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APD continues to mess up

Brendan Lyons is at it again. Known for such hits as “the bullseye parking decals” and “machine gun stockpile“, the enterprising local watchdog journalist at The Times Union posted one sloppy cop video today. The video is from the Menands police department booking room after Brian Lutz, an off-duty Albany police officer, was arrested for
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Shen is the new UAlbany

Shenendehowa School District of Clifton Park, the alma-mater of many locals, is a mess lately. Here’s the situation: A video “went viral” of a principal hardcore tackling a student away from a fight. (wnyt) It has since been removed from YouTube because it violated their terms of service, but not before causing embarrassment and an
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Your next tweets

This funny new website popped up in the Twitter world last night that once and for all proved that we are doomed as a human race and I, and everyone I know, are internet nerds. “That can be my next tweet” – a website that creates new tweets based on keywords used in a user’s
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Tulip Fest 2011 Line Up Announced

Calling all bros…. stay home. Albany today announced the Tulip Fest lineup, and with it the new alcohol policies in the wake of all things drunk around here lately. For the lineup and more, read on.


Were you “seen” at UAlbany’s Fountain Day 2011?

Were you “seen” at UAlbany’s Fountain Day 2011? Fountain Day was canceled, but check out these videos from students partying in the fountain anyway.


Value Menu: $1.11 blackouts at Brew Crew

Read the update from Brew Crew at the bottom of the post. Are you a homeless bro, in massive student debt, or a former APD spokesman looking for a cheap drink? Good news! Hypeworthy deal right now at Oliver’s Beverage (Brew Crew) on Colvin Ave. in Albany – $1.11 for a one pint can of
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Local tweeter looks for a #winning

When it comes to Twitter celebs there are a handful of obvious choices – such as @MCHammer, @snacksthecat, @big_ben_clock, and @Sn00ki – but one local tweeter, @patrickdodson, is looking to get on their level by #winning the @timesunion Best of 2011 “best local tweeter” category. His name appears on the ballot alongside The Times Union
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What democracy looks like

A lot of my posts have been chaotic lately — bros drunkenly rioting in the streets of the student ghetto or chaining themselves to the UAlbany fountain. But this one tops everything. Below is a video of last night’s chaos at the capitol: A massive amount of people (I heard an estimate of 1,500) took
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UAlbany veteran hero update

Remember that Chris Schewe dude from yesterday’s post? (You saw it here first!) Well, he wasn’t pulling our chain. Today Schewe shackled himself to the main fountain at UAlbany in a staged effort to save Fountain Day and the university from national media embarrassment, or at least that is what he claimed. Stop by to
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UAlbany veteran hero going on hunger strike

They said a hero could save us, and UAlbany student Chris Schewe (now known as Shoenice22) is not gonna stand here and wait. Schewe left an emotional YouTube commentary in reaction to President George Philip canceling Fountain Day, at some points holding back tears from his beautiful blue eyes as he talked about his “humarian”
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Kegs and Eggs vs. Fountain Day: One giant UAlbany fail.

“Fountain day 2011 cancelled.” So read the tweet from the Albany Student Press that set in motion a social media response that will only add to the frustration felt by the University at Albany. The move, already speculated due to necessary repairs and budget concerns, was now blamed on the Kegs and Eggs rioters by
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APD spokesman arrested, humiliated

The official spokesman for APD was arrested last night and charged with a DWI. Detective James Miller, the man behind @albanypolice and all other things PR, was driving an unmarked APD car. Read the rest from The Times Union. Bad timing — APD is on clean up duty after the Kegs and Eggs chaos and
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Student Ghetto on alert, yet another Kegs and Eggs post

APD is in full force at the intersection of Quail St. and Hudson Ave. in the heart of the student ghetto today handing out motor vehicle tickets at any chance they can get. My roommate got three! DGS was canvasing the area cleaning the sidewalks and trashcans ahead of the student-led clean up tomorrow. A
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APD’s brohunt begins

The “forthcoming pain” that a stern District Attorney David Soares spoke of yesterday began to be felt in the student population today when APD released and distributed a press release asking for help identifying a list of students involved in this weekend’s debauchery. This ain’t no “#1 Party School” list, but instead a showcase of
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Albany is officially mad about Kegs and Eggs, Brocial Media

Hey student ghetto population it’s pretty cool that your Android smartphone can take videos and upload it directly to YouTube, but make sure you learn some basic “Brocial Media” etiquette or you’ll be screwed. Or just don’t act like an idiot in the first place. This is, of course, in regards to the wild Kegs
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Brocial Media Recap: Kegs and Eggs 2011

Didn’t go to Kegs and Eggs? Me neither. But thankfully, with the highly accessible and scalable communication technique of “brocial media” (new KAB coined term) we can all experience the debauchery that was. Here is a roundup of K&E 2011 internet-ty things thanks to smart phones and stupid people. UPDATE: George Phillip, the president of
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