Interview with Richard Daley of RD Horology

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I recently saw really gorgeous photos of watches popping up on my Facebook and had to investigate. These watches were not only made by hand, but they were being made locally. RD Horology is watchmaker based in Albany that is returning the age-old art of the hand-built mechanical wristwatch.

I took some time to talk with Richard Daley, the man behind RD Horology to learn more about his product and process.

Horology, as an art and science, has a very in-depth and deep history. Is the historical element what drew you in? If not, how did you get into it?

RD: It is a mixture of both I would say. 5 years ago I never really wore a watch, I was given one as a gift and that is what sparked my interest. I have always been interested in the mechanics of how things work, so it felt natural to do research on the topic. I became obsessed in a way with mechanical watches, particularly complicated pocket watches from the 1800’s. After that, I began looking on auction sites for old, cheap and simple pocket watches to start disassembling and understanding.

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Bike share trial now live in Troy

From Capital Moves:

There will be 25 bicycles available for use between 10am and 8pm at one or more locations in each City. Locations are planned to include Jay Street at State Street in Schenectady, Riverfront Park in Troy, Broadway at Division Street in Saratoga Springs, and Washington Park in Albany. Once registered, participants will receive an ID number allowing them to use the bikes for the rest of the month. There will be no cost to participants, although a credit card will need to be on file as security for the bikes. In addition, participants will need to sign a waiver and provide positive identification.

The Troy trial runs until Saturday July 26th, and the Albany trial runs August 9 – 15. Get out there and ride around. Having these in our cities permanently would be really awesome so show them that the demand is there for this!

Photo: Tom Simpson/flickr


Titus Andronicus, Liquor Store, and Pelican Movement at The Low Beat

Dellarocca Booking is bringing Titus Andronicus, Liquor Store and Pelican Movement to The Low Beat on Friday August 22. Tickets are on sale now are are $12 in advance.

Learn more on the event page and have a listen below.


Quality events for this weekend vol. 142

Friday July 18

The Track: It’s opening day.

Caffeinated Wax at Tierra Madison: All vinyl set with DJ Tall Matt.

The Firs, Broken Field Runner, Blind Mice, and Laura Murphy at the UAG: Folk/punk jams.

The Lucky Jukebox Brigade and Black Mountain Symphony at the Hollow: LJB’s record release party.

Garage Bands with Party Boat, Pony in the Pancake, and Linear North: Playing in a literal garage.

Saturday July 19

Troy Pig Out: Food, music, rib competition.

The Parlor, Pony in the Pancake, and Careers at The Hollow: Awesome show to help with The Parlors new album.

Slapshot at Bogie’s: Boston hardcore, with New Lows, EgoDestroys, Aggressive Response, Throat Culture.

Sunday July 20

Troy Pig Out: Food, music, fireworks.

Rock and Roll Brunch at the Low Beat: Music, food, booze.

Bruno Mars at the TU: Relive the half-time show.

All Weekend

Play Me, I’m Yours: Citywide art/sculpture/music exhibit is open.

Art Omi: Sculpture fields open now.

Day trip to MASS MoCA: Pretty drive and a great museum.

The NYS Museum: Bunch of great exhibits and it’s right in your backyard.

Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Swiss Family Robinson, Dr Strangelove at the Madison Theater: Only five bucks!

(PS. There’s a few shirts left. Get yours quick.)

Living room concert with Eef Barzelay

The lovely hosts from Eef’s last living room show are throwing another one. If you missed the last show, or have no idea who Eef Barzelay or Clem Snide is, watch the video above to get familliar.

All the details are available on the ticket site. See you there!

Talk with Illustrator Craig Frazier at The Foundry for Art Design + Culture

The Foundry is hosting another one of their awesome design talks this Thursday at 6:30pm with illustrator Craig Frazier.

From the event page

Craig Frazier, one of the leading conceptual illustrators producing editorial, corporate and publishing work worldwide, will demonstrate the discipline of developing ideas through the process of sketching and will share his outlook on the importance of sketching as the basis for great design during a presentation at
The Foundry for Art Design + Culture.

The Foundry has been commissioned to produce a video that follows the making of Craig Frazier’s new book, “sketchy”. The book is being produced by Mohawk at their new Print Innovation Center in the port of Albany. The talk at the Foundry will be recorded to help tell the story of Craig’s process and the production of this book. Please be aware that you may visible in the completed web video as an audience member.

Watch the video above, RSVP to the event and make your way to Cohoes on Thursday.

Saturday: The Parlor, Careers, and Pony in the Pancake at the Hollow

The Parlor has set up a show in tandem with their crowdfunding campaign for their new album.

The crowdfunding bit is to help with “post-production studio costs of remixing and mastering our album, the cost of making physical copies of the album and promotional expenses, including music videos and a press campaign”. In exchange for help with these items, you can pick up digital downloads, an exclusive backer-only EP, demos and b-sides, merch, and more.

In support of the campaign, there’s a show this Saturday at 8pm at the Hollow. It features The Parlor, Careers, and Pony in the Pancake. All three bands on this bill are excellent, and if you’re not familiar with them, check em out and get over to The Hollow on Saturday.