Interview with Richard Daley of RD Horology

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I recently saw really gorgeous photos of watches popping up on my Facebook and had to investigate. These watches were not only made by hand, but they were being made locally. RD Horology is watchmaker based in Albany that is returning the age-old art of the hand-built mechanical wristwatch.

I took some time to talk with Richard Daley, the man behind RD Horology to learn more about his product and process.

Horology, as an art and science, has a very in-depth and deep history. Is the historical element what drew you in? If not, how did you get into it?

RD: It is a mixture of both I would say. 5 years ago I never really wore a watch, I was given one as a gift and that is what sparked my interest. I have always been interested in the mechanics of how things work, so it felt natural to do research on the topic. I became obsessed in a way with mechanical watches, particularly complicated pocket watches from the 1800’s. After that, I began looking on auction sites for old, cheap and simple pocket watches to start disassembling and understanding.

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Beat*Shot Music Festival: Photos and (Partial) Recap

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This past weekend was the Beat*Shot Music Festival, which is one of my favorite fixtures of the Albany-area music scene. The festival (which doesn’t involve mud, not showering or neon fuzzy boots) took place over at The Hollow on Pearl Street.

I showed up to the show with basically no knowledge of who was playing and just put my trust into the organizers of the show. Act after act was incredible and there almost no wait time between the acts. I was able to catch Taina Asili, Ses Da Great, Deca, Count Bass D, Blueprint, and Adrienne Mack-Davis. Every single one of them was incredible to watch and despite being unfamiliar with a few of them, easy to get into and even easier to enjoy. Seeing Blueprint and Count Bass D was a real treat.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the Saturday portion of the show. But as far as I have heard, Pharoahe Monch crushed The Hollow and all the other performers assisted. If you missed this years Beat*Shot Music Festival, you’ve missed the best one yet. Don’t make the same mistake next year!

Big shout out to everyone involved for making the show run so smoothly and for the absolutely impeccable line-up. Can’t wait until next year.

Checking out Brew

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Yesterday I stopped into Brew to grab some coffee and check out their offerings. The shop, which is at 209 Lark Street is definitely an awesome and very welcomed addition to the area. For coffee alone, they bring a variety and quality of beans from roasters which weren’t present in our area before. From there, they’ve got 150 types of beer from 50 different breweries around the country, and there were a lot of labels and names I haven’t seen before anywhere. You have your choice of can, bottle or growler.

They’ve also got french presses, the Aeropress, Chemex coffee makers and all of the accessories and filters for those that you’d ever need. And on top of all of that they’re stocked to the teeth with home brewing supplies as well.

Grab a few cans of something you’ve never had before and enjoy the heat of the summer before it’s gone. Or if beer ain’t your thing grab an iced tea or cold brew coffee and do the same.


Bike share program coming to Albany (and Schenectady, Troy, and Saratoga)

As reported by CBS6:

The Capital District Transportation Committee will launch a pilot program in Schenectady in July, followed by Troy, Saratoga Springs and Albany.

The bike-sharing program will spend a week in each city and will allow registered riders to grab one of 25 bicycles at kiosks. Committee officials say they’ll use the weeklong stints to gauge regional interest in the program, which is being run by Buffalo BikeShare.

This sounds awesome and is the perfect solution for many people who would love to ride bikes when it’s nice out, but don’t care for the maintenance and storage side of owning a bicycle. When you see one of these things around, grab a bike and take it for a ride and maybe these kiosks will become permanent.

Check out the Buffalo Bikeshare website to get an idea of the operation.


Honest Weight Celebrates 1st Anniversary

On Saturday, June 21 the Honest Weight Food Co-op will celebrate their one-year anniversary at their new Watervliet Ave location. The celebration includes music, activities for the kids, vendor samples, giveaways, raffles and more.

From the press release:

The Honest Weight Food Co-op, the Capital Region’s go-to source for natural and locally-grown foods for nearly 40 years, will celebrate the one-year anniversary of its new location at 100 Watervliet Avenue with day-long festivities and special features on Saturday, June 21st, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Providing the day’s celebratory soundtrack, local musicians will perform in-store, while DJ Trumastr spins dance music from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. outdoors on the patio. More than a dozen local vendors will be offering samples of their products, while the popular Chefs Consortium will be working an outdoor grilling station to provide free tastings of some delectable creations.

Kids are welcome to join in the festivities with face-painting, hula-hooping and jump-roping, and all ages are invited to participate in oversized lawn versions of checkers, chess, and Jenga games.

Find out more on the event page.


Compassionate Care Act negotiations underway, bill possible by Monday


“We will have a final product in time for the end of this legislative session,” Sen. Diane Savino, D-Staten Island, said today in Albany.

Two developments in the last 24 hours signal the proposal is moving closer to making New York the 23rd state to allow the drug’s use for medical treatments.

Her proposal would allow physicians to prescribe marijuana to patients with 20 specific conditions or diagnoses. The state’s Health Department would ultimately approve each patient for the treatment. The drug would be grown at state-sanctioned facilities and would be taxed. People under 21 would not be able smoke marijuana as part of their treatment.

About time.

Photo: Coleen Whitfield/flickr

Making of the Mall: A Documentary about Empire State Plaza

This video popped up on YouTube with the barren description “The building of the south mall, Albany NY 1960s and 70s”. This video is insanely awesome and completely enthralling on many levels. Set aside the 17 minutes and learn about this city’s history.