Fort Orange General Store announces opening date

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The Fort Orange General Store just announced that their grand opening will be May 9th.

If you’re not up to speed on the Fort Orange General Store, it’s an awesome variety store that will carry high-quality, curated goods. And they’re opening on Delaware Ave, next to Tierra Coffee. Flip through the pictures above to see a small subset of the awesome products they will be carrying. In addition to the stuff above, there’s products on the way from Rifle Paper Co, Chemex, Baggu Accessories, Dram Apothecary, Fat And The Moon Cosmetics, Herbivore Botanicals, and Kinfolk Magazine.

I’m really excited for this to open. Not only because both owners are friends of mine, but because it’s awesome to have somewhere to go for these kinds of quality specialty goods within Albany! Perfect items for gifts or to make your apartment look like an actual human lives in it.


KC’s Music Monday: HORSE – Giant Gorilla Dog Thing

After finding an opportunity in a normal conversation with Mitch, of Giant Gorilla Dog Thing, to quote back his own lyrics to him, it dawned on me that I’ve spent way too much time listening to their new album to NOT put together any words out there about it. And that I’m a total fangirl nerd sometimes. (Not a new realization).

I’ve been listening to this album on the daily ever since I got my hands on a copy of the 2XLP back on the release date March 28th. HORSE is available in both vinyl and digital formats courtesy Pig Food Records, and also is available at Fuzz Records if you haven’t picked up a copy yet. After GGDT worked on this album for the past year and a half, maybe two years, I’m fairly confident in saying that they are beyond happy to take a little break from listening to this sucker and to finally be able to let others in on listening to their beats, raps and secrets.

Quite often these days it seems as though artists on both an independent and mainstream level are too quick to release their music for a plethora of reasons and I’m glad that HORSE is not an example of that. Much respect to GGDT for releasing their album when the time was right, and for accidentally-on-purpose creating what will easily become my favorite spring, summer and maybe even winter, soundtrack. I mean, hell, I’m still listening to ERIC (which is totally free and amazing if you haven’t heard) on a regular basis.

In short, my friends are GREAT at what they do.

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Tonight: Free Calzone Day at DP Dough

In celebration of all things calzone and the new ownership and renovation of Albany’s D.P. Dough, the company will be hosting a Free Calzone Day tonight between the hours of 5 and 8pm.

To get a free calzone for dinner later today, all you have to do is come into the location at 212 Western Ave, secure your spot in line and tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that you’re at D.P. Dough’s Free Calzone Day tagging the Albany location and you’re good to go.

D.P. Dough will only be offering 3 different calzones during this time (the Spinner Zone, Twilight Zone, & Roni Zoni) and will only be open for in-store business. After 9pm, normal business hours and delivery will resume.

D.P. Dough was recently revived and purchased by Albany area musicians, Nick Warchol, Craig Dutra & Stephan Stringer. The restaurant has since been totally revamped, and is now even home to the classic arcade games Street Fighter and Space Invaders.

Stop by tonight for their grand opening and check out what other new additions they have to offer. Plus… free calzones!


Armory wins rave appeal

Raves could be back on the calendar at the Washington Ave Armory. The Third Judicial Department ruled that the Albany Board of Zoning Appeals’ determination that raves are not a permitted use of the Armory was “irrational and unreasonable” and must be annulled.

The Court was careful to point out that raves and similar dance parties may still be impressible under other provisions of the Code. The Court was only reviewing the BZA’s interpretation of the term auditorium.

While the Armory may have won the appeal, it looks like the BZA may be able to prevent raves under other sections of the Code of the City of Albany. It’s obvious this fight is not over.

To read more, you can read the PDF of the full decision.

This was a guest post by Jessica Klami Esq., who will occasionally help KAB decode the legal system. Follow her on twitter for other law related content!


Craft Beverage Shop ‘Brew’ coming to Lark St

Copypasta from the release:

(Albany, New York) – A new craft beverage shop, Brew, is slated to open at 209 Lark Street for early summer 2014 under the ownership of current and prior Lark Street residents, Joshua Cotrona and August Rosa.

Highlights of the shop include a growler fill up station, a make your own six-pack section with a wide selection of bottled beer, a wall of specialty coffees and teas, cold brewed coffee concentrate growlers, and a cooler of ice cold beverages. Drip coffee, cold brewed coffee, and tea will also be available to go by the cup.

Awesome to hear. Having a spot to source teas and coffee locally rather than ordering them all off the internet is excellent, especially when coupled with a growler a station and a make your own six pack selection. This however comes with a bit of a a downside, as currently, 209 Lark is Fuzz Records, which will be converted into Brew. Josh will still sell records via the Fuzz website and they will have a small selection in Brew, but this will indeed be replacing Fuzz.

You can stay up to date with Brew via twitter, facebook and instagram. Be sure to read the full press release and stop in once they open!


Review: “DEADication” – JB!! aka Dirty Moses

Tomorrow night at the Hollow on North Pearl, a handful of my favorite staples in the 518 hip hop community will join forces to celebrate the release of two new albums, “DEADicated” and “Highly Effective,” by JB!! aka Dirty Moses and Dudley aka Origin respectively. The dual record release show will feature performances from Dudley, JB!!, We Stole The Show, Emcee Graffiti, with support on the 1′s and 2′s from Great Mastr (DJ Trumastr and Nate Da Great) and DJ John Jamz. Doors will be at 8pm; RSVP and grab more information courtesy the Facebook event.

I’ve had the pleasure to listen to “DEADication” in advance of tomorrow’s release show, and am happy to report that it is quite the impressive collaboration between JB and local rappers and producers alike; with a different feature or producer on each track alongside JB.

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