VICE visits Shoenice in Lake George for an interview, feeds him an entire bottle of wood glue


The Latest from My Life Online, profiling internet stars and their lives behind the screen. In the latest episode, VICE travels to upstate New York to get the exclusive with Chris Schewe, better known as Shoenice22, the YouTube sensation known for eating non-edible objects, from tampons to glue. Shoenice does this all, he claims, to raise awareness of world hunger. We sat down with him to talk about his his family, his rise to fame, and what drives him to open his gullet to anything and everything.

The video above provides a introspective look into the life of Chris Schewe and gives you an idea of what’s brought him to where he is now. There’s even a goal behind all the stunts he’s pulled.

Hit the jump for the video of VICE feeding Shoenice a bottle of wood glue.

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Weekend recap: I didn’t go on Facebook once and nothing happened


This past Friday, I realized something that I’ve realized many times before: I spend way too much fucking time on Facebook.

A lot of us do. 

The hardest addictions to break are the ones that you consciously enjoy and consistently indulge in, especially without thinking twice about it.

I set up my Facebook account in 2007, and in the years following, haven’t really gone weeks at a time without checking it at least once per day. I use Facebook and Facebook uses me.

A Facebook addiction really is a complicated one. I did some research on the subject and was partly grossed out, partly in understanding. There’s books and books about it. The only people that I know who don’t fit under an addictive category to some degree regarding the site are the people who have gone years without using the service at all. And those people are equated to be psychopaths and people who raise concern to potential employers. Strange times.

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