Action Bronson and Danny Brown at Skidmore: Recap


This past Friday, the Williamson Sports and Recreation Center at Skidmore played host to Danny Brown and Action Bronson.

Skidmore is becoming one of my favorite places to catch a show. They budget for bigger acts and put on a great show without stacking the bill too high. Two acts, with a brief segue from one into the other is really all you need sometimes. Shows with two artists hold my ever-shrinking attention span well, and a smaller line-up allows the artists to perform for longer, instead of allowing their set time to rush them. Also, shows at Skidmore have this awkward homecoming dance quality to them, in the best way, where you can detach and sit in the bleachers if you’d like, or join the crowd in front of the stage.

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Tonight: SammyFest in Saratoga


Earlier this summer, on July 25th, our friend and local musician Samuel Babydude Yager was involved in an bicycle accident that has left him in a coma. Sammy is showing signs of improvement daily, as he builds up strength at Sunnyview Rehabilitation Center. His progress has been tracked and updated almost daily by his family and friends, and various benefits, such as tonight’s SammyFest, have been organized to help raise donations to help out Sammy and his family during this difficult time of recovery.

Tonight’s show begins at 8:30 and will feature performances by Hand Habits, Eternal Crimes, Neutron Rats, Kite Person, William Hale and Skeletons in the Piano.

Come out and show support for Sammy!

Recap and photos: Delicate Steve and Dirty Projectors at Skidmore

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The past Saturday, the gymnasium at Skidmore played host to bands Delicate Steve and the Dirty Projectors.

As a thin crowd filtered in at the beginning of the night, the gym felt like a strange venue to host a show, one almost reminiscent of a high school dance, but that in itself was something different and therefore appreciated. It’s not every day you can see bands that typically play sold out (and consequently tightly packed) venues in larger cities. Once the music started and the lights were off, the mood of the evening transformed rather quickly into that of a concert and it all came together properly with ease.

I know I’ve said it before, but a bill of two bands is one of my favorite formulas for live music. Performance, a quick intermission, performance. With this set-up, the bands can feature totally diverse sounds and the show will still be enjoyable. In the case of this particular show, the bands complimented each other wonderfully and both brought quality craftsmanship and creativity to their sets.

Delicate Steve is a five-piece from New Jersey, whose music, I quickly learned, brings a distinctive inventiveness to the instrumentation of their live set. The guitar playing in their set drew me in from the beginning and the other members worked well together in creating their compositions. The band’s music is mostly instrumental, with some songs featuring light vocals. It has a hypnotic quality to it while still being danceable and overall was a pleasant surprise and kickoff to the night.

Seeing the Dirty Projectors in a setting such as Skidmore was a really fun opportunity to take advantage of. The Dirty Projectors have been playing together for a decade now and have released seven full-length albums during their time as a band. The band played songs off their latest EP, “About to Die,” and also off their latest album, such as tracks “Offspring Are Blank,” “See What She Seeing,” and “Gun Has No Trigger.”

In my opinion, Amber Coffman is the standout talent of the group and hearing her sing live made the show for me. She holds a captivating stage presence and balancing her vocals with Olga Bell was very complimentary during the set. The pair executes an interesting display of what sounds like vocal gymnastics at times and is really fun and interesting to watch.

Keep an eye on Skidmore’s event calendar, for as we recently learned, not all events are exclusive to students.

Hit the jump or click the image above to see Andrew’s full gallery!

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Tickets for Dirty Projectors at Skidmore College now on sale

Tickets are now on sale for the show on April 13th, 2013 at 8:00pm. Tickets are $20 for the general public.

I’m glad to see Skidmore opening up their shows to the general public. It’s really frustrating when you know that there’s an awesome show happening but you’re prohibited from attending. I sure hope this is the norm now and not a one off.

I was turned onto Amber Coffman and the Dirty Projectors by the following Major Lazer song. As if I already wasn’t over this winter weather, listening to the follow song again really reinforces how bad I can’t wait for it to be spring.