Interestingness in the local news vol 19

dude hit and killed a 6yo in a pickup and kept going [tu]

panera opening on new scotland [tu]

the dept of health confirmed there’s someone with measles in the area [tr]

a funeral home is celebrating its anniversary with an open house. weiiirrd. [saratogian]

car and police cruiser get smashed up, no one knows details [saratogian]

that weird windowless welding building that has an ugly mural on it is for sale (the inside is rad) [tu]

stout is overpriced [tu]

3m and rpi invest in ecovative [tu]

a drunk woman flipped her car onto the lawn of albanys stop dwi coordinator [tu]

Remembering Gil Scott-Heron

The music and poetry world suffered a harrowing loss this past Friday with the news of Gil Scott-Heron‘s death. Credited with influencing hip-hop as a whole and being one of the last great revolutionaries of our time, he will be sorely missed by many. Below are a few of my favorites of his.

Rapha Continental: The Movie

I saw this outside of Mellow Johnnys when I was over in Texas this past February and was waiting for it to be released. This move is awesome and is the story of the Rapha Continental team’s travels around North America. If you have even the slightest interest in cycling, go grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this. It accurately represents the beauty within cycling.

Review: Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Did you know there was a new Lady Gaga album? The last I heard of this album before it was 99ยข on Amazon (the price at which people may actually pay for music), was on Reddit, because the following was the proposed cover. I’m really upset that it was changed.


Since I hadn’t heard the album, I tweeted for someone to review it.

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Quality events for this weekend vol 5

(Mostly) good weather, and a bunch of good things going on.


Albany Votes General Interest Meeting Albany residents organizing a voter registration and listening campaign this summer. 105 Grand St., 6-7pm. [fbook]

XMALIA by Ryder Cooley A multi-media performance that sounds more than worth the trip down to Club Helsinki in Hudson. $8, 8-11pm. [fbook]


Troy Night Out Local art, live music. Free, 5-9pm. [tno]

518 Stand Up AWAR, Brown Bag All-Stars, El Gant and Shyste, hosted by Lo-Fi Lobo at Bogies. $10, 9pm. [fbook]

Witness with Algorhythm, Kung Fu, No Tag Backs, No Humans Allowed, DJ OFI. Hip-hop selections in both local and out-of-town flavorings. $8, music at 7. [fbook]


TBR Dinner/Party/Fun(d)raiser Help support the Troy Bike Rescue as they move to their new spot and celebrate 10 years of doing awesome things for the community. Check out bike demos, silent auction of local art, vegetarian/vegan dinners, etc. at the Sanctuary For Independent Media. Suggested donation $10+, 5-8pm. [tbr& fbook]

Summer Vibez A rooftop party at Pagliacci’s with The Captain, Brother Suarez, Far East, Just The Sauce and Deep Children. $10 for 18+, $5 for 21+. Music at 9.[fbook]

Hans Chew Closing reception for the “Drawn Together” art event at the Marketplace Gallery. 8pm. [fbook]

Snoop Dogg With special guests: Eli McFly, Dem White Boys, P Muna, DJ Playground at Northern Lights. 8:30pm, sold out.

Sunday and Monday

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Go outside and do something.

Chasing Legends (a cycling movie) at UAG 7pm, free [fbook]

City Health Dept Wants to Outlaw Malt Beverages Outright, Might be Loko

Sparks, Loko and the most dastardly of all: SMIRNOFF ICE. This is so stupid that anyone in the government gives one shit about dumb kids doing dumb shit. Outlaw this and guess what? They’re still going to do dumb shit.

From the Daily News: The city Health Department wants state lawmakers to make it illegal for bodegas to sell “alcopop” – premixed, carbonated, flavored malt drinks with alcohol content as high as 12%.

“We are very concerned about these,” Health Commissioner Thomas Farley testified at a Council hearing yesterday.


Interview: The Captain of Trouble & Bass

When Brother Suarez asked me to help co-host the kick-off of Heady Productions’ Summer Vibez series at Pagliacci’s, I couldn’t say no.

Suarez has been a good friend of mine since 2008 and also came out to play at the March edition of OUTPOST1. Over the years, it’s been a running joke of his to call me out on my (secret) love for astrology and how excited I get over the fact that our birthdays are one day apart. This year, Suarez and I decided on asking The Captain, from Trouble & Bass, to come up to Albany to headline our birthday celebration under the stars and alongside fam Deep Children, and Heady Pro’s Far East and Just The Sauce. Everything went according to standard Gemini procedure, (spontaneous, scattered and successful) and the party is all set for this Saturday, May 28.


The Captain is a self-described “full-time hustler,” — He’s the manager of T&B Recordings, a traveling DJ, part time model and VP of the T&B operation. Needless to say, he’s a busy guy and I’m appreciative that he took some time to answer some questions for KAB.

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