bar. After two+ years of work, Giant Gorilla Dog Thing‘s album HORSE is coming out on March 28th, and here’s a track off the album, accompanied by an incredible video with artist credits longer than a CVS receipt.

For info on pre-ordering the record, some background on the artists and more head to the Pig Food Records website.

The Gap by Ira Glass, animated by Daniel Sax

As a photographer, this really spoke to me. That slump is very difficult to get through but it’s what makes a pro a pro. Brilliant.

Apple to begin iPhone CPU production at GlobalFoundries

From MacRumors:

A small team from Samsung is going to come to Fab 8 with Apple’s chip-making “recipies.” Samsung will help GlobalFoundries set up the manufacturing processes at Fab 8 that will be needed to make the chips.

First casinos, now Apple reshoring their chip production? I’ll take it.

VICE visits Shoenice in Lake George for an interview, feeds him an entire bottle of wood glue


The Latest from My Life Online, profiling internet stars and their lives behind the screen. In the latest episode, VICE travels to upstate New York to get the exclusive with Chris Schewe, better known as Shoenice22, the YouTube sensation known for eating non-edible objects, from tampons to glue. Shoenice does this all, he claims, to raise awareness of world hunger. We sat down with him to talk about his his family, his rise to fame, and what drives him to open his gullet to anything and everything.

The video above provides a introspective look into the life of Chris Schewe and gives you an idea of what’s brought him to where he is now. There’s even a goal behind all the stunts he’s pulled.

Hit the jump for the video of VICE feeding Shoenice a bottle of wood glue.

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Schenectady Trustco Bank featured The Place Beyond the Pines poster

How rad! If you wanna check out the street view, it’s the Trustco Bank in Schenectady on State Street.