7th Annual Beat*Shot Music Festival

Next weekend is the 7th Annual Beat*Shot Music Festival. If somehow you don’t know, this festival is has been a fixture of the local music scene. I went last year without really knowing too many people on the bill, and I was blown away act after act. There’s a lot of care put into this festival and it shows.

Check out the lineup, grab your tickets and get ready for an awesome weekend of music.

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Off Hours, “All Over”

August Rosa of Aficionado and Brew fame has been releasing new music under the name Off Hours. In his project, there’s a different vocalist on every track, letting him focus on the music production. This is a neat way to approach music creation and I enjoyed the song and video he sent over for “All Over”.

The video which was directed by Pat Dodson features Robert Williams-Taylor dancing in a style called flexing. Press play and enjoy the music, video, and Albany cameos.


Beach House at Upstate Concert Hall

UCH has recently announced that Beach House will be playing on Monday August 24, with support from Romantic States. Tickets are $20 and currently on sale.


Yo La Tengo at Troy Music Hall

Seminal indie rockers Yo La Tengo will be playing an acousic show at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall on September 23. This tour is in support of their new album Stuff Like That There which comes out in August.

Tickets are on sale now and start at $15.

eternal summers

Eternal Summers at The Treehouse

Power rock trio Eternal Summers are swinging through town and are playing The Treehouse on Friday. Their new album Gold and Stone came out yesterday, and you can stream it on their bandcamp. Also on the bill is Beth Isreal, Green Dreams, and Prince Daddy & the Hyena.

You can also catch them tonight in Kingston.

Photo: Scott Troyan

Big Sean at Upstate Concert Hall: Recap & Photos

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big-sean-dark-sky-paradise-tour-photos-andrew-franciosa-for-keep-albany-boring-0049 thumbnail
big-sean-dark-sky-paradise-tour-photos-andrew-franciosa-for-keep-albany-boring-0050 thumbnail
big-sean-dark-sky-paradise-tour-photos-andrew-franciosa-for-keep-albany-boring-0051 thumbnail
big-sean-dark-sky-paradise-tour-photos-andrew-franciosa-for-keep-albany-boring-0052 thumbnail
big-sean-dark-sky-paradise-tour-photos-andrew-franciosa-for-keep-albany-boring-0053 thumbnail
big-sean-dark-sky-paradise-tour-photos-andrew-franciosa-for-keep-albany-boring-0054 thumbnail
big-sean-dark-sky-paradise-tour-photos-andrew-franciosa-for-keep-albany-boring-0055 thumbnail
big-sean-dark-sky-paradise-tour-photos-andrew-franciosa-for-keep-albany-boring-0056 thumbnail

After a rescheduling in April that (disappointingly) shed J. Cole from the bill, Big Sean finally hit the Upstate Concert Hall on May 6th.

With support lent from Casey Veggies and Justine Skye, all the performers carried a lot of energy right into Big Sean’s set.

I arrived during Justine Skye’s set and immediately wished I had made it in earlier. Skye dutifully filled the opening act role by captivating the crowd with dancers, choreography, jokey stage banter, and even by pulling fans out of the crowd for a dance-off. If you’re unfamiliar with Skye, The FADER did a great feature that gives insight into the singer’s come-up.

Casey Veggies was a ball of energy onstage. Veggies, who is one of the original founders of OFWGKTA, isn’t living in the past or riding on his association with more famous rappers like Tyler, the Creator. He’s found his own lane musically and it’s working. Much of the crowd was familiar with his tunes and singing along, and the uninitiated remainder were still feeling it and nodding along.

Before Big Sean, the room buzzed with anticipation. The stage setup almost seemed as if it was too big for the UCH, with a full band stationed behind an enormous stage-wide wall of LEDs. Once Big Sean got onstage, I could tell that both the crowd and the rapper were having a lot of fun. Between songs, Sean talked about following his dreams out of Detroit and getting signed to GOOD Music. He enthusiastically encouraged the room to follow their dreams as well. Other crowd interaction included call/response of his famous ad libs (“Oh God”, “Little Bitch”, “Swerve”, etc.) and shouting out the members of his walled-off band. Throughout Sean’s 27-song set, he took the crowd on a journey from his hits, to his new stuff, to features, back to the hits.

If Sean is even remotely on your radar, catch a show. You’ll have a blast.