Quality events for this weekend

Friday December 19

Holiday Toys & Noise at The Hollow: Toy drive with MIRK, Carl Daniels and The Black Box, Mike Lanahan & James Rock.

Toy Drive with Bane, Born Low, After The Fall, Concrete, Firestarter at Bogies: Mosh for a cause.

Nick Lowe at The Egg : With Ian McLagan.

The Figgs Holiday Show at The Low Beat: With Blockhouses.

WEQXmas Party with Robert DeLong at Putnam Den: With Kip Chapman, Evac Protocol, & Kill Rex.

Saturday December 20

Rebecca Peacock Trunk Show at Fort Orange: Jewelry on display and a great way to finish holiday shopping.

Pony in the Pancake at The Low Beat: With Party Boat, Great Mutations, Los Espejos.

TK Wonder at BSP Kingston: With Simi Stone and DJ Sterling.

Pretty Much the Best Comedy Show with Dan St Germain at Proctors: Great comedy show.

Sunday December 21

Rock N Roll Brunch IX at The Low Beat: The best brunch around.

The Trial Before Christmas screening at Rev Hall: Big screen video showing.

Toy drive with Vanna, Texas In July, Sirens & Sailors, Restless Streets, The Primrose Path, Sworn To Vengeance at Bogie’s: Hardcore show for a cause.

Moon Worship, Yoma and Che Guevara T-Shirt at The Low Beat: Experimental jams.

Clover, Dead Empires, Castaway, T.H.E.M., Widows Walk at BSP Kingston: Hardcore/metal.

All weekend

Ice Skating at the Plaza: Rinks open 11am-8pm.

Art Omi: The sculpture fields are awesome.

Day trip to MASS MoCA: Pretty drive and a great museum.

The NYS Museum: Bunch of great exhibits and it’s right in your backyard.

Gone Girl, Die Hard and Big Hero 6 at the Madison Theater: Only five bucks!

Farmer’s Markets: Troy, Delmar, and Saratoga on Saturday, and Schenectady and Saratoga on Sunday.


Schenectady is getting a ‘Las Vegas-style’ casino

It will cost more than $300 million to build. It will be built on the riverfront of the Mohawk River. It will have over 1,000 slots and more than 60 table games. There will also be a 150-room Starwood Hotel. It will create about 1200 jobs. Blah blah blah.


Plans unveiled for Heather Lavine and Vic Christopher’s new restaurant

After the wild success of the Tavern Noodle Pop-up, there has been a lot of questions as to what’s going to fill that space full time. Vic and Heather announced yesterday that they’re going to be opening a restaurant called Peck’s Arcade. Peck’s Arcade will focus on small plates, with drawing from eclectic global tastes.

Their previewed menu includes six small plates, two mains, and two pasta dishes, alongside a cocktail menu with four choices. The wine menu may be shared with the Confectionery or very close to what they offer.

For consistency, Peck’s Arcade will be open Wednesday through Saturday, which will allow the same team to work together each night.

You can check out the space tonight (December 18) during the second Tavern Noodle Pop-up at 5pm. Learn more on the Peck’s Arcade website, and the Peck’s Arcade facebook.

PSA: Tavern Noodle is back, tonight only, at 5pm

That’s all. Read more (not really) on facebook.


VICE NEWS: “America’s Highest Paid College President is Dragging Her School Into Crippling Debt”


“The real issue is that RPI is in terrible financial shape and students are getting shortchanged,” former RPI physics professor Jim Napolitano, a 1977 RPI alum who worked at the school for 22 years, told VICE News. He said Jackson had also stripped the faculty of their influence, when the school’s provost suspended the Faculty Senate in 2007 after staff held a no-confidence vote to express their dismay with her leadership.

The school is now in $828 million of debt – three times what it was when Jackson entered in 1999, Moody’s Credit Ratings show. The money has been borrowed to build impressive new facilities, grow and enhance graduate research, and strive towards other goals in Jackson’s ambitious Rensselaer Plan – but Napolitano and other former staff members told VICE News that undergraduate classes had grown in size, with professors pushed to increasingly focus on research as more undergrad students enrolled in the school.



Perfume Genius at BSP Kingston

BSP Kingston recently announced that Perfume Genius will be playing on March 25 alongside the expirmental Norwegian outfit Jenny Hval.

Perfume Genius got a Best New Track endorsement from Pitchfork for his song ‘Queen’, as well as having the same song listed at #8 in their Top 100 of 2014 list.

Tickets are on sale now and are $15. Read more on the event page.

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Checking out The Brakes Coffeehouse & Provisions

It seems like years since Red Poppies said they were losing their lease at 227 Lark St, but their space remained decorated and occupied, but closed. When I noticed some changes to their window I was thrilled that there was someone set to rescue yet another empty space on Lark Street.

Now at 227 Lark St is The Brakes Coffeehouse and Provisions. I had heard a few people talking about Brakes Cafe, happy that there’s a new business on Lark, but I hadn’t seen an announcement or anything from them.

Brakes Cafe is an all vegan cafe with sandwiches, salads, soups, desserts, teas and coffees. The cafe has emerged in the wake of the closing of Loving Cafe in Delmar. The staff, equipment and recipes have all been moved over from Loving Cafe. Brakes and Lil Buddha (another all vegan spot on Lark Street) work well together as Brakes doesn’t do smoothies or juices, and is open much different hours than Lil Buddha.

The driving motivation behind the space is bigger than ‘making sandwiches’.

From the Brakes Project website:

The Brakes Coffeehouse and Provisions is focused squarely on tackling climate change by providing low-carbon foods, educational programming, tools and resources to help the community transition to a “decarbonized” economy. Foods we serve will be plant-based and sustainably produced.

I had stopped in twice over the weekend and I was ecstatic to see that only after a week or so of being open, there were people at every table. The staff was super friendly even during the busiest I have seen the place. Even as I was walking past last on Saturday night there were plenty of people milling around inside.

The space has a nice big couch facing the window, where you can eat or grab a book off their bookshelf and relax with your coffee or tea. There’s a few tables throughout and a bunch of locally made goodies in support of climate change, veganism, or even just shopping local. Their mission comes across tastefully and their veganism and climate change initiatives are sprinkled throughout the cafe. It’s all presented in a way that allows those who are interested or curious about the topics to be able to learn more in easily without feeling judged.

All of the food I ate from Brakes was delicious and I will definitely be stopping in often. Give the place a try next time you’re in the area.

Brakes is open Tuesday through Thursday 7:30am-7:30pm, Friday 7:30am-10pm, Saturday 10am-10pm and Sunday 12pm-4pm.