DJ QBert at the Putnam Den

On Friday November 7, DJ Qbert will be annihilating the turntables at the Putnam Den. DJ QBert is an incredible turntablist who has been a DMC World Champion four times over. Just watch the video above to get an idea of what QBert is known for. Also on the show is Jeremy Ellis, master of the drum machine, legendary DJ Paul Nice, J5K and $@LT.

This line-up is absolutely killer and is not to be missed, as it’s not just another night out with a DJ. Read more on the event page and grab your tickets soon.


Saratoga AIGA Design Crawl

The Upstate NY chapter of AIGA is hosting their 3rd annual Design Crawl on Tuesday, October 28, in Saratoga Springs. These design crawls allow you to see where local creatives work, check out the local watering holes, as well as the opportunity to meet and hang out with others interested in design.

The Saratoga Design Crawl will hit Fingerpaint, Druthers, Palio/Ignite, Harvey’s, MadGlory and Seven Horse Pub.

The schedule and more info are on the event page. Tickets are free, but you gotta register in advance. Hope to see you there!


Early bird tickets available for Level Up Conference

Level Up, a creative tech conference taking place on October 8 and 9 in Saratoga has put for sale their first set of tickets. If you’re likely to attend such a conference, you can save $50 by purchasing your tickets before tomorrow.

Speakers for Level Up include talented designers from Amazon, SoundCloud, Quora, Seven Heads Design, Appropriate, Inc., UserScape and more.

Learn more about Level Up on their website.

New York City Ballet returns to SPAC for two week residency in 2015

New York City Ballet kicks off its 2014 Saratoga residency on July 8. Unlike other years, their 2014 residency is only 5 days, so if you’re interested in catching a show you should grab your tickets sooner rather than later. However, it’s been recently announced that their stay in Saratoga in 2015 will return for a full two weeks.

Find out more and grab your tickets via SPAC.

Action Bronson and Danny Brown at Skidmore: Recap


This past Friday, the Williamson Sports and Recreation Center at Skidmore played host to Danny Brown and Action Bronson.

Skidmore is becoming one of my favorite places to catch a show. They budget for bigger acts and put on a great show without stacking the bill too high. Two acts, with a brief segue from one into the other is really all you need sometimes. Shows with two artists hold my ever-shrinking attention span well, and a smaller line-up allows the artists to perform for longer, instead of allowing their set time to rush them. Also, shows at Skidmore have this awkward homecoming dance quality to them, in the best way, where you can detach and sit in the bleachers if you’d like, or join the crowd in front of the stage.

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Tonight: SammyFest in Saratoga


Earlier this summer, on July 25th, our friend and local musician Samuel Babydude Yager was involved in an bicycle accident that has left him in a coma. Sammy is showing signs of improvement daily, as he builds up strength at Sunnyview Rehabilitation Center. His progress has been tracked and updated almost daily by his family and friends, and various benefits, such as tonight’s SammyFest, have been organized to help raise donations to help out Sammy and his family during this difficult time of recovery.

Tonight’s show begins at 8:30 and will feature performances by Hand Habits, Eternal Crimes, Neutron Rats, Kite Person, William Hale and Skeletons in the Piano.

Come out and show support for Sammy!

SEC Big Fall Show: Danny Brown with Action Bronson

Danny Brown and Action Bronson are touring together this fall, on what’s titled The 2 High 2 Die tour. They’ll be playing Skidmore on October 4th.

So far Skidmore has a little info on the show (it’s at 8pm at the Williamson Sports and Recreation Center) and there’s seemingly nowhere to get tickets yet. So at least keep your eyes open and mark your calendar.

(Photo: Ysa PĂ©rez)