Artist Spotlight: Anthony DiMaggio & Chris Peterson


Anthony DiMaggio and Chris Peterson, both hailing from the Hoosick Falls area, were brought together by a force larger than their artwork alone. The two share many of the same perspectives and philosophies, often expressed in their work, and have taken it upon themselves to make it their life mission to not only uphold the values behind what they’ve deemed Life of Worth but to share those values with other like-minded people. Life of Worth began as a simple motto and grew into an artist collective, and arguably, a lifestyle.

Not only are these gentlemen extremely talented, but it is clear that they are very humble and honored for every opportunity to be able to share their work and viewpoints with others. From hosting art nights to inspire others to create in a comfortable, collective space, to hosting group shows, Life of Worth is working on building something greater.

I took the time to talk with both founding members in advance of their group show, which is opening tonight at the Flying Chicken in Troy and features the work of a handful of locally based artists. Hit the jump to check out our full interview and be sure to stop by the Flying Chicken as part of this month’s Troy Night Out.

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Talk with Illustrator Craig Frazier at The Foundry for Art Design + Culture

The Foundry is hosting another one of their awesome design talks this Thursday at 6:30pm with illustrator Craig Frazier.

From the event page

Craig Frazier, one of the leading conceptual illustrators producing editorial, corporate and publishing work worldwide, will demonstrate the discipline of developing ideas through the process of sketching and will share his outlook on the importance of sketching as the basis for great design during a presentation at
The Foundry for Art Design + Culture.

The Foundry has been commissioned to produce a video that follows the making of Craig Frazier’s new book, “sketchy”. The book is being produced by Mohawk at their new Print Innovation Center in the port of Albany. The talk at the Foundry will be recorded to help tell the story of Craig’s process and the production of this book. Please be aware that you may visible in the completed web video as an audience member.

Watch the video above, RSVP to the event and make your way to Cohoes on Thursday.

Artist Spotlight: Rachel Baxter

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On occasion, people will ask me for advice on how to book an art show. I have no idea why, besides the fact that I have a vested interest in local art and often attend shows in the area. I have never booked an art show, but if you ask artist Rachel Baxter, she’d most likely advise to take matters into your own hands. Tonight, Rachel’s work will be displayed at 385 Madison Ave for a pop-up show. The opening reception is from 7-10pm this evening and will feature light food and refreshments. Her work will also be on display on Saturday June 21st, from 11-4pm.

Next month, Rachel will be heading to Sitka, Alaska for a two-month long artists residency and is planning on showing the work she completes during her stay upon her return back home.

In advance of tonight’s show, Rachel took the time to share more about her artwork, her creative process and the importance of taking risks, both in art and in life. Hit the jump to check out a preview of her work and for the Q+A. Thanks Rachel!

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Crossgates Mall Promo Video from 1984

So painfully retro. So hilarious. Very happy I’ve only heard of about 10% of these stores.


2014 Word Fest

Albany Poets presents the 2014 edition of the Albany Word Fest, which runs from April 13 to April 19. This event will take place in six different venues in Albany and feature a ton of poets. If poetry interests you even a little check the schedule and head out to enjoy some of the performances!

First Look at the Albany Barn

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On Friday, the Albany Barn held a sneak peek event to showcase what they’ve been up to for the past few years. They have completely renovated St. Josephs Academy, which was a long vacant school located at North Swan and Second Street. The barn has apartments for artists to live in as well as studios for non-residents to use. If you are unfamiliar, I strongly recommend reading their about page to get a better feel for the whole project.

The preview of the space was incredible. The gym was turned into a performance area with a stage, a balcony, and studios throughout. They had residents (and non-residents) performing on stage while people perused the barn and checked out the artwork of the residents. The show was laid out very well and it was really special to be able to check out the whole space, while checking out art (and the artist’s bios) the whole time.

I’m incredibly excited to have a place like this exist here, and I am even more excited to see what they have planned for the future. Thanks to everyone involved for making this event as good as it was.

Screen Print Biennial Catalog on Kickstarter

I recently posted about an awesome event coming up in September in Troy. Since then, the idea of publishing an awesome, high quality exhibition catalog has gotten enough traction to get them to about exactly half of their funding goal. Check the artists list to get an idea of how rad this show will be.

About the event:

In September, 2014, the Arts Center of the Capitol Region in Troy, NY will be hosting the first ever East Coast National Screenprint Biennial. There is currently no screenprint biennial in the United States, and this exhibition will be an opportunity to begin a dialog that can expand the discipline of screenprinting and its place in the world of art. This exhibition will showcase a range of screenprint-based art applications, from framed, editioned prints, to installation, sculpture, video, ephemera, and posters.

Check out the Screen Print Biennial exhibition website and if you’re into it, back em on Kickstarter and get this book printed!