Big Sean at Upstate Concert Hall: Recap & Photos

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After a rescheduling in April that (disappointingly) shed J. Cole from the bill, Big Sean finally hit the Upstate Concert Hall on May 6th.

With support lent from Casey Veggies and Justine Skye, all the performers carried a lot of energy right into Big Sean’s set.

I arrived during Justine Skye’s set and immediately wished I had made it in earlier. Skye dutifully filled the opening act role by captivating the crowd with dancers, choreography, jokey stage banter, and even by pulling fans out of the crowd for a dance-off. If you’re unfamiliar with Skye, The FADER did a great feature that gives insight into the singer’s come-up.

Casey Veggies was a ball of energy onstage. Veggies, who is one of the original founders of OFWGKTA, isn’t living in the past or riding on his association with more famous rappers like Tyler, the Creator. He’s found his own lane musically and it’s working. Much of the crowd was familiar with his tunes and singing along, and the uninitiated remainder were still feeling it and nodding along.

Before Big Sean, the room buzzed with anticipation. The stage setup almost seemed as if it was too big for the UCH, with a full band stationed behind an enormous stage-wide wall of LEDs. Once Big Sean got onstage, I could tell that both the crowd and the rapper were having a lot of fun. Between songs, Sean talked about following his dreams out of Detroit and getting signed to GOOD Music. He enthusiastically encouraged the room to follow their dreams as well. Other crowd interaction included call/response of his famous ad libs (“Oh God”, “Little Bitch”, “Swerve”, etc.) and shouting out the members of his walled-off band. Throughout Sean’s 27-song set, he took the crowd on a journey from his hits, to his new stuff, to features, back to the hits.

If Sean is even remotely on your radar, catch a show. You’ll have a blast.


Them Are Us Too at The Treehouse

Shoegaze duo Them Are Us Too will be playing The Treehouse on June 23 alongside Eternal Crimes, Bernard Herman, Uncivilization, and DJ Crom.

You can read about Them Are Us Too on The FADER as well as check out an interview with the memebers on Noisey.

Stay in the loop and RSVP for this show on the Facebook event page.


Bogie’s closing, final shows posted

From the Upstate Black N Blue Blog:

As of June 1st, bogie’s will no longer be hosting any shows. We will be closing the doors permanently. All shows from June 1st going forward will be at TRICKSHOTS, THE FUZEBOX, THE LOFT and THE CHANCE THEATER and occasionally at UPSTATE CONCERT HALL. Here is an updated listing for May on.

May 1st – Diabolic at Bogie’s
May 4th – Knucklepuck at Bogie’s
May 8th Aborted and Fit For An Autopsy at TRICKSHOTS
May 19th Gideon, Texas In July at Bogie’s
May 22nd Brick By Brick, The Primrose Path, Adhara, The Outnumbered, Concrete, From Within – final kegger!! $20 includes beer!
May 26th Starkill at TRICKSHOTS
May 31st Recon (reunion), Ghostship, Vice, Towers, and more! FINAL SHOW AT BOGIE’S


Landlady at The Low Beat: Ticket Giveaway

I posted last week that Landlady was coming to Albany this week, on Thursday.

The Low Beat has offered up a giveaway for two tickets to the show. If you’re not the giveaway type, tickets are currently on sale and are just $10. If you are the giveaway type, enter to win below.

Photo: Sasha Arutyunova


Cymbals Eat Guitars at The Low Beat: Ticket Giveaway

On April 30, Cymbals Eat Guitars will be playing The Low Beat alongside slowshine, and What Moon Things.

Dellarocca Booking has hooked us up with a pair of tickets to giveaway to this awesome show, and you can enter to win below. And if you’re not the contest type, tickets are currently available, and are only $12. Dellarocca Booking always puts on great shows up here and this one will be no different!

Continue reading…


Jessica Pratt at BSP Kingston

Jessica Pratt, incredible musician and singer-songwriter will be at BSP Kingston on Saturday June 20. Pratt is based in LA, and has recently released her second album On Your Own Love Again on Drag City Records.

Impose did a great interview with Jessica a few years ago which should give you a nice little look into her views on music and more.

Tickets go on sale Friday April 10 at 10am and are only $10 in advance.


24-Hour Drone at Basilica Hudson

Basilica Hudson is hosting a 24-hour drone show from Saturday April 25 at 3pm until Sunday April 26 at 3pm. This event is presented in collaboration the Le Guess Who? festival in Utrecht, Netherlands. The artists on this show experiment in electronic, psychedelic, classical, non-western and instrumental drone music.

The event will be a fully immersive experience in-the-round with no stage. The circular arrangement is based off of the concept of a “tonal clock,” a visual representation of the chromatic scale, and the harmonic sacred geometry that ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras helped develop.

Admission allows attendees to come and go as they please, but those who make the commitment to this endurance, long-duration work will be rewarded with the intangible feeling of meditative contentment, pure bliss, and communal collaboration.

$15 early-bird tickets are currently available, and you can read more about the event on Basilica Hudson’s website.