VICE NEWS: “America’s Highest Paid College President is Dragging Her School Into Crippling Debt”


“The real issue is that RPI is in terrible financial shape and students are getting shortchanged,” former RPI physics professor Jim Napolitano, a 1977 RPI alum who worked at the school for 22 years, told VICE News. He said Jackson had also stripped the faculty of their influence, when the school’s provost suspended the Faculty Senate in 2007 after staff held a no-confidence vote to express their dismay with her leadership.

The school is now in $828 million of debt – three times what it was when Jackson entered in 1999, Moody’s Credit Ratings show. The money has been borrowed to build impressive new facilities, grow and enhance graduate research, and strive towards other goals in Jackson’s ambitious Rensselaer Plan – but Napolitano and other former staff members told VICE News that undergraduate classes had grown in size, with professors pushed to increasingly focus on research as more undergrad students enrolled in the school.


Oh Honey signs to Atlantic Records


Earlier today, indie folk/pop duo Oh Honey, was signed to Atlantic Records. Oh Honey is comprised of vocalist and Clifton Park native, Danielle Bouchard, and guitarist/vocalist Mitchy Collins, of NYC. While the duo is currently based out of Brooklyn, we wanted to take a quick minute to say a well-deserved congrats to Danielle and Mitchy.

The duo will be extensively touring in March and hopefully it will align for them to play a hometown show sometime in the near future. Keep an eye out on their website for announcements regarding their forthcoming release on Atlantic. Very much looking forward to what comes next for them!

Upstate NY airport selected for drone testing

From the AP:

The FAA announced Monday that the research and development to be conducted at Griffiss International Airport in Rome in Oneida County will look into integrating drones into the congested northeast airspace.


U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, called the announcement a “slam dunk” for central and northern New York.


New Salon: Patsy’s Pin Ups


Next week, Patsy’s Pin Ups, a new hair salon located directly next door to Patsy’s Barber Shop at 3 Howard Street, will open its doors for its soft opening on August 15th. The grand opening for the salon will take place on September 6th.

The salon, much like the name implies, will hold a retro, Hawaiian and WW2 theme to go along with the old school theme of the barber shop next door. The salon will offer the works, such as color, nails, make-up and also will feature specialized blow outs, barrel curls and pin curl sets.

Visit their Facebook page for the full group of stylists and contact information to book an appointment.

Photo by Lorraine Murphy, courtesy of Patsy’s Pin Ups. Model, makeup and hair by Genn Shaughnessy.

KKK turns in Galway man who was creating an anti-Islam radiation death ray


From the New York Times:

Mr. Crawford, who the authorities say works for General Electric in Schenectady and lives in Galway, N.Y., believed the device would enable him to secretly poison people with lethal doses of radiation from a safe distance, the authorities said. On Wednesday, federal prosecutors charged Mr. Crawford, 49, and an engineer, Eric J. Feight, 54, of Hudson, N.Y., whom the authorities described as a co-conspirator who works in industrial automation, with conspiring to provide support for the building of a weapon of mass destruction. The authorities say Mr. Crawford relied on Mr. Feight to design the weapon.

“From our investigation, the device — and there are a number of components that needed to be put together — would have been capable of emitting X-ray radiation that would have caused death,” a prosecutor, John Duncan, said in an interview.

Glad this one ended in arrests, with no one hurt. Read the full story at the TU.

(Photo Michael Connell/Flickr)

Mom charged after hiring strippers for son’s 16th birthday party

From the Times Union:

The Nov. 3 party at Spare Time Bowling Alley featured two exotic dancers performing for partygoers as young as 14. The dancers stripped to thong underwear and bras and gave lap dances to some of the teenagers. A photo taken with a cellphone camera shows an upside-down dancer with a teen’s head between her knees and her head between his legs.

Judy H. Viger, 33, of Gansevoort, was charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

I’m very glad the original article included a photo to show everyone exactly what “endangering the welfare of a child” looks like.

Interestingness in the local news vol 56

The State has dismissed a case against itself about the resulting deaths from the Ethan Allen tour boat capsizing on Lake George.

Court rules the State must re-hire the Albany police offier who was passed out drunk behind the wheel of his SUV.

A stabbing death on Myrtle results in “one of the bloodiest crime scenes” an investigator has ever seen.

43-year-old crazy weirdo charged with felonies when found with assault rifles, bullet proof vests and a bunch of drugs.

Someone got robbed of their cellphone after getting shot in the head with a pellet gun near Alumni Quad.

Steve Barnes compiles interesting list of local eateries that have opened and local eateries that have closed in 2012.

SLA revokes liquor license form Club XI after 100-person-brawl.

Armory parties can continue but with a few new rules.